Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post Office

The Bibles needed to be processed, stamped and mailed as they were starting to stack up and today was the day planned except once down at Meisters, there were not enough dollar stamps. Each Bible needs three dollar stamps and one twenty cent stamp. I did as many Bibles as I had stamps for then headed to the post office with those boxes loaded into the car to drop off and buy more stamps, except they only had 180 of them which is a pathetic 60 Bibles more. The post office lady told me to come back in the afternoon, the guy was coming down with dollar stamps then. As I was driving back to Meisters, this is what Jake and Eldon are playing with. Eldon is dragging this weird looking 3 wheeled car around while Jake tries to get it started.

Spark struck again!
They actually got it running but I never saw it drive without being pulled by the fork lift.
I took the 180 stamped those 60 more Bibles, ran to 2 different banks, then back to the post office with the stamped Bibles stuffed in the back of the car and the labeled but unstamped in the front of the car, unloaded the stamped then went in to buy 600 more dollar stamps and informed the lady (not the same one) there were 5 more boxes on the loading dock and I was going to be standing outside to stamp the rest right there. Finally finish, ring the bell to let them know, another lady comes out and makes a point to ask, "is this the last." She was grateful when I told her yes, drove back to the office and I find one more label that somehow was left on the printer. It was just too embarrassing to take one more Bible back. That one will have to wait until tomorrow.
On the drive home the car thermometer is reading 91, then 92 and 93 by the time the farm is reached. It was imperative to get the new babies into the air conditioning before they overheat. The central air is hooked up but the thermostat is not meaning the window units were turned on while the mares and foals were brought in. Chuck had dropped off 18 round bales so instead of relaxing with a good book the skid steer was fired up and those 18 bales plus the 12 still left outside were moved into the arena finishing up at 5:20pm just in time to make dinner. Lucky me.
Tim Funk had the service tonight, we spent so much time visiting after the service we didn't stop for ice cream, just too late.

Nate's Miracle

Jarad and Amy Plattner hosted a big picnic at the Herman lake in Norris, IL on Sunday. Nate and Jarad were grilling there was an explosion of fire. Read Nate's blog to read about his miracle, is this what is called testing by fire? Then poor Nate, yesterday he had some clients come down from Chicago, took them fishing at a lake in Cuba, IL and found a dead human body in the water. We saw the news last night but didn't realize it was Nate that found the poor man.

Central Air

Today is the day and it is coming at a wonderful time, the temps for the next few days will be in the 90s with tomorrow predicted to be 97 degrees. The central air is not the only job on the list Tom from Meister Electric will be doing today. We are getting lights installed in the garage area, an aisle way light in the stall area with a switch at both ends, and Karin will be pleased with this one, the overhead ceiling fan will be raised a foot. Meister Electric has the BEST employees! He is to arrive by 7:00am.
Now who do I put in the 2 foaling stalls? Probably the 2 mares with the youngest foals Jenis and Ribbon, then make Sanna and her filly stay in the regular stall for the day. At least at night it will cool down.
Today I'm working at Meisters to get the Bibles out. There are more than 200 requests from prisoners and a bunch of chaplains waiting. I've fallen behind again and MUST do this today. Uncle Ed asked me to also drive in to TEMCO as he wants to go over Berean work.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jenis Wants OUT

After a long day at work, I arrive home surprised, someone, a good fairy probably named mom came in and straightened up the apartment which was left in a mess and in a hurry. Thanks mom, it was such a wonderful treat to come home to a clean house.
We had BLTs for dinner with mom's vine ripened tomatoes and they were delicious. Almost don't need bacon with such juicy ripe tomatoes. Spark popped in to tell us that Jenis had smashed a fence down. Sure enough she took out an entire section of the small paddock. She was put in the field with Sanna until we got it repaired. A light gentle rain started while we were working and we were GLAD to work in the rain. The fields are so dry and the rain so needed. We stopped before dark to try Breyer but she is now out. Mark was working on the pond and came up pretty wet and muddy. Rhoda showed up to work Ylse and by the time we were finished, she had Ylse bowing. This was the first day Rhoda tried this with her. The bow is not perfect but sure is a great start. Diane and mom stopped at a garage sale that had free books, Diane let me take 2 of them, the one I want to read first is another of the Jesus Chronicles by Tim LaHay and Jerry B Jenkins titled Mark's Story. The other is Power of the Cross by Tim LaHay. Right now I'm reading First Light, the very first of the AD Chronicles by Bodie & Brock Thoene. I've read all the others the library has but the first of the series was out until today.

