Thursday, September 21, 2023

More Beds

 After that late night I found it hard to get going this morning. Around 6:00 am I was having my coffee in the rec-room when I heard a stallion talking to a mare. It was too dark outside to see who Valiant was visiting with but my hope it was the Arabian mare here to be covered by him. It was sprinkling when I went out to see but she was in her shelter eating and Valiant was in his. I took an umbrella on the walk just in case it started raining harder. When we reached Spark's we were impressed with how much got done on his barn last night. 

Ruth quit after one round so I just took Joan back to her house on the golf cart then went to mom's.  She was on her recliner.
I made breakfast then Karin helped her walk to the table.
Below is a short video of that. 
 It has been 2 years and 2 days since her stroke and to think they told us she would probably only live for 2 weeks. Mom is just WAY to stubborn to listen to those hospital people.
We had a good day together. After Karin came I stopped in at the barn to do some clean up work. Anna was there hanging some new pictures.
She found baskets for the master bath closet.
We will plan on storing extra sheets for the temporary beds and other needed items. We decided against having a door to the closet. The bathroom is very large and roomy and the closet is deeper than it looks in the pictures.
So far I have 2 of the 5 full size memory foam mattresses put in their carrying cases and stored in the master bedroom closet which is also quite large.  It easily holds 2 on each end.  When I got home I ordered 2 twin size tri fold 6 inch memory foam mattresses which can be stored under the king size bed 
also 4 of the foldable 6 inch memory foam chairs for the upstairs.
They also fold into a twin size mattress and they had great reviews. 
This will actually put the sleeping availability for the barn at 20 on either beds or mattresses, plus 2 more on couches if needed. One of the people interested in booking needs sleeping space for 22.  She said she was ok with using sleeping bags but these will be much more comfortable.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

A Bust

 We had a good walk this morning stopping first at Spark and Rhonda's house to see the work Gabe is doing on the barn. 

When we reached Rachel and David's house we noticed her grass seed they planted is growing. 
After the walk came the work.  The freezer needed to be emptied and once emptied moved into the storage closet. Anna helped move it. We could not get it to fit across even though we had measured it. The closet is just not wide enough to turn it. We even tried setting it up on end but nope, no way to make it fit. Instead we put it along the north wall. Thankfully there was an outlet right there. Anna helped bring the frozen meat into the storage closet so I could put it back in the freezer. Anna was busy painting the second coat of gray paint on the stairs, the 2 support poles were painted black and then the trim was painted white.
Dan and Spark arrived to put up the screen for the praise singing after the hog roast. By the time I got back inside Dan was just finishing it up.
Below is a short video of his work.
Thankful for that manlift.
Later Phil and Nolan arrived to pull wire but that turned out to be a bust.  First the pipe needed to be found (that had been buried under gravel)  Both Nolan and Phil did a lot of digging.
They found the pipe but then the wire tangled and once that was fixed they still had trouble. Anna was helping with the wire while I was using the golf cart to pull but Braelyn needed to be taken to the dentist so I took Braelyn so Anna could keep working. When we got back from the dentist, Anna was just pulling in and told me they were not able to finish the job.  Mark and Mackenson spent the afternoon splitting that heavy oak then hauling it here for next year. 
Below is the pile for next year nicely tarped.
The wood shed is packed solid just leaving us enough room to walk inside to grab wood for this year.
I'm so thankful for a husband who provides such a wonderful way to heat our house. Mark and I left for church at 6:15 pm. David had the message on Luke 3 but taught us some history first. It was very interesting. If you would like to watch that click HERE. After church we joined the group at Culvers and had a very late dinner there. It was almost 10:00 pm by the time we finally got home. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Preparing For Guests

 We cancelled the walk this morning and that gave me enough time to get the 5th wheel hot water turned on and the air conditioner then message the guest that the camper was ready for him. When I came in it was almost 7:00 am. Mark decided he would like an sausage, cheese and veggi omelet for breakfast.  I made a 6 egg omelet and divided it into thirds giving Mark one third and putting the other 2/3rds in the fridge. 

