Friday, November 30, 2012

Sponge Bath

It was too cold to bathe Ciera but she needed a bath, what to do, what to do. A 5 gallon bucket of hot water was drawn from the apartment shower and Ciera was given a sponge bath, trying to get the worst of the dirt and dust off. The boys were locked up and she was turned out in the pasture to dry in the sunshine. She had to show off a bit before grazing.
Later when it was time to get her was when I discovered she rolled, and not in the grass. She was taken back to the wash rack and sponged off again. This time she was led into the big field to dry off with me right there. The transport company called Rhoda just a bit ago to say they were 10-15 hours away. Not sure why they called her and how they got her number. The hair from Jewel and Valiant were sent in today along with the check to register 9 horses and dna 5. That bill came to $445.00. The Friesian Heritage Horse requires a dna test on any pure or partbred Friesian mare or stallion used for breeding. I still owe them hair from Hadassah but we will have to catch her first. After dinner Mark drilled the final 30 holes for the West side of the property and together we hauled the final 30 posts there. They still need to be set and then we will be ready to start stringing the high tensile wire. This evening I designed and ordered our new business cards. Our old ones had our land line phone number which we no longer have. These are simple but say what I want.
The front above and the back below

Deer Crossing

The video below was posted on youtube, I think this lady is serious, how about you? Does anyone else think we should move the deer crossing signs? We really need to move them away from our road, just ask Steven, he hit a big buck last year with his truck. Why oh why does IDOT insist on putting these signs on the interstate! (just kidding) Ciera must be beautified today for her long trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Update Editing

This afternoon I drove to Middle Grove to get some updated pictures. The evening was spent editing and placing the pictures on the website. Below are a few starting with Ayanna and ending with Zalena.
Ayanna above Bonnie below
Clair above Cookie and Missy below
Cor Arianna above and Ella below
Eliza above and Hadassah below
Helen above and Holly below
Indy above and Jewel below
Killian above and Lily with Mika below
Lola above, Lilypony below
Mytross above and Olivia (Jewel's filly) below
Paris with Mika and Lily above, Prissy below:
Ribbon above and Sally below:
Ylse above and Zalena with Ylse below. Zalena is wearing the halter.
A few pictures of the herd spread out were also taken:
After dinner Steven arrived to work Valiant and Evan in the outdoor lighted arena and of course instead of working on the website I had to watch them. Those boys are poetry in motion!

Before the Walk

I started for the meeting place early this and snapped these pictures with my phone camera. After hearing how good the pictures are off one of these high end phones, I can't say I'm impressed with the quality. Guess I'll go back to carrying a camera. The first was from the back of the yard looking toward the house. The three foals were all lined up eating but they are so far away they just look like 3 black bumps.
Yesterday the other pasture was opened up for the boys and this was the next shot taken from the meeting place (dumpster) looking North West.
The sun was out but not up far enough to light up the fields. Emma was the first to come running up with a prize this morning.
I didn't realize how easy it is to get a picture of her until we tried to get a picture of Ebby with her prize. That dog runs in circles so proud of what she is carrying. She wouldn't stop for a picture she was sure we would take it away from her once stationary.
Ciera is not leaving today, the shippers got held up and will be here either Saturday or Sunday. I may as well head in to work, there is plenty of that waiting.

Baby Backpack

I along with Rhoda, Rachel, David Sr, David Jr, Jessica, Amy, Mike, Diane and Caleb are leaving for Haiti a week from Saturday. Diane got a list from Joan of what she needs from the states, that is what she needs that she cannot get in Haiti. There are 2 items still need to be found and packed. A backpack to carry a baby in and a meat scale that will weigh up to 25 pounds of meat. Anyone out there have either of these and want to donate please contact any of us going. We will be glad to pick it up. Last night Steven worked both boys in the outdoor arena under the lights. They both did great. We have had great working weather all except how quickly the sun disappears and the day turns dark. So thankful for the arena lights Meister Electric installed last year. Ciera is suppose to leave today but I haven't heard yet from the shippers. They may have been delayed. She needs a good bath but will have to settle for a good grooming.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fabulous Foals

Just as soon as the day started to lighten Mark was ready to work. He hooked up the cart to the lawn mower and started cleaning up pastures and paddocks getting the burn pile going strong. It was a perfect morning for a fire, no wind at all. The moon was hanging low in the western sky shining like a big orange lantern the neighbors might have hung in a tree. The picture below was taken this morning about 6:45am and yes it really is the moon peeking through the trees.
After the walk, it was time to do something with the weanlings. The buyers for Eliza's filly and Sandy's colt both asked for updated pictures. Oksana T was haltered first. I was so proud of her, she led quietly over to the barn, stood well for grooming, even the cleaning of her curly long feather, walked into the stall and was perfectly behaved. There was no calling, no pawing, no panic at all. She was taken outside and tied for a few pictures before taking some action shots. What a sweet face!
She had some fun galloping around the paddock.
She was having fun coming and going.
She was put back and Onyx, Sandy's colt was pulled out. He was better at standing quietly while putting the halter on but Oksana was better at leading. He too was good for grooming and stood quietly tied.
Below is my favorite picture taken today of either foal. It is Onyx and he looks fabulous!
The owners were emailed pictures then a bunch of pictures were placed on facebook. They are just too good not to share. For dinner tonight we will have turkey salad and then the dogs get the rest of the turkey.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It was 18 degrees outside when we arose from our warm comfortable bed and by the time we left for work it had dropped to 16 degrees. We needed layers to survive the walk today and the wind wasn't even blowing. I'm sure later in the year we will be glad for 18 degrees and no wind but today it felt freezing. Eva Jean and I had a big load of studies to process, she had to take most of them home to finish as we ran out of time. Dan met us at Denny's for lunch and we decided to rent the Old School Center for New Years Eve and New Years Day for anyone wanting to come celebrate the demise of 2012 and the birth of 2013. The party will start after church on the 31st (probably around 9:00pm) quit around 1:00am and start back up the next day with movies and football in the theater room, football for those brave enough to play outside out on the football field, volley ball and basketball in the 2 gymnasiums. There was no choir tonight so Diane invited us to come over and watch the tape she had of the Christian comedian Chonda (sp). This lady gave a talk at the civic center and a bunch of ladies went including Diane, she bought the tape to share with the rest of us out at this compound. Mom, Spark, Rhonda, Rachel, Ruth, Anni, Ryan, Mike, Diane, Mark and I really enjoyed this. Diane made a delicious nacho dip, pizza, and popcorn, while others supplied brownies and scotcheroos.
Below is Rhonda watching and listening while she works on doll blankets.
The video was hilarious, this lady has us laughing most of the evening although you would never know to look at the picture below:
That must have been snapped during one of the more serious topics.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Jewel's Filly Sold

The deposit was called in today for Jewel's filly now named Olivia which works out well since Eliza's filly's owner named her Oksana T. She has now been marked sold. The man that wanted to come look at her on Dec 18th missed out, but we won't hold a horse without a deposit. I was trying to find his phone number to tell him not to come but didn't save it, hopefully he calls before the 18th. Ciera needed to be hauled to the vet office today to have her stitches removed and her health certificate for travel picked up. She is leaving for Colorado on Thursday Lord willing. I really want to get new pictures of the 3 foals here being weaned, they are so cute but need help moving them from their paddock into the outdoor arena. That may have to wait until next week when Rhoda gets home from Florida. Time was spent today on building a new webpage for the website. It is posted on the front of the index page (the first page that pops up) I'm not saying what is new on that page but if you find it and want to book mention you found it by reading the blog and I will take 5% off of the first 10 people that book.