New Day Rising

Sitting at the window with a hot strong cup of coffee, just as the sky began to lighten, I was able to enjoy the deep purple toward the west with the bands of clouds in the east reflecting the pink and orange colors of the rising sun. What a beautiful day! Feeling the coolness of our open window, smelling a bit of wood smoke in the air and hearing the birds welcome the brand new day I wanted to burst into song but somehow thought the neighbors might get upset so didn't.
Jenis was still in last night and was covered easily, hopefully she will be out today. Breyer must be done today if she is still in. Dr. Hoerr's office must be called to arrange health papers for Bunni and Mika. Mike is taking them to Colorado for his big elk hunting trip and leaving right after Labor day holiday.
Tuesdays are what Eva Jean calls the 'blessed day' as we GET to work together on the prison Bible study program, meet for lunch with the Meister workers, then in the evening on Tuesdays, starting in September is choir practice. Last year for choir it was the best of the best of the last 40 years. At the benefit dinner we sang our very favorites, well the CD was out waiting at church to be picked up. I placed one in my computer and enjoyed those songs all day yesterday. We can't wait to see what Wayne Klopfenstein comes up with this year. How will he ever be able to top last year.
Right after Mark pulled out to head to work he calls to say a little horse is out running around. Sure enough Jenis' colt was out and so glad to get in with his mom to nurse. There were no downed boards and the gate was shut, we will have to watch this as Jenis who is NOT mom of the year will NOT let us know her baby is not with her. Shame on her!

Monday, August 29, 2011


This was the surprise waiting for us. Spark struck AGAIN! This is an army parachute, one strong enough to drop a jeep. We haven't figure out what it would be good for but it sure is HUGE.

And standing inside and looking up.

Spark measuring the width by stepping it off. It isn't quite staked down yet but sure is impressive.

Mark helped take the Bibles to Skyline, so great to have a strong man help with the heavy boxes. After he was dropped off back at work it was time to visit Aldi for groceries and wouldn't you know I forgot AGAIN about buying drugs, no aspirin, tylenol or ibuprofen. Why can't I remember to buy those? Once home, I started a book David asked me to give back to Rachel by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins titled John's Story the Last Eye Witness.
John the only disciple who was not martyred and yet he was boiled in oil and sentenced to hard labor on the Isle of Patmos. John who Jesus loved, John who took Mary as his own mother, John the dearly beloved of the Lord.
How we long to be called beloved by the Lord. The book was finished and brought much reflection.
Do me a favor, blow quickly saying "HA", do you see the vapor and how quickly it dissipates? That is our lives here. Each year flies by quicker than the last, only those things done for Jesus will last.
Where can one be released from the burdens of this life? There really is only one who can lift our burdens. To those depressed and so weary of this life, there is one who writes take MY yoke as My yoke is easy and My burden is light.
Makes one wonder what IS really important in this life? Our outward appearance that will wrinkle and fade before we realize it or the One who lives in our heart, the One we worship, the One we willingly submit to.


Hello, my name is Jennifer and I have been working with a mare that was sired by your stud Raven. I would like to learn a little more about Raven, if you would be willing to share that information with me. Judging from my mare's personality, it would appear that Raven is a very willing and friendly horse, with a lot of action.

We are always pleased when asked for more information. But... if the mare has not been registered and the owners do not wish to do a DNA test, there is no way to really know if the mare above is really a Raven daughter. We STRONGLY recommend all of Raven's offspring to be registered. The process is not expensive and filling out the paper work is not that hard.
The mare above looks like she could be a Raven daughter but the picture won't be placed on the photo gallery of the website unless the owner has proof.
Today will be busy, Braelyn is coming over for the morning, the Bibles and supplies need to be hauled to the Skyline home this afternoon. Jane's papers must be dropped off at Rhoda's work after Skyline and since she works next to a Walmart, coffee and pills will be purchased. Somehow after the move we had no aspirin, tylenol, or ibuprofen in the apartment, in fact I can only find a small bottle with just a few pills left of aleve. We have lots of medications for dogs or horses, just nothing for people. For some reason even when we are in a store we don't think to buy drugs.
The permit paper work and fee for the Spoon River Drive needs to be mailed out today or there will be a $25.00 late fee. Trying to fill out the paper work isn't easy. Do we really need to take a 15 hour food safety class and pay $99.00 to learn the correct way to make cotton candy? Somehow today time to make phone calls must be scheduled or it won't happen. Knowing Karin is up early her call was first on the list only to found out she doesn't get up at 5:30am, she gets up at 6:00am. Dan's call will be placed after 6:30am, don't want to wake another of my siblings too early.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Mark Streitmatter had the morning service and Dave Obergfel had the afternoon service and it was evident the Spirit was speaking. Thankful God cares enough for us to still be willing to teach. The singing today was beautiful, almost enough to bring tears to ones eyes. When we sang Oh For a Thousand Tongues goosebumps arose knowing our awesome God was pleased.
Ben and Taunya invited us to Phil and Anna's for dinner. Not that Phil and Anna were home, we just used their house as it is the most convenient place to meet now that we no longer live in Peoria. Ben and Taunya provided the steaks, David grilled the steaks, Stephanie baked the sweet potatoes and vegetables while Mark and I provided the desert and drinks. Sarah was late but that was expected she had many many friends visiting for the baptisms. Rhoda actually arrived before we made it. We needed to drive back to the farm to let the dogs out. Mark moved the pond pump to another part of rapidly draining pond while Mike came over and helped get Breyer covered. SUCCESS! Raven got the job accomplished and it wasn't an easy task for him today. Jenis will be covered tomorrow if she is still in.
The pictures below were taken a couple of days ago.

