Friday, August 12, 2022

Peaches from Jessica

 As we turned to walk up the barn drive we could see plumes of black smoke through the back door of the barn.

Something big was burning but far enough away from us that we could only see the smoke. Right after the walk I took the truck and trailer to Middle Grove to pick up Irish's colt for weaning. The horses were at the top of the hill lounging under the trees. It is strange not seeing Mika or Sangria with the herd anymore. 
There are 4 foals in the picture below. Irish's colt straight behind him is Lily's filly and Rosaleigh's filly and off to the left is Tatiana's colt.
Below is Dollar, Irish's colt by Valiant.
Below is Tatiana's colt by Valiant.
Irish was haltered and led down to the trailer. We were followed by her colt, Dancer, and Tatiana's colt. When we reached the trailer Irish was tied, then Dancer haltered and tied on the other side of the trailer. Once I knew she was secured Irish was untied and led into the trailer. Thankfully her colt just jumped in the trailer after her. Once those two were inside Tatiana's colt took off up the hill to find his mama. The door was shut and a halter brought out of the truck put on Dollar but before going into the trailer Dancer was untied. She took off galloping up the hill.
The escape door was opened just enough for me to bring the halter in and Dollar was haltered and tied. The door was opened, Irish led out, her halter removed and she went galloping up the hill to find the herd.  That made it so easy to open the gate and drive out.  The ride home was without incident. He was unloaded and put in with the orphan colt. These two used to be best friends but it took a few minutes for them to remember each other.

They soon settled down and started eating together in the shelter.
The trailer was unhooked and the camper hitch was put on so I could pick the Salem camper up from Joan's house. When I drove in the other Salem was leaving for a weekend camping trip. Joan helped hook up the camper and I drove it straight to the outdoor arena and hooked up the electric but as soon as I did that realized I had forgotten to put water in the fresh water tank so drove it back out to the nearest hydrant, filled the tank half full then back into the arena. I just need it tomorrow for a guest staying just  1 night but that meant I needed bedding, dishes, pots and pans, silverware, a coffee maker, coffee, bottled water,  and towels. That was all collected at the house and taken to the camper. I'm missing salt and pepper shakers and shampoo and conditioner.  By the time I finished it was almost 1:00 pm and I was needed at mom's to relieve Rachel. Rachel had a good morning with mom. She took her to Jessica's house and they picked peaches. Rachel sent back the pictures below.

When the got back to the house they made a pie crust then a peach pie.
Jessica also gave mom a zucchini out of her garden and when I arrived Rachel was frying that up with mom's last egg. They had that with fresh tomatoes for lunch then warm peach pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert. I came at the perfect time and joined in on that delicious meal. Mom was pretty tired this afternoon but after a rest talked to Uncle Johnny, Aunt MaryLou and Aunt Jinnie. When Karin got home I ran to pick up 8 dozen eggs from Marli. Mom got 2 dozen, Diane got a dozen and I took 5 dozen but am willing to share. For dinner tonight we had BLT's plus a chef salad with either bleu cheese dressing or poppy seed dressing and of course a slice of peach pie for dessert. It was a good day.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Eat Your Own

 We had another beautiful cool morning for our walk. On the dam road Joan went ahead of us to knock down spider webs.

