Monday, January 31, 2011

Preparing for the Storm

Steven Marchal sent this email:
Hi Judy
I only got one bale moved in for Ribbon's paddock but think that should be enough for 4 days as they still had a lot left. I also moved in an alfalfa bale into the middle paddock. they still had quite a bit left in the far shelter so I put it in the first shelter with the other bale and the two bales are side by side in that shelter. I also put a grass one in the shelter for Paris and kids and I know you said that Raven probably had enough but looked and some of it was bad so just went ahead and put one in and its good alfalfa.

Thanks Steven, we appreciate all your hard work making sure the horses will not run out of hay once the storm hits. Just heard on the news we are suppose to get 12-18 inches of snow out of the coming storm with 40-50 mile an hour winds and bitter cold.

Rhoda was suppose to take care of 2 dogs tonight and tomorrow but is worried about the drive after listening to all the awful weather reports and all the news channels telling people to stay off the roads, so is bringing them both here. One is not good with other dogs so she is bringing their crates and we will have them in the front hallway. The study pocket door and living room pocket doors are shut to keep Darcy and Emma from bothering them.
These next three days should be an interesting with 4 dogs that don't know each other. If we really do get over a foot of snow, the city of Peoria will be paralyzed and who knows when the county will be out to plow our roads.

Ouke 313 May 7th, 1988- Jan 30th, 2011

This email came from the Friesian Connection
With great sadness we wish to inform the Friesian community of the passing of Ouke 313
May 7, 1988 - January 30, 2011
In January of 1998 the Friesian Connection became more than just a stable with mares and foals. We became the proud owners of one of the few...a KFPS breeding stallion. Over the past 13 years we've grown with the addition of other stallions, however Ouke was the one who taught us the love of stallions.
Ouke stood at stud in both the Netherlands and Germany before coming to America in 1998. He covered mares naturally. He was the type of horse that developed a relationship with a person, and Ouke's person was Bob DeBoer. Together they successfully covered many midwest mares for 12 years.
The last few months showed an aging Ouke and we knew the time for him to pass was coming nearer. However Ouke displayed an eagerness and attentiveness right up until his last day. He looked forward each day to Bob's arrival in the barn. During the early hours of Sunday morning he passed away peacefully.
Ouke will forever be remembered by our family as the beginning of being a "Stallion Station". With him we learned a lot about equine reproduction and specifically about Friesian equine reproduction, things that we've then been able to apply to what we do today. While daughters Amy and Janice assumed responsibility for the other stallions at the Friesian Connection Stallion Station, Ouke was always "dad's horse". The entire DeBoer family will miss Ouke dearly but no one as much as Bob DeBoer.
A special thank you to Cally Matherly for the picture of an older yet youthful acting Ouke.

We send our sympathy to Bob DeBoer, it is hard to lose a beloved horse.

Red Sky

The sky was red this morning just as I was pulling out to head to the farm. This will probably be the last time we see any kind of brightness or color for the next 3 days as snow is expected so a picture needed to be snapped. There are weather reports of a foot of snow to come during the next 3 days but knowing the exaggerations of the news media we will probably only get 6 inches. Still it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
At the farm the foals were having a good time running and dancing from one paddock to another. This shot was taken because I thought it framed Caden nicely.

He is sure feeling good, irritating the girls again. He thinks it is his mission in life to tease the girls. Diane and mom told us all about the retreat this morning. How wonderful it was and what we missed by being sick. Do you think they were rubbing it in? Once home Sarah tells me she needs to go to the hospital, she feels like she is going to die. She has been sick since Friday and not getting better. We were able to get an appointment with Dr. Schock at 10:20am and need to leave soon. Let's hope he doesn't put her in the hospital our insurance is not that good.

