Friday, July 31, 2020

Vacation Friday

Our last day as we leave tomorrow morning but what a jam packed day today was. We had our breakfast at the usual time of 8:00 am then left for the lake at 9:00. We found new cliffs and a cave to explore and did more cliff jumping.

 Jace and Jack started the tubing. We had some wind today so they got some airtime.
 Addyson and Kensley also got big air.
Addyson's was tubing by herself at the end and the wind picked the tube up while she was on it. She did not fall off but flew with the tube.

 Not only did she stick and landed she stood up to celebrate!

 When we got back the rest were swimming in the pool enjoying the sunshine and heat.

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from this morning click HERE. This evening we ate left overs then David, Ben and Lee took Jack, Jace and Israel to a park for kick ball and an epic nerf gun battle while the girls had their annual girls night of makeup, nails, and pictures. Those pictures will be worked on tomorrow and posted once home as it is now after 10:00 pm and we have a big day tomorrow with clean-up, packing and driving home. What a wonderful last day. This has been one of the best!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Vacation Thursday

Wow another beautiful day! After breakfast we left for the lake. The kids voted they wanted to tube first before heading to the cliffs and that is what we did.

 We saw something orange in the woods so Jack jumped out to swim to shore to see if it could be the missing life jacket.
 It wasn't, it was a part of an orange bucket.

 Addyson got to drive today, while Taegan and Jack were riding the tube.
 When we stopped at the cliffs David jumped off the tall one then took his fishing pole and tried to catch fish off the smaller cliffs.
 We had a new game where the kids would go off the slide and land on the tube. 

The clouds started building into a storm so we headed back letting the 4 older kids ride the tube back.
We had a few sprinkles of rain but it stopped by the time we got to the van. We were all hungry for lunch. Stephanie had lunch prepared for all the hungry kids. After lunch the sun came back out so we left for the trout hatchery. It was closed but catch and release fishing was allowed for anyone under 16 years old.
Jack and Addyson were playing on a rock when Jack slipped.
The current was so strong it took him right under water. He is a strong swimmer and was able to swim back to the rock where his dad and Braelyn helped him up.

They caught 2 beautiful rainbow trout.
We got word from Sarah and Nolan (who couldn't come because of expected puppies) that Nikki had 8 puppies, 2 male and 6 female. These are purebred Moyen Poodle pups. If interested in one please go to their website 
Tonight for dinner Rhoda and Lee picked up Buffalo Wild Wings for everyone except Ben and Taunya and Mark and I. We went out to eat for date night. Mark and I went to Fred's Fish House. Ben and Taunya went to a Mexican restaurant. After dinner Rhoda organized games and then line dancing.

The kids ended the day by pushing Rhoda in the pool.
Plenty of videos were taken today which will be rendered when home. IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Vacation Wednesday

We had another beautiful morning, leaving for the lake right after breakfast. Today we explored the lake and were amazed at some of the huge beautiful homes on the lake.
 We decided the house in the picture above and the house in the picture below would be awesome to rent for a week. HA! I'm sure who ever owns them probably don't rent them. 
We found a public beach and tried to anchor but the anchor wouldn't hold.
The boat was tied to a buoy then everyone swam to shore except Elisabet and me. We stayed behind just in case the boat got loose and sure enough it did. Thankfully David had just made it back to the boat in time to pull in the anchor and drive the boat back to shore to pick up the rest. From there we found some cliffs.

Just David and Taegan jumped as they were pretty high cliffs. Since Taegan jumped she got to go tubing first and had an awesome ride.
Everyone got to take turns, even Elisabet with her papa David and Iris with her papa Lee got to tube today.

Iris didn't like it though so her ride was short. We found an inlet to explore and had fun using the boat water slide, swimming and found some caves to explore.
We made it back to the marina about 12:45 pm and everyone was hungry for lunch. The rain started this afternoon, a nice gentle rain that didn't matter. The kids swam in the rain. Later Ben arranged 9 different laptops and got all the kids working together on a game.

Phil and Anna ordered Chinese for supper tonight. After supper Rhoda organized the annual play then once the kids performed that Rhoda put on music and they all danced.

To see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE. This evening we listened to Gregg Rumbold for church. We will have an early night. The kids are all showered and sound asleep. So thankful for another wonderful day.