We had to laugh when someone remarked but those spiders worked so hard all night on them.  Our airbnb renter staying in the 5th wheel sent a message he would be needing more water so Mark went out to fill the fresh water tank and while there also emptied the gray and black water tanks.  After the walk I went to Middle Grove to pick up Indy and her colt. The colt has some tendon contractions on his front legs. I called Hoerr vet clinic to see if I could bring him in but Dr. Hoerr is out for this week. They will let me know what day they can come next week. A few pictures were taken of the other foals before loading Indy and colt.
Below is Tatiana's colt.
Irish's colt is pictured below.
Below is Lily and her filly.
A better picture of Lily's filly
Tatiana's colt
Dancer followed us down to the trailer. She was standing in a sunbeam before heading back up the hill to the herd.
After putting Indy and her colt in with Oksana and Jury I left for Sam's club to pick up some food for tonight's dinner at mom's house and 2 cases of water for the 5th wheel renter, then to the Berean office to pick up studies left there on Tuesday. From there down to the shop so Amanda could take the studies to her mom's house where Linda H from Roanoke would pick them up. Amy called to say she was coming over as I was driving to the office so once I dropped off the groceries and water I headed over to mom's house. Amy and Ruth were helping mom get up to walk.  That didn't go very well. That left leg just doesn't want to move forward. Amy noticed a king fisher sitting on the pole of the sail boat.
When Karin arrived she gave Amy some pointers on her mare Belle.  It has been 4 weeks since Amy's accident with Belle so she was glad for any input.  I headed home to start making dinner. Mark grilled those little potatoes that had been drizzled with olive oil then lightly sprinkled with parsley garlic salt, then grilled the steak. Faith was busy mowing as Mark was grilling. 
 I defrosted 12 jumbo shrimp and while I was making the carrots, Mark boiled them for 2 minutes then peeled them. The shrimp sauce was made and we were on our way to mom's arriving a couple minutes after 5:00 pm.  After dinner we were having our cheese cake for dessert and I reached over to help get some on mom's fork. She looked over at mine and said, "eat your own cheese cake, then started laughing at my expression.  I just happened to video the response.
AC Central was checked and David's message on Psalm 110 was now up. IF you would like to watch click HERE.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Cramming In More Summer Fun

 It was deliciously cool this morning, only 59 degrees what a pleasant surprise. That made it easy to get the chores done and have the car over to mom's in time for the walk without being wet with sweat. We met Joan coming up the hill from her place. I quit my walk at mom's as I was down to stay with mom until 1:00 pm. Anna showed up before lunch to clean so I felt free to run to TSC to pick up 10 of those 50 pound bags of grain and 1 40 pound bag of black oil sunflower seeds. The sunflower seed bag was for mom's house.  I drove straight to mom's and unloaded the seeds then went to work making lunch for the both of us. A lot of Spark and Rhonda's grand children were here swimming and Berlica, Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley were quick to join them.  

Mom and I went out on the balcony to watch them playing in the water.

My other grandchildren all went hiking at Forest Park Nature Center. Rhoda sent back the pictures below after their hike. They were all tired out.

Rachel came to relieve me at 1:00 pm so the next job was to get the grain unloaded out of the car and put away in the breeding shed. There was only room for 8 bags there so the last two bags were taken to the feed stall in the stall barn. The cat was there waiting for her food. I had just walked in the door and was changing to head to Middle Grove when Karin called asking if I could come back to mom's for a couple hours. I was actually glad for the chance to quit working and drove right over. When I got home I drove to Dollar General to pick up some dishes for one of the campers but when I walked the entrance way there was a bunch of toys that looked like they were half off so I spent some time picking toys out the grandchildren would enjoy of which there were 2 glitter balls that when bounced would light up for $3.00 but since they were half off I decided to buy them. When I went to check out none of those toys were reduced. The check out lady told me they were just put there to make room for school supplies and the only things half off were the dishes. I told her I would just take the dishes, paid then left for home. After unloading I finally read the receipt which showed I paid for those two glitter balls. I drove back to Hanna City but there was a line up of people waiting to check out so instead of asking for my money back just told the check out lady I would take the 2 balls as they were already paid for. By the time I got home it was 5:30 pm. We ate a quick supper, jumped in the shower and both of us were ready to leave for church by 6:00 pm as Mark wanted to stop at the shop to grab something. David was teaching tonight so Israel and Elisabet sat with us. We were singing the first song when someone sat next to me. I looked over and it was Taegan and Braelyn. Joan brought them. That was such a nice surprise. After church we all went to Culvers for ice cream. We didn't get home until 9:30 pm and I still needed to run out to feed the colt. He is now fed and I am more than ready for bed. David's message will be downloaded tomorrow and posted. It was on Psalm 110.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A Hard Year