Mental Preparing

Up early this morning because a phone went off around 3:30 and the beeping to tell us there was a message couldn't be ignored. Well it was ignored for a couple of hours as I was sure it was a wrong number or someone working the 3rd shift that decided they wanted to talk about buying one of our horses (hey, it happened before).
Finally decided to check out the message around 5:30, it was on Rhoda's phone, another co-worker is sick and can't come to work. Then decide as long as I'm up, I'll check out facebook and see my sister Beth has the flu also and Anni's surprise birthday party was canceled due to illness at the Davidovics. Mark reported coming home from dinner at David & Stephanie's last night he passed one of the clinics. The parking lot was completely full with cars lined up almost out the street. OK anyone traveling DON'T come to Peoria, in fact don't even drive THROUGH Peoria. Obviously Peoria should be quarantined as catchy as this flu seems to be.
Then the thought comes, what if it is not the flu but we have been secretly poisoned by a terrorist. Way to much imagination here, it must be all the books that were devoured these last 3 days.
Mike reported he put in a couple of round bales on Saturday. Before we leave for our vacation in 5 days we talked about what we should do at the farm to prepare. It was decided there would be 2 bales placed in each paddock with 3 in the middle on Friday and Jamie would be asked to check the horses each day. She is always so willing. Rachel and mom are both staying home from the cruise and can be available for any emergencies. Rhoda will be available for any vet problems, yes mentally we are prepared now to see how well the physical preparations go.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today is pathetic, a cold drizzly gray day outside while we are stuck inside with chills, sweats and aches. We tried to get the church services online but for some reason none of the computers would allow the connection. The reason was no plugins, then when we tried to find plugins the only thing we could bring up was no plugins available Bother!
Time for Philip to come to the rescue, he can fix anything.
I've read just about everything in the house except for some of Mark's books. For some reason they just don't appeal to the general public.
Time for another Blaze story. Once we realized that blind Blaze could no longer live here at Bridlewood Ruth was called. She has a 5 acre flat pasture with no ravines. Blaze was taken to Ruth's and introduced to a miniature horse named Candy. Candy became Blaze's seeing eye (dog)pony and it was love at first sniff as there was no sight. Candy did a very good job taking care of Blaze except when it came to feeding time. Blaze needed special food as at 36 he was losing teeth pretty quickly and the only way to make sure Candy didn't get the food was to hang the bucket on the outside of the fence letting Blaze out to take his time eating while Candy was left inside the field. This was working very well for Ruth except one time she got busy and forgot Blaze was still outside the field, remember it would take him over an hour to eat. It got dark and Blaze got tired of waiting by the gate. Ruth heard a screech and a thud, came running out of her house and found that Blaze had wandered out to the road and was hit by a truck. Blaze was lying on the road and looked dead, the truck had damage, over $2200.00 we found out later. Ruth called the family asking what to do. Most of us congregated to her house wondering what to do with him when someone discovered he was still breathing. Spark made the comment it was time to put Blaze down, all of a sudden Blaze jumps up and starts trotting off the road shocking EVERYONE. We were sure he heard Sparks comment. He and Candy were reunited and he lived another 4 years with more stories. In fact at one point when he was 39 years old Ruth video taped Blaze and Candy standing near the fence with the baby goats jumping from the ground to Candy then Candy to Blaze's back and back down to Candy's back. She sent in the video to America's funniest pets and won $100.00.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hi Judy,
Princess went for a trail ride today too!
I started trail riding her for short rides now that she is 2 years
and 7 months old. We took her to the vet to get xrays of her knees,
just to be safe, and the vet said her knees are verified, officially
"closed". This veterinarian is a very well respected equine specialist
in our upper midwest region and we were thrilled when he checked her
out, stood back and gave a nod of approval and said "THAT"S a NICE
horse." ... (We know!) :)
She is doing very well for her age... in such cold, brisk weather too!
She will ride out on the trail with other horses... or all alone! (and
does not call out to others even if they are calling to her!) She is
very cautious of narrow, icy water crossings and negotiates them with
careful steps. She will lead, follow, or ride side by side. She will
follow a trail, or blaze a new one if I ask her to. She neck reins
very nicely now too! Gee, I feel like I'm bragging... but it's true!
Can't stop smiling here!
Hope you're smiling now too!
THANKS Alesia, I couldn't be prouder than if she was mine! and yes I'm SMILING reading this. You've done a wonderful job with Princess.

