Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Year's Eve

 We awoke to rain, heavy rain that was not expected. The weather had been reported that there was just a small chance of rain this morning but a much better chance this evening. Thankfully it soon stopped and the sun came out. It was down right HOT on the beach this morning.

The gulls were hungry after that storm.

The volley ball players started to arrive at 9:00 am.
Joshua brought down his cheese puffs he bought from Beth for a dollar at the Christmas party and shared them with Daisy without being asked. 
While they were waiting for others to arrive they formed a circle and practiced keeping the ball in the air.

Below William decided he was thirsty and instead of picking up the thermos bent all the way down and got a drink.
The volley ball games were very competitive today as they were missing all of Joan's crew, Bill and Matt who were all having a work day at mom's new condo. Also all of Hermans were working on their new volley ball court so they couldn't make it either.
We always try to put off work on sunny days and only work on raining days but this week has ALL been sunny.  They all decided to sacrifice the morning sunshine to get everything done in time to enjoy the afternoon this last day of 2020.  Daisy had to also work, her job was digging in the sand with her rake.
I left at 11:30 to head back to the condo to make lunch for Mark. After lunch instead of heading to Lani Kai for the foot ball games and beach time I went to Diane's pool where Beth, Diane and I had a lazy afternoon in the sunshine. The football games were WELL attended and went on for hours. It really was amazing how hot it was for the 31st day of December. At home there is a winter storm warning with ice and snow expected. We have renters moving in the apartment tonight and I was not able to message them through airbnb but was able to call them to give them the information they needed to check in. They reported they were running late and would get there after dark so I told them the front door would be left unlocked and the lights left on then called Anna to see if she would be willing to run over for that job.  Mark realized that he had moved the skid steer key and if anyone got stuck Phil would need that to pull them out so sent Anna a text on how to find that key. Sure hope they arrive before the ice. Our predicted evening rain came in a downpour. By the time we left for mom's condo for dinner we were glad to drive instead of walk. After dinner Matt was called to see if he could help get Peoria church on the big screen. He did. Bill and Bethany's family joined us for church and just like that the condo was full of people.

The wind started howling, slamming into the condo sliding glass door making so much noise it was hard to hear Greg Rumbold who was preaching. Joan had to turn it WAY up.
After church the games started. Mae and Noah joined us for the big New Year's Eve bash. Joan's tradition is to stay up all night playing games but the older we get the earlier we leave. By the time we left it the rain had let up to a sprinkle but the wind was still howling and slamming that sprinkling rain so hard it felt like it was pouring.  Molly needed to be walked outside for her evening walk and even she knew she had to make it quick. Mark and I left for home around 9:00 pm and I'm sure we are not going to be able to stay away until midnight so I will take this time to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us of the Horsemeister family. Diane sent the picture below shortly after midnight. Even MOM made it until midnight. The games must have entertaining or very loud,I know she took her hearing aids out.


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Wednesday Waves

 It was so warm this morning around 4:00 am that I opened the balcony door to our bedroom. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore is such a soothing sound that I fell back asleep and slept until 5:00. The picture below was taken this afternoon off the master bedroom balcony.

There were already people on the beach this morning around 6:30 am when I went out to get pictures of the sunrise. The moon was still up over the condos looking like a big street lamp hanging low in the sky.
There was a wall of cloud but the rays broke through both above and below with beautiful pink and gold.
The waves were huge this morning. At 9:00 am a lot of the family had already made their way down to the beach. Logan was wake boarding. 
 A bit later  Logan, Matt and Justin were boogie boarding. Logan was even doing some surfing.
The waves were towering over their heads.

The Blue Angels were practicing and came close enough for some pictures.

We old ones and the young ones were really enjoying the sunshine.

At 11:00 am we headed up to Lani Kai for the volley ball games.

Diane and I took a long walk on the beach and by the time we got back the games were finished. Kids were back playing in the huge waves. I went back to the condo to make lunch and after lunch both Mark and I took a short nap. We were back over at Lani Kai for the football games which started at 3:00 pm.

The little ones loved playing on the beach.

At one point Daisy wandered over to a red headed lady and just sat on her lap. We think Daisy thought she was Jessica but it didn't matter, the lady thought she was precious(just like the rest of us). The football games lasted quite late. We actually went in before they quit playing so not sure how long they played. A mist was creeping in toward the West when I left the beach.
IF you would like to see the rest of today's pictures click HERE.
Mark, Nancy, mom and I went to dinner tonight to the Original Oyster House. We had a 55 minute wait before they seated us at 7:00 pm. While we were waiting I took Nancy to see the alligator, dolphin and half of a truck.
Nancy held the pager and when it finally went off and we were seated we all just ordered the salad bar at $7.99 each and water. The salad bar was really good and we were really hungry waiting so long for dinner we got our money's worth. We were on our way back to mom's condo at 8:00 pm and it was still 66 degrees outside. We just can't believe how beautiful this week has been and all of us are so very thankful.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Beautiful Sunny Tuesday

 We had another fantastic warm sunny day and most of us took full advantage of the beach. I walked to mom's condo to check up on her after her fall. Mom and Nancy were enjoying the sunshine on the balcony. The picture below is of people wading into the Gulf around 8:30 am. It was already that warm.

Glancing to the west I noticed a couple of dolphins feeding.
The pelicans came swooping down gliding right over the waves.
Joan was scrubbing the wood floor trying a different cleaner on the wood. There are some dark spots she would like to remove.
The Hermans were busy moving sand from the front to the back. They needed new sand as the hurricane washed out the back.

Mom, Nancy and I went over to Lani Kai to watch the volley ball games.
Joan brought her metal detector out to look for treasures. Joshua, William and Daisy were helping grandma Joan while Bill and Bethany played volley ball.
They found lots of old rusty nails, the hurricane must have dragged them up.

More and more kids started to arrive for the games.
At noon I took mom and Nancy back up to their condo for lunch and a nap. Mark and I went to the Lagoon to see if we could harvest some ghost shrimp. The waves there were too big and there was no beach at the lagoon, that was underwater. I took a few pictures when Matt and Anni showed up.
They had long boarded all the way from Lani Kai to the lagoon 2.2 miles. 

We drove them back so they wouldn't be late for the football games which started at 3:00 pm. Those were fun to watch. Mom and Nancy came down to watch. Mike and Diane were on the beach so we all sat together.

I left at 4:30 to start preparing some of the food for the meal tonight. We took it over to the Hermans for supper. Nate and Justin were busy frying the shrimp, fish and french fries while Beth was pan searing more up in the house. Around 40-45 people showed up for dinner. The food was plenteous and delicious.

After supper the kids went to play on the new volley ball/basketball court. There are enough lights around they could even play at night.

Beth bought some light up balloons on clearance and the kids had a ball with those. They played with them in the pool and around the fire.

It was a beautiful evening after a beautiful day and I AM thankful. What a blessing to have such wonderful weather. Rhoda sent some marco polos of Emma helping her out at the farm and there is snow on the ground. Rhoda showed me all the horses, the waterers and the hay in each paddock. All are doing well. That snow and ice at home make me even more thankful to be here. IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE