Saturday, July 31, 2021

Restaurant Prices At Home

 It was raining when we awoke. A nice steady rain giving those thirsty fields a wonderful drink. Ruth went over to help mom clean out her middle closet and pulled out these. 

These windows had been in Pleasant Home. There were more of them but Spark and Rhonda have the others installed in their dining area. They had been by the book cases in the living room of the house pictured below.
The picture above was taken shortly after the home was finished in 1918.  My parents bought the house around 1951 but didn't move in until Spark was 2 years old and John was 9 months old.  My great Grandfather Henry Baer and his second wife Aunt Emma built the house to hold their 10 children and I think my parents thought they would have to fill it up so they raised all 11 of us there.  Mark and I bought the house in 1991 and raised our 5 children there. It really IS a wonderful home for children.  Matt and Lisa Waibel live there now and they are raising so many kids that the neighbors thought it was some kind of children's home. Getting back to the windows mom told Ruth to post them on Facebook market place but as soon as I saw them decided they should be installed on the new barn. Yes stained glass is out of place on a barn but this way we can remember our past as we forge our way into the future. 
I picked up mom around 11:00 this morning to take her to Costco for her hearing aid appointment. The test taken about an hour, then she had 15 minutes to walk around trying them out while shopping only we ran into Tim Roecker as we stepped out of the office and visited a while, then started heading toward the produce section and ran into Max Pfaffmann. He was one of the groomsmen in our wedding. Of course we needed to visit a bit with him only to realize our 15 minutes were up. Mom liked the hearing aids and bought them but she had to wear her old ones home as the new ones won't come in for 2 weeks. By this time it was 1:45 pm and we had not had lunch so stopped at John's Taco's which is near 474. We both got the taco salad and it was good. We decided we must come back in 2 weeks.  It had stopped raining by the time we got home. Karin, mom and I played games until 5:00 pm then Mark sent a text he was bringing home VERY expensive bacon from Dollar General.  He wanted BLT's for supper as we had some beautiful vine ripened tomatoes picked this morning but we didn't have any bacon and no one wanted to drive to a real store. We decided the cost of that BLT was equal or more than we expect to pay at a restaurant. BUT it really was delicious. 

Friday, July 30, 2021

Mouse Gets a Ride

 After our walk and after breakfast I left for the dmv in Peoria to get the new trailer in my name and a license plate for it.  That place is always a mad house, so many people waiting in line. One lady walked out and handed her number ticket to someone else proclaiming, "I don't have time for this!"  I thought about bribing the person who got that ticket but really didn't have any cash on me so that thought was fleeting. Finally all was done and I was $170.00 poorer but had a new license plate. I got in the car and started driving to Sam's for my next job when I saw something out of the corner of my eye zoom from under the seat up under the dash. At first I thought I was seeing a shadow, then a bit later the shadow went zooming back under the seat. Then I thought it was a dark ball the kids must have left rolling under the seat so put on the brakes a little hard to get it to roll back but nothing came out. All of this time I'm driving up Sterling and at the next stop light out from under the seat comes running a mouse. How the mouse got into the car was a mystery. 

I don't mind them and think they are cute but sure didn't want it running up my skirt so pounded my leg to get the mouse to run to the back seat. Well it did but didn't stop there, it ran all the way to the back window and was running back and forth along the window in plain view of the car behind me as I was stopped at Sterling and Glenn. The reaction of the driver was really kind of funny. I just threw up my hands and laughed. There was nothing I could do at that point. Actually I started praying for the mouse believing I was going to have to set a trap as soon as I got home and felt bad about killing it. Except right about then it ran back to the front and climbed up on the dash running back and forth in the front window. I opened both the passenger side window and the driver side window hoping it would fall out as I was driving up 150 towards Sams. It was watching me closely as it got to the window, started out but then got scared so I had to help push it out of the car. At Sam's club I was able to buy 2 of the 4 inch gel mattress pads for the queen size beds on the Wolf Pup and the Wildwood. I also purchased 2 full size water proof mattress pads for the 2 double bunks in the Wildwood. When I got home they were taken out to the trailer and put on.