Grandma's Soup

This flu is no fun fever, chills along with achy muscles and bones make for a miserable day. Sarah and I both have these symptoms today. Mom stopped in before heading to the woman's retreat and dropped of some beef vegetable soup. Mark was kind enough to keep the fire going all day and the day has been spent lying in front of it with 4 books now all finished. What a waste of a day!
At the farm Steven Marchal and Mike worked on repairing the shelter in the middle paddock and placed latches on all the gates. Mike, Rhoda, Karin and Karin's friend Melinda took off for Sandridge for the first trail ride of the 2011. The sun was out for the first time in what seems weeks and the temps are in the mid 30s. Everyone is feeling house bound. Horses for this trip were Bunni, Sally, Mika and Autumn and Rhoda reported other than getting cold toward the end it was a very successful ride. This is what Karin wrote: excellent ride! autumn is sooo much fun! she is so flexible, good shoulder in's and rounding down... forgot my camera :( and Melinda wrote: "Thank you for inviting me along today. Best day that I've had in a while... Horses, sunshine and a good friend. What more could I ask for? :)"
Steven was able to work Jewel, Valiant and Evan. We were concerned Valiant may not trot when asked for the judging at the fair but Steven reports he was well behaved and knew what to do. We are pretty thrilled to have the services of Steven, he has a good head on his shoulders and the horses respect him.
The soup from mom was such a blessing, nutritious, tasty and easy to heat up.

The flue has struck

Yesterday at 10:00am was a funeral at the Peoria church. It wasn't a big funeral but the family had planned on 100 people to stay and eat when in reality only around 50 guests showed up. The singers were asked to stay for lunch as the food was so abundant. To my surprise Tauyna's parents were in line right in front of me so we had a nice meal together bragging on our shared grand daughter. During the meal was when I realized I wasn't feeling well. The flue has struck, Rhoda had it last week and has graciously shared it with me. The symptoms are fever, chills and intestinal upset. So I'm laying on the playroom floor in front of the heater trying to stop the shivering when the phone rings. A lady from Iowa is driving to Ohio but would like to stop to try Autumn out, and then proceeds to say they would also like to look at Izadora's colt. Karin was called to see if she would water the arena at the farm and ride Autumn for them. Mom was called to ask if we could come to dinner. Then time for 2 Tylenol to take down the fever. Around 5:30pm the people called back to tell me they are not going to make it, they just have too far to go and weren't making good time. This is one time I was so grateful to have no shows.
Sarah picked up Chinese for dinner and I headed for bed.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bigger Car or Smaller Dogs

This picture was taken while driving. The dogs can no longer fit in our small car. Both decided to go to the farm this morning, Darcy jumps in and takes up the entire back seat, Emma jumps in, tries to find a place to fit and ends up with her rear end on top of Darcy and her front end sticking between the 2 front seats. A very uncomfortable ride for both.
When we reached the farm, Darcy felt deceived. She thought she was going to Rhoda's work as that is usually where she gets to go once in a car. She does not like the farm ever since we left her with mom while we went to Chicago. She refused to get out of the car and sulked the entire time we were on the walk and the ride home.

Early to Late

The day started early with a trip to the farm and ended late with a trip to the farm. A quick trip to Sams was in order for the all important dog food and rawhide chews. Another big roast was purchased, couldn't resist the price had dropped from $2.95 a pound to $2.54 a pound. After talking it over we will cook it on Sunday as Saturday is the women's retreat. After lunch We were blessed with Addyson.

We can't resist pulling the camera out, she is such a character, so very expressive and never stops talking, although for some reason we can't understand her very well. One phrase we did understand was "mama poop, mama poop!" The reaction this phrase brings is amazing, we jump up from what ever we are doing, grab the child, run to the bathroom and plop her on her potty chair. We had NO accidents yesterday!
After dinner Mark and I headed back to the farm to check out the tile work done in the office bathroom.

Greg Reed is doing the tile work, called to tell say that Mark gave him artistic license but we had to look at it before he started the next wall, just in case we didn't like it. Both of us agreed, it is really nice. Greg does a great job with tile.
This morning there is a funeral and my Sunday clothes were not clean which means up early to put some laundry in.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

As a Child

We heard in church both Sunday and Wednesday night, one doesn't have to be SMART to be saved. Jesus said,"Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein. If someone is trying to sway you to believe their way of salvation and is telling you, you aren't wise enough or smart enough to interpret the scripture, WATCH OUT! Remember the Bible says we are to come AS A CHILD, a simple faith that Jesus came, Jesus gave his life for you willingly because He LOVED you, Jesus rose from the grave and is now at the right hand of the FATHER interceding for His children. You don't have to be smart to be saved, you only have to ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior!
Willis Ehnle, on Sunday morning went one step farther, he asked us to believe as a child but also love one another as the greatest commandment is love.
Last night Craig Stickling had the service first opening to Exodus 17, and then Luke 18 reading from verse 15. Just come as a child. Craig expounded on both the first reading and the second. When the Israelites camped in Rephidim and there was no water, how they chided Moses and how God told Moses to strike the rock. What do we complain about, do we not trust that God will care for us. The Israelites had just seen God work many miracles but didn't trust that God would provide water. He spoke of the rich ruler that wanted to know what he needed to do to inherit eternal life. How that man had kept all the commandments, even the Honor thy father and mother FROM his youth. How he must have given the Lord almost everything but held just one small thing back. Do we do that, are we willing to give God most of our life, keeping just one small thing back that we cannot seem to give up?
Now confession time, I didn't want to go last night, tired, and just thought what difference will it make if I miss one Wednesday night. What a blessing I would have missed.

Spread the Wealth

I must consider myself one of the lucky ones, I have a job with my paycheck going to direct deposit. This morning the bank account is checked and guess what, our wonderful state lawmakers have struck again! My check used to be $57.48 each week, then it went to $54.57 and this week only $50.47. Perhaps if there was no inflation or reverse inflation this wouldn't be a problem but that is NOT what is happening here. Now most people think $7.01 is not that big of loss each week, and surely we should be willing to give until it hurts to help spread the wealth around, I just never considered myself one of the wealthy ones. Good grief, that $7.01 will most certainly help some poor probably corrupt Illinois law maker mail out a few more pamphlets on how wonderful he or she is and of course I would GLADLY be willing to help them do this with my pitiful paycheck! Afterall who needs the money more than the hired guns of the state of Illinois.
Good thing Mark is working full time, hmmm I wonder how much they are going to steal from his check.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Signs of the Times

My Niece Sarah Reinhard posted these pictures. They really are signs of the times.

Below is my favorite, who ever made this and posted it had their priorities a little mixed up.


The walk was cut a bit short to move in a round bale in the middle paddock and one in the cabin field. Mom called as this was being accomplished to invite me to breakfast and her invitation is one no one wants to miss. She has a bird feeder out on the deck and another in her front yard. There were 14 cardinals around one of them yesterday. Today just a few but so brilliantly red. There were many birds of different colors among them were downy woodpeckers and blue jays.

The Bibles were sent out to waiting chaplains by UPS. 240 were sent out today after getting out the mailed 236 to individual prisoners waiting for Bibles yesterday. A lot of work and money but what is the price of ONE soul. Dad use to say, it isn't our job to convert the prisoners, it is just our job to get them the Word of God and let the Spirit convert them.
A quick trip to the farm needed to be done to deliver some items for the fair after work and there is Steven Marchal working Jewel.

Steven reports that she is coming along nicely. Of course it is another gray January day but the camera was available so a few pictures were snapped. The other pictures were placed on her page on the website.
Saturday we are having a work day at the farm to repair one of the shelters in the middle paddock. On a farm with live animals there are always repairs to be done.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pretty in Pink

At choir tonight there were quite a few of the women dressed in pink, most unusual for our group.

We had a REALLY good group at choir and the singing was enthusiastic, beautiful, loud and a lot of fun. Even Wayne Klopfenstein, our director was having fun tonight. The room was rockin with praises to our Lord. After the practice Gail Hodel and Marilyn Baurer served lunch and just about everyone stayed to visit, they were all having such a good time no one wanted to leave. This choir is like a fun rambunctious family reunion each Tuesday night! Come try it out once, anyone is welcome, and if you come, you might just be hooked!
The lunch Gail and Marilyn served tonight was just so colorful and delicious a picture needed to be taken for posterity.

Now just so the thought of having to do lunch doesn't scare people off from coming, one doesn't usually serve alone and there are enough people that most only get to serve once a year.

