Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Drop in Temperature

Our nice weather is gone, maybe for months. It was mild this morning so mild I almost decided not to wear a coat to church today but thankfully did. We had a visiting minister today, Rick Kaisner from Chicago church was visiting his parents Eunice and Leon. It is always a privilege listening to gifted speakers speak the truth.  By the time church was over the weather had dropped to freezing temperatures.
We needed to move 2 round bales today, both Valiant and Evan were out of hay. I am so thankful for a hard working husband and his skid steer. That machine makes moving bales easy.
We had left overs again for supper. Thankfully we are almost out of turkey.
Sky's owner called to report she made it to Maryland this evening and was eating, drinking and pooping. That was a long trip for her, glad she made it ok, the only problem was she didn't want to back out of the trailer and they ended up having to push her out. We will need to bring home the 3 foals that still need weaning from Middle Grove tomorrow. Magnum, Treasure and Tatiana all need to come home for updated pictures and videos. The other horses that probably should come home are Oksana, Rosie and Whitney but there is not enough room in the trailer and I don't want to take 2 trips.
Above is Oksana and below is Rosalie. Oksana turned 2 in June and needs to be started under saddle. Rosalie will turn 2 in February and needs to come home to have her wolf teeth pulled.
We have 2 different people interested in checking Whitney out. She was placed for sale last week but after talking to Karin we are not quite sure she is ready. We need to see how she behaves away from Ribbon. Right now Ribbon is her security but each of our horses need to be well behaved with and without other horses on the trails. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014


The transport company were suppose to arrive around 7:00 am so as soon as it was light enough to see, Rhiannon and the weanlings were called for breakfast. I could see them in the far field over by Spark and Rhonda's house. They heard me call and instead of going around ran down the ravine crossed the creek and came galloping up muddy.  That meant Rhiannon was going to need a good groom before the shipping company arrived. She must have rolled in it earlier and some thick dried mud was caked on her mane. But by the time the truck and trailer pulled up into the drive she was clean and ready to go.
The problem came when they tried to load her into the trailer from the side and expected her to go up the ramp. She started up the ramp but she needed to duck her head to get in. That wasn't going to happen. The drivers saw the problem and offered to unload the horse that was in the back so Rhiannon could just step up instead of walking up the ramp. That worked, she was very comfortable stepping up into the trailer then stood quietly while the other horse was walked up the side ramp. She made no fuss as she was being driven away from here. Killian on the other hand was sure his best friend in the world had left. He was carrying on like the world was coming to an end, galloping back and for calling. The 2 weanlings were calling from the field and everytime they would neigh Killian would start all over. What a noisy morning.
Mark took the skid steer down the below the dam to work on opening up the wooded area enough to plant trees. He is cutting down the scrub trees to make room for more valuable trees. He took his chain saw and cut up 3 bucket loads of wood which were dropped in our pile for splitting later. 
We loaded the porch back up with logs for next week. We are having a nice warm spell today and tomorrow but Monday the cold comes back. We had left overs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A big pot of turkey soup stock from the carcasses was divided up and placed in the freezer for later. The evening was spent with a good book by Jeanette Oke called The Meeting Place. Excellent book but of course since it is by Jeanette it is just the first in a series and the story goes on in other books The Meeting Place was free on Amazon for the Kindle but I spent $3.99 for the next book in the series and there are many more in that series. I sure hope the second book ends in a good spot so I don't have to go to the library for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Miss Molly's 5 week old Puppies

Breakfast was served at 8:00 am then we took the golf cart over to grandma's house to play with Miss Molly's 5 week old puppies. Of course the camera came out for that overdose of cuteness.

 Jack soon tired of the puppies and climbed aboard the rocking horse where he got it going fast.

 Jace joined Jack on the rocking horse. They probably weigh the same even though Jack is 2 years older than Jace. Taunya had some man ask her if they were twins just the other day. Obviously they were both sitting down.

 Jace found a box to play in when we took the puppy away from him.

 Jack found a pair of spiderman sun glasses and had to model them for us. He was pretty pleased when grandma told him to take them home.
This afternoon Mark drove the golf cart over to the Reinhards and helped a bit with harvesting trees for the winter. The company all left and I spent a quiet afternoon reading.
The shipper for Rhiannon called and is planning on being here early in the morning. Her paper work is just about done, I still need to print off transfer paper and fill out her shot and worming schedule.

A Proper Thanksgiving

Yesterday was too jam packed to even sit at the computer. So this morning at 5:15 after gulping down 2 cups of strong coffee the pictures from yesterday were downloaded. Ben and Taunya's family spent the night and Ben had something that had to be done before going to church with us. Here is his before and after pictures.

Before the  next pictures are posted though it is only proper to write about who and why we were celebrating the day. Yesterday was all about thanking our God for bringing us through another year for letting us live in a country where we have the freedom to thank our heavenly Father,  Thanking God  most of all for His plan of salvation. Tim Roecker had the service at church.
After church about 45 of us made our way to Joan and Tim's house for the much anticipated annual Thanksgiving feast. Below are a few pictures.

Faith, pictured below with Anni discovered an AMAZING new pie. She called her mother over to tell her, "mom you have to try this amazing pie, it is so good, you just have to take off the first layer." Any guesses to which pie she could be talking about?
Pecan pie is the answer, If you just take those yucky nuts off the top layer the rest is so good.

After the meal games were played and that all important fellowship if visiting and catching up on all the news was enjoyed. Later my family, that is all but Jon, Kim, Mark and I migrated over to the house to watch football. We 4 were about the last to leave the comfort and spaciousness of Joan and Tim's house to crowd into our cramped crowded house to have another meal around 8:00 pm.  Phil and Anna drove Nancy back to her home in Morton and by 10:30 pm we were all ready for bed. What a blessed day.