These beds will make for very comfortable sleeping. Our Airbnb guests left and Anna arrived to clean the apartment. This couple had a 12 year old child and a beagle dog AND they stayed for a week and yet the apartment was spotless. They also left a great review:  Judith is a spectacular host! Exemplary communication and customer support. Judith even rushed some homemade soup, chili, and fresh cherries to the unit after we arrived to check in late after restaurants were closing. The property is simply amazing with abundant space to roam including watching action at the working horse farm. Dog friendly and doggie paradise!! The unit was sparkling clean and feels like home. Wonderful place to rest and recharge. Light sleepers may want to bring ear plugs due to HVAC noise. We loved this stay and enthusiastically recommend it to anyone wanting to step off of the beaten path!!
The weather this week was extremely hot so that apartment air conditioner really got a work out. Our new guests arrived this afternoon. Of course they had to introduce their 2 year old daughter to Evan.
I gave them a ride to the playground on the golf cart. 

Mark got home and after dinner came up to put the license plate on the trailer.
There was a board down in the paddock the mares are using so after finishing the license plate he was willing to fix that too. We finished up with that as the sun was going down. 

Joshua Martinez Testimony

 Joshua has quite a story to tell. This is a true story of real rags to the riches of His Kingdom. Joshua is now a minister in the South Bend Indiana  Apostolic Christian church where he lives with his wife and 4 sons.

I also downloaded David's message on Wednesday night on Matthew 24

Thursday, July 29, 2021

A New Trailer

 Mom woke up in the middle of the night swealtering. Her air conditioner was not working and the house was stifling at 83 degrees and no breeze. When she realized the air was off she opened windows and doors and turned on the over head fans but wasn't able to sleep well the rest of the night. She called us at  6:49 am. Mark walked over and found the problem, called Philip, told him exactly what was needed to get it repaired and to get mom on the schedule for today. It was REALLY hot and humid on our walk. Mom was just too tired to do an entire round mostly because of her air conditioner break down. Right after the walk Mark and I left for St. Louis to pick up a camping trailer. This is a 2021 Forest river Wildwood FSX 178BHSKThis trailer had been ordered in 2020, was built and delivered in 2021 and once it was delivered the owner decided it was just too big for her to pull. It sat in her driveway waiting for us. It took about 2 hours to get the paper work done for the purchase and get it hooked up to our truck but the drive down was fine and the drive home was too. Below are a few pictures.  

It has about every available option offered such as power slide out, power jack, power awning, outside kitchen, outdoor shower, the sway bar adjustable hitch, and even bug screens so wasps and hornets can't get into the furnace, water heater or any vents.  We didn't get home until 6:30 pm and the ladies were all meeting at mom's for games at 6:35 pm so as soon as it was parked at the barn I left that and Mark to unhook it and drove the golf cart over to mom's where we played games and visited long into the night. Well more like 9:00 pm but it felt like midnight.  When I finally got home I grabbed the keys to the trailer and took the golf cart up to check it out.  The murphy bed is also a good way to have extra living area especially if it is a rainy day.
The dinette slide out easily seats 6 people and makes a queen size bed for the night. 
And the double bunks each fit 2 children. The top bunk has a light, 2 windows and USB ports while the bottom bunk has a light, one window and USB ports. There is storage under the bunks. The 11 cubit foot fridge and freezer are SO much nicer than the small fridges usually provided in a trailer. The micro wave is a good size and the sink and stove each have covers which really expands the counter space. 

Check out the power trailer jack with it's extra lock.
We are very happy with the purchase but there are things missing such as a paper towel holder, hooks, a broom holder, toilet paper holder. We had to add those on the other FSX and we will for sure need to on this one too.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Tatiana's Filly

 Joan's family left for Bluffton early this morning. There is a testimony tonight there from a boy from Haiti. The plus on that is she gets to see her new grand daughter. Ruth, Diane, mom and I walked but only one round. I needed to tease Jewel (she is out) then move Jewel and Madiera over to join the other 3 mares in the field.  After checking the tomato plants over well and killing 3 more of those disgusting worms I left for the DMV in Peoria to pick up another license plate for the Keystone trailer. The line was  out the door. I was about the 8th or 9 person in that line outside.  We only waited for about 10 minutes then someone came out to ask why we were in line and those of us waiting for stickers or plates were let inside to wait.  I was back home by 11:00 am. Today I wanted to work with Madiera's colt. Madiera and her colt were brought into a stall, Madiera was given some grain and the colt was haltered. He wasn't terrible for that, I think he may have remembered from that first week he was born. Today was the first day he was tied.  