I was at mom's by 8:00 am to pick her up for our morning at the Berean office. We got stuck in road construction for about 5 minutes on two lane 116 of which one lane was closed. 
Everyone had already arrived by the time we made it to that office. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE. Skip took the mail so we were able to drive straight  home once done.  As we had pecan sticky buns for our treat at Berean we were not hungry for lunch until around 1:00 pm.  Mom was in her chair listening to Aunt Jinnie read while I made us each a ham and cheese sandwich stuffed with a juicy salted tomato and crunchy lettuce. Karin arrived as we were eating. I left after lunch to start cleaning up the barn for the group coming in on Friday and Saturday. The first job was to load the golf cart with cardboard boxes for the burn pile, all the camping chairs for the playground, Mark's wet dry vac for Mark's garage and more.
The balls, scooters and roller blades were all moved to the corner so I could sweep. The kitchen area was cleaned up and the new highchair brought in and put at a table. It works perfectly, is just the right size to fit under the table. 
The chairs were put around the tables. 
Phil, Anna and Taegan arrived about then. Anna and Taegan cut the wood for the shelves for the master bathroom closet.
Phil and Anna got the shelves up quickly .
Earlier Anna had finished sanding the stairs and got the first coat of paint on them.
The next big job was the chairs. Phil installed the racks while I carried the chairs out of the closet for  Taegan and Mark to hang them. 
Mark had purchased 6 racks, they worked so well he ordered 8 more.
Taegan was putting the chair stickers on her shirt before the chairs were hung. She was well decorated.
The two pictures below are of the new bathroom shelves. Anna is going to buy colored boxes for the supplies we will need to store in there.

Now that we have the neat wooden highchair I would like to give the old one away. It is in great shape but takes up a lot of room.
If anyone knows someone who could use it please let me know soon, otherwise I will post it on Hanna City Happenings on Facebook. 
Below is a short video of some of the work that got done. 
We came to a good stopping point close to 8:00 pm. Mark got a late supper tonight but he liked it.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Jack's Meet

 I had a brownie last night before going to bed and then couldn't sleep. I forgot chocolate has caffeine. I'll need to remember that. I really was hard getting out of bed. Ruth beat me to the meeting point for the walk. I was folding towels and forgot to watch the time.  The lake had so much mist coming off the water that I took the picture below about 7:35 am.

The top of Spark's windmill tower was glowing when the sun hit it. It looked like there was a light on top of that tower.
After the walk I went straight to work on making beds, first the apartment's two beds then the Jayco 5th wheel and last the Wildcat 5 th wheel. The two 5th wheels were cleaned. The Jayco is rented again tomorrow for 4 days. I decided to get rid of the 6 inch full size memory foam mattress I was using on the pull out couch in the bunk room. I've ordered 4 more of the tri fold mattresses and will use one of those on the living area couch then use the couch as a bunk in the bunk room. Most people that rent this camper only come with 2 or 3 people. The most we had use it was a family of 4. That mattress was loaded on to the golf cart and taken to our house. 
I took some pictures of it to place it for sale on Facebook market place.
BUT Anna came to work on the barn and mentioned that Braelyn was moving upstairs and would have a full size bed so they will take it instead. We decided to replace the acoustical tile of the world map with something that matches better. Anna was working on the stairs getting them sanded so she could paint them. The right size bathroom stalls came in. Philip came this evening to install those.
My next job was to mix up spider spray called Zenprox,  well it is a spray that kills the darkling beetles, bedbugs cockroaches, centipedes, crickets, flies, fleas, gnats, mosquitoes, scorpions, silverfish, ticks, wasps and spiders. I sprayed all around the barn apartment. The last renter mentioned that after the rain they had some spiders get inside. I also sprayed inside the closets just in case.  There was still some left so went over to the new barn and got that done too. It really does work, as I was walking to the door a grasshopper jumped in front of me. I sprayed it but not much came out as the bottle was empty, maybe just a few drops.  Later when I left there was that grass hopper, it was still alive but not doing well at all. I didn't stick around to watch it die as I was running late.
I left at 3:30 for Donavan park where Jack Isaiah was competing in the cross country track meet. That place was packed. I found a place to park on the grass and hiked to where the meet was being held. There really were thousands of people there. I made it in plenty of time to watch the kids warming up and then stayed to cheer Jack on through out the meet. Below is a video of their warm-up, the start and Jack's finish.  Jack's team are in the green and black uniforms. 
Their team were in a 3 way tie for 1st place. It came down to the 6th runner on each of the winning teams and Jack just happened to be the 6th runner of his team to cross the finish line. He really did great and brought his team the 1st place trophy.
After the meet we had to wait in long lines before we could get out of the park. We drove to Chick-fil-A for a quick supper. I still needed to empty the tanks of the 5th wheels and was able to finish that before sundown. As I was driving the golf cart back from the Wildcat I had to stop to take the picture below. the red sun was lighting up the back door.
Once I made it through the barn though the sun had slipped under the horizon and turned the sky gold.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Summer Sledding