The Judging

We have now been officially asked to provide 4 Friesians all approximately the same age for the Youth Judging contest at the IL Horse Fair. We will take Valiant, Evan, & Ciera and Monica Fritzenmeier will bring her Eisis. They will all be around 20 months old. Monica has been teaching her filly to walk and trot nicely by her side. We'd better start doing the same or we could be embarrassed. I'll email Emily to see if she will start teaching Ciera to trot by her side. Steven already has Evan trotting nicely.

Valiant may or may not be trained for this but as talented as Steven is with working the boys it shouldn't take too long.
For handlers Steven will show Evan, Emily will show Ciera, Monica will show Eisis and perhaps we can get Karin to show Valiant. This will be Saturday morning before the breed and sport demos so it won't conflict with the main show.
Funny how thinking about this show causes the butterflies start fluttering around in the mid region.

Monday, January 24, 2011


David Sauder helped load 12 boxes of Bibles up to take to Skylines. He was more than willing which sure helps plus he is young and has a strong back. Each box weighs 32 pounds, each must be picked up, loaded onto the cart, then handed down and placed into the back of the car. At Skylines while waiting for the 10 boxes to be delivered up front, the 12 were unloaded and hauled into the foyer.
Back at Meister's Detrick was cleaning the snow off the loading dock with Jacob, Elden and his new invention. They built this using the fork lift, a pallet and a piece of flat wood, added some cement blocks for weight and it was good to go.

This kind of shows how NOT busy the Meister companies are. I'm sure the shoveling would have been done on the dock in less than 1/4 of the time it took to build this. The guys need something to keep them occupied!
Phil and David Jacob came up for lunch, ate, then left just as Mark came up for lunch. The frozen taco meat we purchased for the choir lunch 2 weeks ago was pulled out, heated up and made those guys each a nice meal. Not too much meat left, perhaps just a few more tacos.
At the farm the middle paddock needs 2 bales, Ribbon's paddock needs a new bale and Mike needed to move the feeder out of the boy's paddock shelter. They were starting to step through and scrape up their back legs again. Mike is going to try to move in bales this afternoon or evening.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

No Show Bears

We don't know who showed up in the Bear's uniforms but the team that played today was not the team that played last week. The Bears must have been abducted and replaced with aliens. We still had a good time at Diane and Mike's house. The game was on in the background but most of us were just enjoying the great dinner and lively conversations. Diane and Jenny (Diane's daughter) put on a fantastic HEALTHY spread. Jenny is a nutritionist and knows how to make healthy food not just look good but taste good.

It was snowing again by the time we headed home, the roads were already starting to be covered. It just seems like this global warming is hanging on and on and on making Illinois just a bit like Siberia.

Bible Study, Church, then Bears vs Packers

Today at 8:30am is the first time our new group is meeting for the Ruth and Esther Bible study. We have a large group signed up and will probably split the group into 2. David has agreed to be the facilitator for one while Mark will be the other. Our picture appointment is 9:40am only giving us about an hour for the study. The Peoria AC church is doing something a bit different for the directory. Rachel Sauder is taking pictures of anyone wanting their picture in the online phone directory. This needed to be done years ago in my opinion of course there was no online back when we were growing up. Church starts at 10:00am and ends around 1:30pm and the big Bears Packers game doesn't start until 2:00pm. How is that for timing!
A big pan of soup is on the porch keep cool, make that frozen in these temperatures, which will be hauled over to Diane and Mike's. The wild rice still needs to be added but the rest of the ingredients were simmered for a couple of hours and now have had plenty of time for the flavors to blend. It should be delicious!

And now for a laugh before we start the day!

One day my grandmother was out, and my grandpa was in charge of me.
I was maybe 2 1/2 years old. Someone had given me a little 'tea set' as a gift, and it was one of my favorite toys.
Grandpa was in the living room engrossed in the evening news when I brought him a little cup of 'tea', which was just water.
After several cups of tea and lots of praise for such yummy tea, my grandmother came home.
My grandpa made her wait in the living room to watch me bring him a cup of tea, because it was 'just the cutest thing!'
Grandmother waited, and sure enough, here I came down the hall with a cup of tea for grandpa......... and she watched him drink it up.
Then she said, (as only a grandmother would know),
"Did it ever occur to you that the only place she can reach to get water, is the toilet?"
Disclaimer: This did not happen to me, I would never have given grandpa Meister toilet water. This came from my cousin who probably would have done such a thing!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Java Gone