 Jury's colt didn't make it, his lungs were just not developed enough. Last night he was still belly breathing but I thought it was a little better but I was wrong. Thankfully he just laid down flat, closed his eyes, took his last breath and died peacefully.  It is sure hard to lose a foal we had been waiting for over 11 months. This has been such a hard year for Horsemeister. Jury wouldn't leave his body and was getting very agitated when I tried to take her away from him. It was kinder to leave him with her and let her grieve. When I got home from Berean she was willing to walk away without a fuss. She was put in with Oksana, both of these mares lost their foals this year and both need to be bred back so at least they can be together. I didn't have time to go out to Middle Grove to pick up Indy and her colt but got Jury's colt buried before I needed to be at mom's to relieve Beth. Beth and I took mom to the Berean office this morning and it was good to be there. Mom is put to work on stamping the return address on the envelopes then putting the folded studies in with a self addressed business reply envelope for when we send the next group of studies to the prisoner. If you would like to read about our morning at that office click HERE. We dropped off the 2 boxes of Bibles at the Hanna City post office on our way home. Mom was not hungry for lunch because of the pie so after Beth left we had a late lunch of chicken with fresh tomatoes on grilled Hawaiian rolls, and chips while watching Little House on the Prairie. When Karin arrived she ask Joan and Berlica if they would like to come play games so the next few hours were spent playing Carbols. Joan and I won one game and Karin and Berlica won the other. Dan arrived to check out mom's car. On the way to the Berean office it sounded funny. Dan found that one of the brakes was not working right. That will need to go to Zane's for repair.  When Mark got home tonight we drove up to the 5th wheel to put on a new door lock and left the new key in the lock for the renter.  He actually contacted me asking if he could stay longer but someone else booked the 5th wheel the day he is moving out. I contacted the lady moving in to see if she would be willing to stay in the Salem bhsk but she hasn't responded yet.

If not he is more than willing to move over to that trailer for the one night then back in the 5th wheel. He is working for Cat and the project is taking longer than expected. I've not met him yet as he has been working since he arrived. Joan took the truck and Wildwood trailer to Tri County RV. The slide out is getting hung up and needs adjusting.

They said they could get it fixed before the end of this week. Sure hope it is an easy fix. We really like the slide outs and hope they aren't going to be a problem.                                                                    Mike got an update on Loxley, he is holding his own but not really improving. The stress is causing him to lose his coat, it is coming off in clumps. That will grow back if he can just start improving. Mike is hopeful he can come home by Friday. He has been in that intensive care hospital stall now for 10 days. 

Monday, August 8, 2022

God Paints the Clouds In the Evening Sky

 I didn't sleep well, maybe just took a few too many steps and bendovers yesterday.  Because of that it was hard to roll out of bed on time and I didn't but was up before 6:00 am.  Mark went out early to shut off the barn lights. Our airbnb guest for the 5th wheel didn't arrive until 10:40 pm so the light was left on all night.  He was very satisfied with his accommodations. Speaking of very satisfied another really nice review came in from the couple that stayed Friday and Saturday night. This is a wonderful retreat at a great value! Whether you have events in Peoria to tend to, or just want a quiet writer's retreat in the wilderness, Judy's property is well-located yet remote. You are surrounded by nature -- including gorgeous and friendly horses abound -- but also have great WiFi. My wife, puppy, and I all had a great time. Do yourself a favor and book this property post haste!  He also sent the note below: “Hi, Judy. As you know, we loved your place. Thanks for everything. Hope to get back down there soonest.” It makes me very happy when people really enjoy themselves here.  Diane, Ruth, Joan and I walked. The man that rented the Wildwood brought it back just as we were walking down Joan's drive. We waited while that was parked but that gave us plenty of time to talk about the weekend. Joan's trip to Branson was wonderful, Diane had a very nice time at Middle Grove on the lake, I told about our Sceggel vacation and Ruth told us about Fedi's sister Csilla who is in St. Francis in intensive care with a brain bleed. Prayers are appreciated for her. Right after the walk I headed down to the Peoria post office to pick up the Berean mail then from there to Sam's club to pick up some items for mom's house and a pie for the volunteers tomorrow at Berean. On the way home Mark called and needed me to bring his phone down to the shop. I stopped at Phil and Anna's and picked up Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley took them to my house to unload groceries then up to the barn to hook up the trailer to the truck. We took some grain with us in our pockets, two halters and two leadropes then headed to Middle Grove to pick up some mares and foals.  We first drove the truck and trailer back to the big field but no horses were in sight so went back to the gate parked the truck and started that long hike up the hill. They were all spread out grazing. Lily, the black mare with the big belly to the left on the picture below (she had colic surgery years ago) was obviously missing Mika. Her filly was playing with Irish's colt. At least I think it was her filly, I didn't check as I was looking for the two new foals.  