Another wonderful Sunday! It started out very foggy. The pictures below were taken around 6:45 am once it was light enough to actually see. The first picture was taken looking South and the second picture looking North.

We made it to church just before 9:30 am and had a few minutes to visit with people before going in for the morning singing. Gregg Rumbold had the morning message on Amos 3 and 1st Peter 4. If you would like to watch that click HERE
Kathy brought Nancy and she was carrying a VERY heavy bag, her pill bag, Joan's purse and my purse after lunch. We had to laugh, she was 'helping' us.
Tim Funk had the afternoon message on the book of Hosea and James 4. To watch that sermon click HERE. After church we ran to Aldi to pick up some lettuce for the salad tonight and ice cream for our dessert.  It was funny how many AC's we saw. That Aldi is less than 5 minutes from church and on our way home. Great for last minute items. As soon as we got home I ran up to the Jayco 5th wheel grabbed the laundry, took that into the apartment. The beds there were stripped and a load of laundry started in that machine. A load was taken to the house and started in that machine then over to the Wildcat 5th wheel for that laundry and that load started in the new barn machine. Thankful for 3 washers and 3 dryers. Amy called as I was putting the load in the new barn just to comment when she saw Ruth driving mom shopping and then stopped at the dumpster her first thought was, "Oh NO they are taking her shopping at the dumpster!"  Nope NOT then, although sometimes dumpster diving IS a lot of fun around here.  After getting the laundry going it was time to get the food over to the barn for our dinner.  We were just missing Ben and Taunya's family tonight as they had small group. The dinner turned out well although the meat was a little dry. I need to find a better way to cook rolled rump roast. 

After supper the kids were playing hide and seek but Zion stopped to show me all of her treasures.
As soon as the dishes were done the grand kids wanted to go on a golf cart ride. We started with a full load going on the trails with one golf cart. Below is one of the fallen trees but we could make it under with no problem.
When we got to the top of the hill we picked up a few more of the grands so drove over to the house to pick up the second golf cart, then up to the barn to grab some saddle pads for the back seat. From there we went to Joan's house to pick up a sled but had to stop to play with the cat first.

Today we went summer sledding. The grandkids that were here all took turns except Zeke who was with his dad and Braelyn who was playing volley ball with the Sunday players. Of course we got pictures of each one on the sled Click HERE if you would like to see those pictures. The video below is a little long as each child got a turn then when Sarah arrived to pick up her girls they needed to show their mom what they learned to do today.
By 7:00 pm it was already getting dark and time to get Nancy home. We have so much fun driving back to Morton. Each time we come to a red light Nancy exclaims loudly, "OH NO!" then laughs while I throw up my hands is exasperation.