Saturday, April 30, 2016

We Got Rain

We awoke to a gentle soft rain that continued all day giving us .6 of an inch. Earlier we had gotten .4 giving us an inch this week. So so thankful, even though it was miserable working outside today as the temperatures only made into the low 50s.. Lily was teased in the rain and then covered by Valiant in the rain. Lola, April, Zalena and Adara were taken to the indoor and left inside to dry off and warm up for most of the day. This evening the rain stopped, they were glad to get back with the other mares. Indy's filly is doing wonderful. She is nursing well and getting strong. She has been trying out those long legs of her trotting around her mom in the stall.
Soul was brought over this afternoon. She is due May 7th and her udder is filling up. I need to have her here to keep an eye on her. This is the first foal she has had for us here. She had a colt by her side when we bought her (Ripper) but don't know if she went on time, early or late.
Sheena was left at the cabin field. If she isn't happy by herself we will bring her over too, but so far she has been fine.
Karin brought Nancy over late this afternoon and Nancy helped clean stalls and pick up the manure the mares left in the indoor. She loves to help.
I had to run to Sams for dog food and picked up a rotisserie chicken for supper. I'm really tired today and will be glad to have an early night. Most of last night was up waiting for Indy to deliver then waiting for the filly to stand and nurse.

Indy Has a Filly

Pictures taken shortly after birth. This is a very large filly! She is gorgeous.

Feel free to watch the video of her birth in high definition or not.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Anna & Roxanne

Right after our walk I loaded up Whitney and Hadassah to head to Middle Grove with the plan to bring back Anna. Anna has an ultrasound scheduled Monday morning at 9:00 am. When I arrived the gate between the winter and summer pasture was open and the herd was in the summer pasture down by the road but took off with a thundering gallop up the hill. Unfortunately when Whitney and Hadassah were turned loose they took off for the winter pasture. Oh well they will find the herd soon enough. It was a nice morning for a hike, cool, cloudy and damp. Oksana was the first to see me coming and the first to come.
 She was followed by Prissy and Sangria. Prissy is due July 9th and Sangria is due June 12th.
 Ribbon was next, not that she wanted to greet me, she was just making sure I wasn't coming for her. Ribbon LIKES living at Middle Grove and is very suspicious we just may be taking her back to Hanna City to work. She has a few more weeks off before she needs to be back. Sometimes she tries to hide from us behind a tree. Notice how these trees just would not do the trick. It is funny to see her big head peeking around the tree to see if we noticed her.  She is due Sept 23rd.
 Jewel is due July 20th but looking huge. She always goes early so we will plan on bringing her home mid June. 
 The other mare that looks huge is Marika but she isn't due until July 7th. We will plan on bringing her home around the same time as Jewel. 
 Below left to right is Marika, Oksana and Rosaleigh. Rosaleigh will be brought home mid May for training and maybe breeding to Evan. 
 The surprise of the trip was Roxanne. She followed Anna and I all the way back to the trailer, leaving the herd to be with us. I found an extra halter in the truck and just brought her home too. On the way back Hoerr Vet clinic was called to see if we could bring her in with Anna. I may as well have her sonagrammed to see if she is mature enough to breed. She turned 3 years old March 30th. 
These two mares were put in the pasture next to Evan to see if they would show but Anna went right over and squealed at him. Roxanne was afraid to get too close. Once they were settled it was time to work with the foals. Lily was brought out first, teased then taken into the stall to halter Joanna. I was so pleased with Joanna. She remembered her haltering lesson yesterday, stood quietly and let me put the halter on with no problem at all. She was tied and didn't even once pull back. What a smart filly. The lesson today took all of 5 minutes. Each hoof was picked up then the halter taken off and put on a few times, then both were put back. Zalena and her filly were next. I haven't worked with this filly much and today was the first time ever with tying but even she was pretty good, pulling back a few times but each time giving up quickly. She wasn't as good with the halter. Star's filly was last, this filly surprised me with how good she was. She remembered everything from the last time I worked with her and her lesson was also done quickly. Each mare was teased when they were taken out but none of them showed they were all so worried about their foals. When I was putting Star and her filly back in the paddock I noticed Lily may be showing so she was taken back out and this time I left her filly in with the others. Lily wasn't concerned about being away and this time showed well. She was covered by Valiant. Tomorrow I'll try to tease the other mares by leaving their foals in the paddock.
David and Stephanie brought Israel out this evening for a couple hours. He got to help grandpa take the garbage over to the dumpster, help grandma bring out Indy for testing, and got lots of rides in the golf cart.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Emma woke us in the wee hours of the morning whining at our bedroom door. I thought she wanted out but nope, there was lightning flashing and a rumble of thunder so she thought she should sleep by our bed. I fell right back to sleep. When 5:00 am rolled around I ran out to the rain gauge to see how much rain had fallen and was so disappointed to see just the bottom of the rain gauge wet. When Mark got up I made the comment we didn't get any rain. He laughed and told me, "I went out to check the rain gauge around 3:00 am, it had about 4 tenths of an inch in it so I dumped it."  The sun came out for our walk this morning. After the walk Diane took off for TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail while I drove separate to that office. To read about our labor intensive day there click HERE.
We had a busy evening. Mark worked on the wiring of the solar system while I teased mares. None of them are showing so the boys were given a day off. Emily took her cow Goldie home today so I was going to put a few mares in the pond pasture but after looking at it decided we need to get it mowed first. The mower that goes on the tractor is at Phil and Anna's. I'll have to make time to drive the tractor over to pick that up soon. Emily moved a new bale in for Valiant and one in Raven's old paddock then moved the mares with foals into that paddock and off the field. Now that we got some rain I want the field to grow up a bit before using it again. Emily had one very scary incident happen this afternoon. She was teasing Hadassah and Whitney with Valiant when Valiant backed away quickly and got away from her. He ran right over to Evan who immediately challenged him. Emily started screaming at Valiant and instead of fighting, he backed off and let her catch him quietly. We were pleased with his reaction but Emily was all shook up. She was shaking badly then had to go in and take a test. Sure hope that came out ok for her.  After I teased Lily, she and her filly were taken to the outdoor arena for a few pictures.