He was not happy but stood pretty well as long as Madiera was in the stall. Madiera was taken out so he would react.   Madiera was just left loose, she walked outside then realized her colt wasn't following so came back inside to watch.
Below is a short video of him tied with his mom outside the stall.

It was really hot outside so once the halter was taken off they were brought into the indoor arena and hosed off. Kincade the colt was so funny. He was sprayed down as his mom was getting sprayed. He decided to lay down during that so I just stood there with the hose running and drenched him good. Too bad there was no one around to video that. 
They were put back in with the other mares.
He is getting quite tall for a not quite 2 month old colt. 
All the other mares were resting in the shade.
Stephanie sent a text that she needed tables for the garage sale tomorrow and I just happened to have 3 folding tables so loaded them up and took them to her house this afternoon. Kristin was there too as she is bringing lots of girls things for this garage sale. 
When I got home there was an email about Tatiana's filly. This filly had been sold when she was born but the buyer is not going to be able to buy her so this filly is back on the market. She is at Middle Grove so I don't have any updated pictures of her but she IS pretty special. She is 100% Friesian, her dam, Tatiana, is an Evan daughter and inherited the mega hair. 
Her sire is 16.2 hand Valiant.
She is not yet named but once named will be registered and dna'd with FHH. She isn't very old in the pictures below. Hopefully I'll get to Middle Grove to get some updated pictures soon.

This filly was born May 25th. She is for sale for $8000.00 and can be reserved with a deposit of $1000.00 then the balance due  after weaning and at pickup in October.
We picked up mom a little early for church. David had the message. We were about the last ones to leave tonight so it is late. That will be downloaded later.  A text came in from the owner of one of Ayanna's colts by Evan and he sent a picture of his grown up boy. He named him Caspian and he really is gorgeous.  I'm always happy to see updates from happy customers. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Ugly Disgusting Pests

 Something has been eating our tomato plants. Each night eating the tops off the plants. We were sure it wasn't deer and since it was the tops of the tomato plants couldn't imagine a rabbit climbing up the trellis to just eat the tops.  This morning we found out what was doing the damage. The ugly disgusting tomato worm. Mark pulled one off that had to be 6 inches long. They blend in so well with the tomato branches it we were searching for about 10 minutes this morning pulling off and smashing at least 10 of these things.

Actually I was the one smashing them. Mark would carry them into the woods and throw them on the ground. He is really soft hearted.  We quit when it was time for me to leave for the walk.  Just mom, Diane, Ruth and I walked this morning. Joan took her kids to Morton for the garage sales.  While there she got a phone call from Rosvita and her sister Nightingale needing help moving. They had to be out of their house by Thursday and had no way to move furniture. Joan called me while we were still at Berean to borrow the truck and trailer. Mom and I left pretty quickly but had to stop first at the Bartonville post office to drop off the Bibles. IF you would like to read about our morning there click HERE.  After mom was taken home the truck was taken to Casey's to fill the gas tank. Joan was waiting up at the trailers when I got back, directed me to the hitch, hooked up the trailer and off she went.

She took Mackenson, Faith and Berlica and between the 4 of them were able to move most of the big heavy furniture to the storage facility by filling the truck and trailer to capacity. Thank goodness for Mackenson. He is amazingly strong and could help like an adult. They were not able to finish so tonight after supper Joan went back with the kids and the truck and trailer to try to finish getting the rest of the big stuff and worked until 11:30 pm. I drove over to mom's see some of my grandchildren who were swimming at the lake today. I was greeted by Rizzy, Israel and Elisabet's dog and Pax, Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley's dog.

Rhonda and Molly's family arrived bringing Bear, Josiah, Eden, Asher, and Dafna's dog.  Those 3 dogs have so much fun playing together.
I had to leave as I needed to move round bales but on the way back to the barn stopped to snap the picture below of a couple of EB builder men working on the new barn roof.

The far paddock got a new bale and Ribbon's old paddock not a new bale. The hog panels were moved out of the shelters in the middle paddock and tomorrow I will need to move a couple bales in there. Mark got home around 4:00 pm hungry. He had left his lunch here so supper was made right away. After supper he went out to clean up the construction site.

