Friday, June 30, 2017

Zalena In

This morning only Diane, mom and I went on the walk, Joan didn't have a sitter to come and Ruth is in Colorado with the young group. After the walk I worked on the pictures taken yesterday until I forced myself to get away from the computer and clean the popcorn machine. They need it for the big 4th of July party tomorrow at the Giant Goose Ranch. When Karin arrived to work horses I was glad for another reason to pull myself away from the computer. I sure don't see how real photographers like this job. It is fun to take the pictures but getting them ready for downloading is the pits. What ever the photographers charge, it isn't enough!
Karin asked for help when she was working the boys. She wanted a mare brought out and led around the round pen as each stallion was in training. Well Evan shocked us at how good he was.
 Not that he didn't want to go over and meet Jenis, he listened to Karin but couldn't resist trotting high off the ground. 
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures taken of Evan today click HERE. Evan and Jenis were put away then Karin brought out Valiant. Valiant did well until I came out to the round pen leading Zalena and Flynn. Zalena immediately started showing and Valiant could hardly contain himself.  Each time he came charging over Karin would make him work and it finally clicked. He actually would go to the other side of the round pen so as not to put himself in temptation. Hmm we could learn from that. He was cantering huge getting all 4 hooves way off the ground.
 At the end of the session Karin let him roll then sit. 
Zalena's colt Flynn was put back in with the other mares, Zalena taken over to Valiant's breeding stand and covered by him. Sure hope she settles. Good news came in from Jazz's owner, she is pregnant. They are excited to have a Valiant foal next spring. Dakota was teased and today she did not scream at the stallions, in-fact when Valiant was taken over she came to the gate but did not wink. Tomorrow I'll try again. 
It is lonely around here today. Mom went with Joan to Bluffton Indiana, Mike and Diane are camping at Middle Grove and with Ruth gone there was no one to play games with. Mark and I went out to start scraping paddocks. Evan was taken into the stall and his mane braided back up. Now I just need to find some small rubber bands. 

Final Camp Pictures

The pictures are now posted of the last day of our 2017 Indian Camp. A wonderful time was had by  all. A special thanks to Joan for organizing this amazing experience for both the campers and the adults. To see the pictures click HERE (although I will warn you there are a LOT of pictures for our last day)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Indian Camp 2017 Day 3 FINAL DAY

A huge crack of thunder around midnight woke most of the Indians up but they all stayed put until rain starting coming down. 14 of them were put in the motor home, the rest stayed sleeping in the long house and stayed dry. Hindsight, ALL of them should have stayed in the long house. The motor home got hot, the kids did not settle down, Crosby starting crying and wanted to go home so finally at 2:30 am Joan had to call his mom to come get him. Needless to say breakfast was served a bit late this morning.
I had to run to the  Berean office for Bible distribution but got back at 10:30 am and got there just as the final horse back riding was happening. Karin took Zalena, Jenis, Bunni, Missy and Cookie out numerous times today.
After the trail rides Joan took the entire Indian village for a hike in the woods to gather food for tonight, feed some racoons, we saw a skeleton, visited a tiny house
and picked an ate fresh vegetables from a garden. On the way back they formed a hunting party and even took a hostage.
The next thing on the agenda was to swim as everyone was needing to cool off from the hike. Some of the Indian's went canoeing and some fished. After a good lunch at the playground games were played. If you would like to see some individual pictures of our Indian campers click HERE.  Many more pictures were taken of the day but those will need to wait until tomorrow to download, I'm exhausted and need to go to bed NOW. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Indian Camp Day 2

Breakfast was suppose to be served at 8:00 am but Joan called at 6:30 am to say the Indians were all awake and hungry. Breakfast was taken over before 7:00 am. The Indians were all sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolate. They were all ready to eat.
After breakfast they went searching for clay and found some at Diane's pond. Below they are heading back each with a big clump of clay. 
Joan taught the Indians how to work the clay until it was easy to shape into a bowl by adding water and mixing the water into the clay.
 Joan set them out to dry then marked each bowl with the initial of who made it. 
 We could see rain clouds in the west coming quickly. Why oh why did Joan teach those Indians how to do the rain dance? All the bedding was taken out of the long house and placed in the camper. 
 The next job was to pick berries and cut down branches to make everyone a fishing pole. 
 It started raining big drops of water but the Indians found a nice sheltered place until the rain stopped. 

 picking berries
 Joan and Anna helped get the lines and hooks on the poles. Great grandma Rhoda put worms on for each Indian and the fishing was great. 
 I'm pretty sure every Indian caught a fish. 

