Friday, January 22, 2021

Trailer Training Two

 It was really cold this morning and stayed cold all day, with a high of only 22 degrees. At least the sun was shining. Ruth and I were the only human walkers but for a little bit we had 4 dogs. Ruth brought Farkosh (not sure how they spell that) Emma quit early, Kabur and Leo both only joined us the second half of the walk. After the walk I had to run to the post office to pick up a package then to the money center 24 to deposit a few checks. Today was trailer training for Madolin (Tori's colt) and Moonlight (Rosaleigh's colt). Right after the walk the trailer was backed into the indoor arena and the arena doors shut. Then it was time to bring in the boys. I went out into their paddock with two halters and to my surprise Jewel's filly came right up and practically stuck her nose into the halter and even stood quietly while it was buckled on. Jewel's filly has been the only foal that has always been leery of me so this was very unexpected. I quickly put a halter on Irish's filly and brought both of those fillies into the indoor and tied them up. Next was Moonlight, he was also led into the indoor and tied. The last two were Mayberry (Sheena's filly) and Madolin and both were led into a stall and grained. That kept them busy while Jewel's filly (her registered name is Dana's Crown Jewel) was handled, led around, given a treat then put back in the paddock with Irish's filly (registered name Genevieve Grace). Next Madolin was brought inside and tied then Mayberry led out to the paddock. I'm really thrilled with how well all the foals are doing with leading and tying. Finally I was ready to start the trailer training. A purple halter was put on Tori's colt

and a green halter was put on Rosaleigh's colt
Both are kind of muddy from yesterday's big melt down. Pictures were taken for their owner. A bucket was put inside the trailer with a little grain. Both colts were pretty curious. Tori's colt is more bold and he went in first to check it out.
He ate a few bites which made Rosaleigh's colt want some too.
They finished up that grain then jumped out to play in the arena.

Soon they were going in and out at will but I also made sure to lead them in and out a few times just to make sure they knew when I asked they must go in.

While I was out there I decided to take a few pictures of the recliner chair we needed gone, did that then went into the house to post it on Facebook.
Within a few minutes of posting I had a couple people that wanted it and within a half hour that was gone. The chair was comfortable but collected dog hair each time an airbnb guest would bring a dog which made it hard to clean. The colts were left in the arena with a bucket of water and I came in for lunch and clicked on AC Central to pick out a sermon and was surprised to find David had spoken at ISU last night. When we were in the young group we would drive to ISU every Thursday night for this Bible study and now to think David was one of the speakers. Below is the message if you would like to listen to it.

More wood was brought in and the wood burner kept fed all day. 

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