Java is on her way to her new home. She loaded up quietly with just a little bit of bribing. Her new owners are planning on breeding her to Evan at age 3. They also want to purchase a nice big Tennessee Walker mare to breed to Raven this spring.
Tonight is the pancake supper and bake sale. Sarah made 2 batches of brownies that just had to be sampled with a bit of chunky peanut butter on top, hmmm delicious!
Diane has invited us over tomorrow after church for the NFC Championship of the Bears against the Packers and I offered to bring a big pan of chicken and wild rice soup that still needs to be started,time to get to work.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Fireman The Hero

Mark and I went to the Kickapoo Winery for the school board late Christmas party tonight. At our table was Jeff & Christy Donahue and Mike & Jamie Kocker. During the conversations Jeff starts asking about the horse that fell down the ravine and had to be pulled up. Right away I knew he was talking about BLAZE.

Jeff was one of the firemen that came to the rescue.

Now Blaze was 32 years old at the time, going deaf and pretty much blind. One morning he didn't come up at feeding time. The word went out we needed help and many of the family and friends came to look for Blaze. One of the Bridlewood kids actually found him, down a deep ravine where he slid under a fallen tree and was knocked out. We called our vet who at that time was Dr. Hahn from Canton, IL first thinking if anything was broken we would put him down before subjecting him to the long drag up a cliff. Amazingly other than being knocked out, with scrapes and cuts nothing seemed to be broken. Then came the hard part, how to get this 950 pound horse up and out of the ravine. Chain saws were brought in to cut the tree away from on top of him. Spark had a large canvas sling we could get around him but we had nothing long enough to reach into the deep ravine. I think it was Spark that called the fire department, they brought their truck through the field and into the woods as close to the ravine as was safe, lowered a cable and was able to pull Blaze until he was finally almost on level ground. Dr. Hahn was then able to check him over better and gave me the bad news that the shock was probably going to kill him. I still remember Dr. Hahn saying, "if he was 16 he might have a chance but at 32 there is no way he can survive." He gave him some drugs to relax him and showed us how to keep him laying on his chest instead of flat for his lungs, then had to leave. We brought hay and water to him all during the day, and I'm pretty sure it was on Amy Koch's watch, that all of a sudden Blaze lurched to his feet and stumbled up to the barn. The cheering that went on was touching. So many people working to keep an old horse alive. Well not only did Blaze survive he went on to live another 8 years with many more adventures which I will save for another time.
I was glad to be able to THANK JEFF tonight for the rescue, I don't remember if they were ever thanked when it happened, we were so worried about Blaze.
The other interesting thing tonight was David, Philip and Ben's junior high basketball coach also attended the dinner. Below is Brian Harrmann with his lovely wife Jennifer. He talked about the good times and good games with my boys.
The conversations at our table was lively and entertaining until the band started playing.

Then it became so loud that Mark and I were wishing we had hearing aids so we could turn them off.
By 8:30 our ears were hurting and we were ready to leave. I guess we are just getting old. Outside tonight it is very cold with snow falling softly covering the cars and parking lot.

Kylie's Dash

Kylie's family increased today by one beautiful Dutch Warmblood gelding nicknamed Dash. He was imported from Holland and is a well trained handsome fellow. We ALL congratulate Kylie. Kylie, no one deserves more than you to have such a wonderful companion as your riding partner.

Pictured right after he arrived at Bridlewood in his well prepared stall, he comes with snow pads. Something we had heard of but never seen, how cool is THAT?
He will need them in the next few days the forecast is more snow tonight.
We MUST get Rachel Sauder out for some professional pictures of Dash and Kylie for the Bridlewood page.

Java Sold

She is such a pretty filly and getting a great home. Her new owners came today for a nice visit even though it is very cold out. She loaded into their borrowed small 2 horse trailer and came Bridlewood for the night. Tomorrow morning she will be leaving for Missouri. She was so glad to see Duke, running over to the fence between the 2 paddocks and Duke was glad to see her.