Jury was keeping her colt away from the rest.
Indy's new colt is standing next to Indy just behind the other 2 foals and Irish.
I haltered Indy and gave the lead rope to Taegan and Kensley then went to halter Jury but stopped to take a few pictures of the girls petting the horses.

Jury's colt was breathing heavy, enough so that I very slowly and carefully led Jury down the hill giving the colt plenty of time to follow. It was hot and humid so that may be the problem OR it could be his lungs aren't quite developed enough. He is 3 weeks early. We decide since he wasn't feeling well I would only take him and Jury and leave Indy and her colt which is thriving out there. He was galloping around just fine. We stopped at Bs on the way home for ice cream cones as we were really hot. Bs have the best soft serve ice cream. Jury and her colt were put in the stall and the air conditioner turned on and then I watched on the monitor while laundry was done.  I made dinner and took it over to mom's for the 5 o'clock shift only to find Diane was on for that shift. I was glad to head back home to finish the laundry. This evening I headed up at 8:00 pm to feed the orphan colt then put Jury and her colt outside. It had cooled down nicely. The sun was starting to set and was lighting up the tops of the trees making the glow orange.

The colt seems to be breathing a little better. Their stall was cleaned and made ready for tomorrow. The sky was turning from gold to red to purple so I walked out to the field to take some sunset pictures for that airbnb ad.

The last picture was taken as the intense orange and gold started softening to pink and purple.
Each time I marvel at the beauty I remember singing with my dad the Sunset Song. 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

2 New Foals

 Mike went to Middle Grove this afternoon and discovered Jury had a foal by her side. He said he thinks it is a colt  and he is a beautiful silver color which the picture below doesn't show. 

I'll head out tomorrow and get better pictures. Yesterday he was telling me that there was a new foal out there on Saturday and it was very black.  I figured it HAD to be Indy's and today when he went out he took a picture and for sure it IS Indy's by Evan born Thursday night or Friday morning. 
Mike is pretty sure they are both colts. I will check them when I head out Monday.
These are the last two foals for our 2022 season. Thankful for 2 healthy foals and safe births for Indy and Jury.  This trip was a little bittersweet for Mike. He picked up Mika and delivered him to his new home with the understanding if the new owner needs to get rid of him Mike will take him back. 

Mika's new home has a 34 year old gelding and a year old to keep him company.  The owner's mom works for Mike's son Drew and best of all he is less than 10 miles from here on over 100 acres.  We really are serious about slowing down and getting smaller.  We have also placed Jewel (Mika's half sister) for sale $12,000.00.

Jewel is registered and dna'd with FHHI as 50% Friesian 50% Thoroughbred. Her sire is Raven. Jewel is bred to Evan confirmed in foal and due June 5th, 2023. She is a beautiful mare and very sweet. She was on our starting line up on trail rides for years. She has gorgeous foals by Evan. Pictured below is one of her fillies.
Below are a couple of her colts by Evan. They are 75% Friesian 25% Thoroughbred and once born can be registered with FHHI.
They all have amazing movement and Jewel's price includes her unborn foal.
We had another wonderful day in church. Tim Funk had the morning message and Tim Roecker had the afternoon message. After church I stopped at Aldi for a few groceries then Dollar General to pick up some dishes and a coffee maker for the 5th wheel.  Phil and Anna were here when we got home. They had picked up the television for the 5th wheel and installed that and also got the WiFi turned on for that. Once that was finished they took the girls over to the playground and lake. Nolan brought out Zion and Eden for swimming too.  Zion caught some baby frogs and was so pleased with them. Nolan took the pictures and shared them.

The guest coming in tonight for the 5th wheel sent a message that he will be coming in around 10:00 pm. The barn lights and the 5th wheel lights are left on for him. I'm heading up to feed the colt then will have an early night.