 A bucket of water was brought up to wash feet before heading back to the long house for lunch. 
 Below is the lunch line
 After lunch they headed over to the farm to paint and ride the horses.
 Below they are meeting the 4 horses we used, which were Jenis, Bunni, Missy and Cookie.
 The pony painting was a hit.
 But riding the horses was even more fun than painting them. 
 After everyone got a turn in the round pen, Karin took the 4 horses over to the playground then gave trail rides from there taking out 5 sets of riders. 
 The next activity was to cut down more branches to make bows and arrows. David gave them an archery lesson. 

 Those that wanted to decorated their bows and arrows by painting them and adding beads. 
Dinner was served around 6:00 pm and they must have been hungry as not much was left. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE.  Mark, mom, Diane, Ruth and I all went to church together so not sure how the rest of the evening went with Indian camp but I'm sure Joan kept them entertained and busy. Church was so very good to be there, Craig Stickling reminded us exactly what Jesus did for us. 

Indian Camp Day One

Indian camp started Tuesday  2:30 pm and was well attended. Everyone had a wonderful first day. Below are a few pictures. Below is the supply line stocking the motorhome for the trip.
 A picture before they loaded up into the motorhome for the long trip to the point. 
 Joan explaining what this camp was about and teaching them the difference between the 'Plains Indians and the Woodland Indians' 
 The younger children were put to work gathering firewood. 
 They worked together on big logs
 showing us some of the big wood gathered for the fire. 
 The older girls were put in charge of designing and making the Indian clothes while the older boys were put to work building the long house. 
 Israel digging the fire pit
 making Indian clothes
 The almost finished long house
 The line up for dinner
 A couple of beautiful Indian children
 An Indian warrior
 Some of the Indian girls 
 Inside the long house, plenty of room for all to sleep. 
 Joan taught them the rain dance (bad idea) This is the girls dancing first. 
 The warriors doing the rain dance
 Joan explaining about how the Indian's worship and how they told stories of the flood. 
 The last 2 visitors of the night. 
If you would like to see the rest of the first day pictures of Indian camp 2017 click HERE.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Many Miles

Right after our walk Madeira was loaded into the trailer and hauled to Hoerr Vet clinic for a 9:00 am appointment for an ultrasound. Within minutes of getting to the clinic, Dr. Hoerr had her in the stocks and pronounced pregnant.
No twins either just a normal 23 day pregnancy.
Madeira is due May 15th, 2018. This foal will be considered a Warlander as it will be half Andalusian and half Friesian. I was back on the way home by 9:15 am and made it to the farm by 9:50 am. Karin and a new helper Elisabeth were working with Whitney in the round pen.
They brought her right over and loaded her up with Madeira in the front of the trailer. Star and her filly Elsa were loaded into the back of the stock trailer and we were on our way to Middle Grove.
The horses were all up at the top of the hill grazing by the gate when we arrived. The horses in the trailer were left in until we had the 4 horses we were bringing home outside the gate. Elisabeth held Jenis while Bunni, Missy and Cookie were tied up to the trailer and only then did we unload Star and her filly. They were put in with the herd, their lead ropes used to put Missy and Cookie in the back of the stock trailer then Madeira and Whitney were unloaded and put in with the herd. Jenis and Bunni were put in the front of the trailer. These horses are coming home as Indian camp starts tomorrow. Joan is running it and of course Indians need horses. We made it home before 11:00 am, put all 4 of these horses in Ribbon's paddock. I went in to eat a late breakfast while Karin took Evan out for training. By the time I brought Rosaleigh and her colt by Evan out to the outdoor arena she was just about finished with Evan but I was able to snap one picture of Evan standing at attention.
I was hoping Rosaleigh was out but unfortunately she is still in, she will be teased and covered tomorrow morning if she still shows then. Her colt is so elegant. He will surly be the fantasy Friesian stallion everyone desires with his blueblack color, his big movement and the mega hair. 

 Karin took Evan back and went to bring Valiant out. 
 Valiant has matured into a gorgeous stallion. Karin's first remarks were, "what a magnificent horse!" I have to agree. He is so well built and huge at 16.2 hands. 

Once the horses were put back Karin went over to Rachel's for Funday Monday but later brought Faith and Berlica over to ride the horses making sure they were ready for Indian came tomorrow.
I had to run to Sam's Club and Aldi for food for the camp then start supper.
This evening the website was updated, posting some of the pictures taken today. Diane sent some pictures of her company Sunday at Middle Grove. She and Mike hosted Jill & Bob and Gary & Gina. They rode horses, took jeep rides and took the pontoon boat out on the big lake and fished. One funny story about that was they were catching these huge bass, taking them off the hook and throwing them back. Gina couldn't figure out why they would spend the time fishing then throw them back. the answer to that question is Mike and Diane do not clean fish! Below are the pictures she emailed of their evening.