Samantha Ginzel called and offered to help with the wrapping of Bibles. She came down to Meisters and picked up everything needed to wrap 96 Bibles. She is an answer to prayers, with what she took and the Bibles Skylines wrapped this shipment can get out on Tuesday. We have chaplains waiting from Lake Charles, LA, Beeville, TX and Topeka, KS but the weather hasn't co-operated. The Bibles need to sit out on the loading dock until pick-up but it starts to snow each time we start.

3 Below

Brrr, the bed was so nice and warm I was dreaming we were in Florida taking care of a baby when Rhoda's alarm went off. Reality is not a pleasant thing sometimes moving instantly from warm sunny Florida to 3 below zero.
We have someone coming from Missouri to look at Java today if the weather doesn't put them off. They emailed that their arrival time would be between noon and 2:00pm and will come here first with a trailer, follow me to the farm if they like Java we will load her up and bring her to Bridlewood where she will spend the night. Then they are going to stay in a hotel, come to Bridlewood Saturday morning, load and leave. This is all good except when Autumn was hauled back, Cathie was given permission to use her paddock forgetting it may be needed today.
The new coggins papers came yesterday so Java is good to go.
Raven's paddock still needs a round bale and now the equipment would not run. Raven and Sanna were thrown a square bale to hold them off until later this afternoon when Mike will put in an additive to the diesel fuel helping the skid steer to run at these terrible temperatures. This weather makes everything so hard. There is a bright side, THERE IS ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT OF JANUARY and FEBRUARY is a SHORT month.
One funny thing that happened this morning while Mike was working on the equipment. A black filly comes running up to him. He wraps his arms around her, to lead her back to where ever she belongs and can't for the life of him figure out who she is or where she belongs. He states that she is real friendly and obviously a Raven daughter, then Dakota comes running up and he realizes this is NOT one of ours, she is a Raven baby but belongs to Ralph and Jamie. The latch to their gate had become undone and they came over to visit.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sorry Laura

Rhoda was willing to help but the tractor just wouldn't work. The hydraulics were frozen and the round bale could not be moved in for Autumn so.... Autumn has been hauled back to the farm. I'm sorry Laura, there is no way we want to square bale her and if we cannot feed her here she must be removed.
Autumn was very glad to be back to the farm even though it was another gray day she was showing off with this huge extended trot so a picture was snapped.

The girls had sister day and all pulled in just about the same time I arrived back from the farm.
Taunya came into the house with Addyson at a run that ended in the bathroom and yes, she was still dry and went! Hurray hurray

Addyson is almost 22 months old and she is doing very well with her training. The new baby is due in May so the goal is only 1 in diapers at a time.

Dumpster Diving

Each morning we meet at the dumpster before our walk and this morning mom happens to look IN the dumpster and sees a pair of jeans. She pulls them out wondering who would be throwing away a pair of jeans. Diane looks at them sees they are Mikes and starts in on Mike about throwing away clothes but a closer look reveals they are worn out and full of holes. We had to tease mom about dumpster diving and Mike about how he is going to have to hide any clothes he wants to throw away in an expensive garbage bag. I believe this says perhaps we are considered very frugal family or maybe the label is TIGHT!

It is snowing again today covering the ice on the driveways well. All of us now have the removable snow treads on our winter boots and nothing is stopping us from the freezing fresh air each morning. Unlike the last 2 years where the ice kept us all housebound.
Raven's paddock will need a new round bale tomorrow and Autumn needs a new one today. This is the last round bale left here at Bridlewood. When this bale is gone Autumn will be taken back to the farm where of course she will be worked EVERY day. not! Laura Stiverson has done such a good job with Autumn's dressage training we are tempted to haul more bales in.
The vaulters are busy preparing for the IL Horse Fair. They brought the vaulting barrel into the office for yesterday's practice. They are always so entertaining to watch. The performance below is the last one the Reinhard girls were in before heading back to Haiti.