She is almost a month old and just massive. She was taken into the stall for some handling, haltering and tying lessons. We even started a little bit of leading. Her name is Joanna and she has an attitude to go with that muscle. She was very good for picking up all her hooves but not so good for putting on her halter. I'll have to be more consistent and do this everyday for a while. 
Indy was brought in and given a quick groom. She had rolled today in the mud.

She was left inside for the night. She is due in 12 days. She went 10 days early last year so I'm keeping her in each night from now on until she delivers and the foal is old enough.
Mom called with a correction, Miss Molly is only at 60 days of pregnancy. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


We were praying some of the heavy showers would come our way but it just wasn't meant to be. We again got just a few sprinkles off and on. Our fields and pastures are so dry. There were showers to the East, West, South and North just not here. Hopefully Middle Grove got rain.
Just 3 of us worked at Berean today. To read about our work there click HERE.
As soon as I got home, the horses were checked, the dogs let out, then put back in and off I went to Big R in Pekin to pick up 13 bags of grain. I would have picked up more, it was on sale for $6.49 a bag but only had the Prius and still needed to stop at Aldi's for groceries.
Tonight we had meat loaves for supper. I made a bunch of chedder "meat' loaves for the Berean lunch tomorrow and served some to Mark tonight. He LIKED it. I still have this cold so didn't go to church tonight. Instead I took the lap top over to mom's house and we listened on line together. Almost like being there. Dave Obgerfel had the message.
Molly is at 63 days in her pregnancy. Mom was sure she was in labor last night, Molly was just so restless but morning came and all the restlessness left. She was very content to just lay in mom's lap this evening. Check out that belly!

Mom thinks she will deliver soon stating, "she can't get much bigger."
Indy was tested again tonight and I was surprised to see she did not progress at all. she tested same as last night 175. She was brought inside anyway. It is cold and damp outside. I won't worry about getting up during the night to check on her. She really isn't due for 13 days yet.  I still have a couple pies to make before bedtime and it's getting late. Good night.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No Puppies Yet

Poor Miss Molly, on our walk today she could hardly keep up and when we climbed the hill to Spark and Rhonda's house she lagged far behind. Her belly almost drags the ground. We think she will be going into labor soon. These are purebred Shih Tzu puppies but not papered. They will be for sale for $500.00 each once born. Molly had just 3 in her first litter a couple years ago and mom says this is Molly's last litter so if interested in a pup contact us pretty quickly.
After the walk mom and I went to work at the Berean office. That was so much fun today working and visiting with a great group of people. To read about our day there click HERE.
Joan brought over a delicious prime rib and vegetable soup for supper tonight. She made it out of the left overs from the benefit dinner.
After supper Mark and I went outside to work. We have a cool evening and it is going to be a cold night. Indy will be brought inside tonight. She is starting to progress. The colostrum tested at 175 tonight which means we have time but I need her to start getting use to being in a stall. Ayanna's colt came right up tonight for attention. I had the camera on the golf cart so pulled Ayanna and her colt out for a few pictures. Hard to believe he is already 3 weeks old. No action shots since Emily is house sitting and no one else was around to ask them to move.

He has what we call presence! Sometime I'm going to have to spend time at home video taping the foals playing together. They have the best time running, bucking and chasing each other.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Successful Show

Anna dropped the girls off just before 8:00 am and in our short morning we played on the playground, fished, dug for worms, picked flowers and fed horses. We would have had more time but Braelyn has to be ready to be on the bus at 11:30 am so all of that was done in just a little over 3 hours.  Anna had to work late today but Philip got off a bit early giving me time to run to Sams for groceries. Once home it was past time to make dinner. Today we had chicken Parmesan skewers with red and yellow peppers and sweet onion. Mark helped put the skewers together then grilled them. We made a lot so these will be what will be served for lunch tomorrow at Berean.
After supper Mark went out to work while I went out to play. The 2 mares still in, Whitney and Hadassah were covered again this evening. I could wait until tomorrow morning but Tuesday mornings I'm always in a hurry. Honey was teased. Valiant thinks she is in but no winking at all from her. We will assume she is not in yet. Lola, Zalena, and their foals were put in Raven's old paddock. The field grass is now about gone. Tomorrow I'll move a bale in and move the other three mares in with them. These 5 mares need to be bred back before we can take them out to Middle Grove where lush green grass is still abundant. Indy is due in 2 weeks but I do not think she will make it that long. I checked her udder this morning and this evening, the colostrum is still pretty clear but I checked the records from last year, she went 10 days early in 2015. Soul's udder isn't ready at all, she is actually due before Indy on May 7th. Sheena is looking huge and uncomfortable but her udder isn't ready either, she is due May 13th but she went 13 days late last year.
Yesterday was Ellie and Myrrhcedes first dressage show. They were almost high point for the entire showing pulling a score of 70.4%. Jamie, Myrrhcedes' owner sent these pictures taken at the show.

Well done and congratulations Jamie and Ellie. What a beautiful mare! Of course she IS a Raven daughter. Myrrhcedes' mom is Paris. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stood UP

I awoke in the middle of the night with sneezing, coughing and unable to breath. Rats I picked up a cold. Since I didn't want to expose anyone at church and Kensley is on quarantine with her rash I stayed home from church with her. I was able to listen on line and heard 2 good sermons, Rick Kaisner had the morning service and Tim Roecker had the afternoon.
When Phil and Anna got home from church I went home, pulled Winston out and gave him a bath. The people that were coming were suppose to arrive just after 2:00 pm but sent a text through that they had a family emergency, wouldn't be able to come but still wanted the colt so would call when they could make it. Winston was put back in his paddock. He will probably need another bath when they ever do make it out. While outside Whitney was teased and when she showed covered by Valiant, then Hadassah teased. She was also still in and covered by Evan. I was hoping they would be out by now. Maybe tomorrow. Honey may be coming in. I'll tease her tomorrow.
We had a good group for dinner, everyone but Ben & Taunya's family and of course Anna and Kensley. The grandkids always have a good time here and today was no exception. Phil took them fishing. Braelyn pulled up the first fish.

 After admiring the beautiful colors she put the fish back in the lake to grow up more.
 Taegan was pulling in the second fish but just as she got it to shore it got away. 
 Braelyn was quick to sympathize with her.
 It wasn't long before Taegan caught another and this time got it all the way up. 
 After throwing that one back it was Israel's turn to pull up a fish. 
 He caught a nice size fish but didn't want to touch it. 
 Everyone else wanted to touch it though. All the fish were put back in the lake to grow up. 
By this time the volley ball players were arriving so the fishing equipment was put away.

 The dogs have a great time too with so many people around.

Logan and Matt moved the tramp closer to the tree and would bounce up into the tree then flip out of the tree on to the tramp.

I'm kind of glad our boys are raised. It was actually kind of scary to watch.  Rhonda, Ruth, Diane and I decided it was such a nice evening we would walk and did the entire loop while the games were going on. Gertie and Dennis came over a bit later and we all had a nice visit until the sun left us and the temperatures started to fall. Another great day.