He wanted to use the skid steer to get the fallen branches out of the lake today. While he was pulling them out Mike rode by on Oksana while ponying the yearling Dancer. Dancer is Jewel's 2020 filly. She is really tall for a yearling and so very sensible.
After cutting up the branch and loading the logs into the skid steer bucket Mark brought it back then decided to go swimming. 
There were a few others swimming, it is still 85 degrees even this late. While at Berean today Shirley was telling me about a podcast from the Paul Garcia show interviewing Rick Plattner. We grew up with Rick, he was in our young group and he became an elder in the Fairbury church. It was very interesting so I am posting it below:  
After moving bales I took a few pictures. Below is a picture of Whiskey, the outside mare, happy and content in her own paddock.
I was also able to get a couple pictures from yesterday downloaded off my phone, those will be placed on Yesterday's blog as they were of the vet clinic. My phone is on strike and will not share pictures with my email address. Tonight I had the brilliant idea of sharing them on Facebook, quickly saving them to my desk top so they can be posted. I'll share them here also just in case no one wants to see yesterday's news. Below is Emma at Hoerr Vet clinic with the shot for Whiskey.
Below Terry is entering all the information for billing purposes.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Joan's Miracle

Whisky, the outside mare was checked early this morning to see if she was still in. She wasn't and let Evan know with a scream and a kick when he asked.  A couple pictures were taken of her neck (more on that below) and she was put back in the field. Below she is at the far end grazing. 

I left after our walk for my dentist appointment which had been put off for 3 years. The first year I wasn't able to get the antibiotics needed for the dental work after open heart surgery. The next year and a half was the pandemic problem. Even after 3 years there were no cavities or gum disease. I'm thankful for good teeth. From Dr. Stoller's office in Pekin I drove to the Peoria post office to pick up the Berean mail. I had a call in to Hoerr vet for  an antihistamine shot for the outside mare. On Sunday she came up with what looked like hives. This morning they were much better. Her owner was sent a picture both last night and this morning and she decided she wanted me to have it ready in case it happens again.  After picking up the Berean mail I drove out to Morton, IL to pick up the shot from Hoerr vet clinic.
Above is Terry who is working on billing and below is Emma who is handing me the shot for Whiskey.
I had just gotten home when Joan arrived to tell me the license plate was missing from the Keystone trailer which had come back from a 2 week vacation for a family of 8 and was leaving today with another family. I had to drive to the bank, get the title out of the safety deposit box but the dmv is closed on Monday. The renter for the Keystone understood and we gave him a temporary plate for his trip. Hopefully I can get a new plate tomorrow.  Poor Joan, the family of 8 did quite a lot of damage on the Keystone. Besides losing the license plate, the worst was they broke a valve for the toilet plus stuffed paper towel in the sewage tank through the toilet. I think they had fun seeing what they could flush down. The 6 children were left in the back of the trailer unsupervised while the parents rode in the truck. They also broke a red ink pen and got red ink on the cushions of the dinette. Later their 2 year old got locked in the trailer so they sent another child up through the storage which can be accessed from under the bunk but when the older child climbed up, he broke the bunk.  The outside shower door lock was broken. Joan had to find the valve, buy lumber, buy washers, find a lock and was able to get everything done before the next people arrived.  It really was a miracle. She was able to get the red ink out of the cushion. The first place she stopped for the toilet valve (this is hard to find and takes weeks to arrive when ordered on line) they first said they were out then found 1. The lumber and washers were easy to find but the lock set was too large, luckily she found exactly what she needed in her garage for that. They were supposed to arrive at 10:45 am but thankfully got delayed and she had everything done by 11:15 am. Mark came home late from work. After supper we went out to the construction site to see the progress on the barn. They had started on the roof and got about a 4th of it covered. 

Mark worked on cleaning up any garbage. 
Below he is heading home to get on his swimming suit for his evening swim in the lake. 
I walked over to visit with mom. Diane, Ruth and Joan came over for games and we visited and played until after 8:00 pm.  I still needed to tease Jewel and got that done before dark. She was still in and covered by Evan at dusk. It was much cooler at that time making it easier to get the job done. The paddocks were checked, they have enough hay for tonight and probably for tomorrow but by evening I will need to move in bales.