We sure will miss those girls at the IL Horse Fair and would love to fly them home for that performance but their folks just don't think that's a good use of money.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Damsels in Distress

Rhoda took off work early today and started home on the interstate with Darcy in the back seat. Her car died on 474 after the Allan road exit and before the 150 exit. She grabbed her purse to call for help and her phone was missing. It had accidentally been left at work. There she is on the side of a very busy interstate on a very cold day with only a light jacket, a dog but no leash and no phone. She sat for OVER an hour before a police car finally pulled over to see if she needed assistance and kindly let her borrow the phone for a phone call. By the time she was rescued both Darcy and Rhoda were very cold and miserable. This shows us what our country has become. No one trusts any one nowadays. It used to be within minutes of pulling over cars would start to stop to see if there was a problem. No more! And I can't say I blame them. There are so many predators now with no sense of right or wrong. This is a what country without GOD is like!
THEN a message comes while we are in church that Sarah is stuck down at Riverplex. Apparently she forgot her phone at home. She went to exercise before church left her keys on the tread mill got off to get a drink and a young male maybe 15 years old stole her keys. She has been stuck there since 6:30pm but we had left for church with our phones on vibrate and didn't get the message until after church. After confronting the boy and him denying he took them, she went to the officers at Riverplex and pointed out the kid that took the keys who was now running with 2 other young males. They also questioned the boy, then came back and told Sarah they believe he took them but he is denying it and they can't help her. Then they proceed to tell her, she'd better get another set of keys NOW because the car will be stolen tonight. Apparently this is not something new, these boys roam the building looking for anything left unattended and if it is keys they end up with a car! We picked her up, drove home as fast as possible got the other set and Rhoda and Sarah went driving back just hoping the car with all her stuff is still intact. EVERYTHING was in the car, her purse, wallet, and her snow board, along with Mark's GPS. Thankfully they arrived to find the car, with nothing taken, was still in the parking lot. Sarah went inside to tell the officer that she had the other set of keys and was taking the car home, the answer she got back was "good, I was sure the car would be stolen by the time I got off work."

Caden Sold

It looks like Caden will be traveling to his new home in Minnesota the end of February. His new owner sent a deposit and it came last night. The check was given to Diane this morning and she is going to take it to the bank. It actually came at a great time, the vet bill for floating 3 horses teeth and coggins on 5 was over $630.00. Hoerr vet clinic was called today to ask about when the coggins would arrive and how much did we owe for the last vet call and the total was kind of shocking. This is another reason why we really should cut back on horses, this entire bill was just routine maintenance no emergency, just things that need to be done on a regular bases. So many people think if one has his or her own farm it is really cheap to keep a couple of horses, then find out the hard way the cost involved.

Raven's Facebook Page

Raven now has his own facebook page. Just type in Ravens Friesians and ask to be his friend, he will gladly confirm anyone that asks. The picture above is his profile picture.
It was cold this morning, walked out to the car with a lighter jacket, turned right around and changed into the heavy coat. Good thing we go on this walk, Mike discovered the automatic waterer was not working in the cabin field. Last night Diane switched over to city water which turned off the waterer. It was an easy fix and the horses weren't that thirsty. The thermometer is reading 20 degrees which I didn't think was too bad but it feels much colder. After the walk mom cooked one of her famous breakfasts in exchange for some computer help. Such a great deal for me. It was snowing pretty heavy on the way in from the farm but now the sun is trying to peek through the clouds helping to brighten this very gloomy day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guess Who

Guess who this little girl is? A few hints, this picture was taken over 53 years ago and was taken in our current back yard. The picture was emailed from a Peoria area sheriff now retired with a note attached that read, "some things never change!"


Some mornings don't go as planned and today was one of those mornings. Ralph and Jamie ordered propane yesterday, the truck came today but almost over shot the driveway, tried to make the turn and slid into the ditch blocking the drive. Mom and Rhonda were stuck on the drive trying to get out for Bible study which they completely missed, Jamie wasn't able to get to her shop, Diane was late picking up her grand daughter which made her daughter-in-law late for her dentist appointment. Mike was REAL late for work, when the propane truck driver told him the company was trying to find a tow truck, he didn't wait around but got the yanmar out to try to drag the truck out of the ditch. He wasn't successful, needing a bit more help so he called the neighbors to bring over their big tractor and between the tractor and the yanmar the 2 were able to accomplish the job after more than an hour of trying. Sure glad I didn't get stuck in the mess, we had a LOT of studies today to process and Eva Jean had to put in extra time.
The AC Home now has the Bibles wrapped so tomorrow a trip to Skylines will be on the list of things to do, to pick up the wrapped Bibles and drop off 10 more boxes to be wrapped.