Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Last Day

After a fabulous dinner at Bahama Bobs starring popcorn shrimp and Bahama Burgers

tonight we drove over to check this brand new restaurant out. Tacky Jacks opened in May of this year. It was a bit hard to find but definitely one we will try out next time we come down to Gulf Shores. We took a walk around the grounds, took the pictures below, picked up a menu to leave in the condo and headed back.

It has a place for boats to dock, a playground for the kids and lots to look at.
Once back we packed, then had a special treat for dessert. Beth picked up white chocolate mousse at TCBY with hot fudge on top. hmmm what a perfect ending for another perfect day.

Saying Good-Bye

All good things must come to an end and today was the day of good-bye.
Mom and I took Aunt Jinnie, Barbara and Becky to the airport. We were so sorry to see them go, we only get to be with them one week out of the year and that week is so precious.
We need to say thank you to them for making the effort to be with us.

Feeding the Gulls

Once back from the airport mom cleaned up the kitchen and took the scraps out to dispose of them. David thinks these birds are rats with wings but we think they are beautiful and so tame they eat out of mom's hands.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Beautiful Sunrise

Mom woke Aunt Jinnie up early this morning just to see the sunrise. Mom wasn't quite sure when it was suppose to make it's appearance and asked Aunt Jinnie, "do you know when the sun is going to come up?" Aunt Jinnie replies, "in the middle of the night!"
Now Aunt Jinnie is not an early riser but even she was glad to go on the walk this morning.

They were able to see the sun rise out of the water.

We had such a fun filled beautiful day from this beautiful morning to our dinner late at Wolf Creek Bay restaurant.

Island Royal

Ruth was able to rent a penthouse unit at Island Royal the condo building next to Lani Kai. The owner's are Mark & Debbie Tisch.
They were very welcoming and let us see the condo. They just bought this unit, it is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, has 2 balconies, 2 hot tubs and a heated indoor pool-outdoor pool.

If anyone is interested in renting this unit check out their website
As we were heading up the elevator to see, there was an artist named Lisa Frye painting a mural of an underwater scene on the halls.

Hospital Visit

My left leg started swelling a few days ago and finally this afternoon I asked Barbara to look at it. She takes one look at the leg and decided I needed to have it checked out where it could be sonagramed just to make sure there was no blood clot.
We went to the little clinic near the Walmart and all checked out ok. I just need to cut back on salt and hold off on the Aleve as it causes swelling, bummer.
BUT the great thing about this was the bill was ONLY $35.00!!!
I was so thrilled I had to take the picture of ANNE the receptionist. Can you imagine an unltrasound, they drew blood, checked me out and only charged $35.00. Next time I need anything I'm taking a trip to Gulf Shores.

Bat Rays

Barbara, Becky, Diane and Beth took off for a walk before dinner. They were planning on walking to the lagoon but stopped to swim with these.

They were walking home and as this is Barbara and Becky's last day they had to wave good-by.

The Dolphin Show

As mom and Beth were fishing this morning the dolphins came out to play. They were giving us a free show out on the beach. Hurling out of the water sometimes 3 at a time. We saw complete flips, gainers, and highdives.

We were not able to catch them in the air but sure enjoyed the show.

Hurt Heron

Becky found a blue heron that had a fishing line wrapped around his left leg. She called Gulf Shores chamber of commerce and they sent out a ranger. The ranger took pictures of him, then told us they cannot help it unless it would fly over to the state park. Mom felt very sorry for this bird and caught 2 fish to feed the poor thing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Mom was anxious to get out fishing this morning.

The only fish caught today was this little pin fish by Barbara.

Beth stuck it on the hook to use it for bait, casted it out then gave it to mom where she could fish comfortably.

Barbara brought out the scraps for the birds. These were some intriguing shots. Those birds looked like they were giving Barbara a halo.

The sun was so nice and warm the ladies needed to get comfortable with a good book.

We hiked back into the condo for bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, then over to the pool where it was so hot to stay out of the pool. Right after jumping in the pool a cool front came over Gulf Shores, the clouds rolled in and we got chilled. Across the street and into the condo as fast as possible. Now this cold front took the degrees from the 90s down to the 70s.
We spent the afternoon reading, watching the lightning strike, hearing the thunder crash and some shopping. Barbara brought out her David Ramsey CDs on Financial Peace University. We almost got through the first cd before we needed to leave for dinner at DeSoto's OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT here in Gulf Shores.

We had a great time there, got back in time to listen on line to our church service. We finally got the opportunity to finish the cd. It was really good.
Even though we had storms today and even lost electricity for a bit we sure enjoyed the day.

Beautiful Sunrise

We awoke to flashes of lightning in the East and marveled at the beautiful display God put on for us. The first picture is just as the sky is starting to lighten.

The sun actually came out of the ocean, went through the clouds then gleamed out over the first cloud bank.