Darcy loves going for rides on the golf cart, usually Rhoda will take her over to the lake for a quick swim. Who says Mastiffs don't make good lap dogs.

Mail? Is that the Right Word?

Last night at church we had 4 testimonies. What a blessing for our Peoria church to be able to hear these testimonies and they were well attended. OH MY it is just too bad if you missed coming last night, from the first to the last they had us chuckling, then weeping and laughing almost in the same sentence. When one of the girls starts trying to tell of the cards and letters she received she starts in with "I got a lot of mail, wait is that the word, yes that is the word, I just don't ever get MAIL, and it was such a wonderful surprise." we actually laughed out loud. Today's youth are all about texting, instant messaging and email, forget that very slow snail mail and yet it meant so much to all 4 of them to receive letters and cards with words of encouragement. Mark Streitmatter, the elder from our Bloomington church came to help. Ken Hoerr assisted with the first one and Mark got up to assist with the second but before he started, he shared with the church how much he was refreshed by being here. To be able to hear how each one came to the realization that they needed a Savior, then how hard it was to humble and submit and finally the peace and happiness they received was most encouraging to me and brought back so many memories of my own conversion. What a truly wonderful evening. We didn't arrive home until after 10:00pm and pretty much crashed straight into bed. So looking forward to today, we will have a lot of guests in Peoria, many of our old 'young group friends' to reconnect with AND we get to sit together and hear the TRUTH!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Parade Pictures

We were ready to pull out with the first load at 8:35am, dropped Eliza and Ylse off at Mike and Diane's law office while I drove back to get Sanna and her filly. Mike and Diane rode Mika and Bunni into Hanna City to join us during the parade. The costumes were put together while tacking up the horses.
This was Eliza's 4th time undersaddle and how impressed we were with her behavior. She is such a magnificent mare. Sanna's filly also did amazing, kids were coming up to pet her and she stood quietly for everything. All the horses seemed to enjoy the parade, below are pictures of the morning.
Below is Anni Davidovics getting in costume and getting ready to ride Sanna side saddle for the entire parade.

Rhoda was put on Eliza as this is only her 4th time under saddle and her first parade.

Rebekah Davidovics getting into her costume riding Ylse one of the favorites of the parade. Ylse has that mega hair and is a true fantasy Friesian.

Spark had his fire truck parked ready to go. Karin picked up Nancy so she could ride the fire truck with mom. Nancy was so excited to be in the truck wearing a fire hat.

Josiah and Rhonda are ready to throw prizes to the crowd.

We were watching the horses walk down from Mike's office to the parade starting place. They were all so beautiful!
Below is Anni on Sanna with her filly following, Karin is keeping her filly on a lead as we didn't want her straying into the crowd for attention, Sanna is leading the pack as she is our most experienced parade horse.

Left to right Diane on Bunni, Rebekah on Ylse and Rhoda on Eliza. Now we think Bunni is in kind of exalted company and yet she seems to fit right in.

Anni on Sanna waiting for permission to cross the street.

Mike chose to lead Mika across the street. Diane thinks Mike makes more excuses for his horse, of course the Friesians were PERFECT.

Anni and Sanna again in the lead. What a mare she knows her job and to think she is 22 years old!

Below the horses are all waiting for the parade to start. We were very pleased with how quiet and well behaved all the horses were.

Our beauties Eliza and Ylse, wait I mean Rhoda and Rebekah,'s hard to know who is more beautiful, the horses or the riders.

Ebby all loaded in Mika's saddle pack. Mika is use to carrying just about anything Mike feels like loading up. He really is a great gelding, of course he is Grace's son.

Anni Davidovics our sidesaddle rider patiently waiting for the start of the parade. Even Sanna's filly waited patiently.

These pictures were taken from on top of Sparks fire truck during the parade. Mom gave Nancy some prizes to throw but she decided to keep them instead of throwing them out. She had a great time riding in the passenger seat waving to everyone.

Ylse is just so beautiful, the rider too.

Ebby enjoyed the parade riding on Mika in the saddle pack.

The next couple of pictures are after the first load headed back to the farm. Sanna and her filly were very patiently waiting for the trailer to come back.

Bunni and Mika were put in the law office's back fenced in yard. They enjoyed the tiny bit of grass.

What a wonderful time was had by all. After the parade we met back here for a farm fresh delicious late breakfast that should have been called brunch.
After our brunch Mark started moving manure, the first trip back I realize Ylse and Eliza are not in the paddock, in fact they are between Raven and the boys paddock waiting to be put away.
Rhoda was willing to help get Breyer covered but we ran into a problem. Raven cannot accomplish the job with her. We need to have the vet out to see if she has a thickened hymen. We actually know how that is for Raven as Big Sally had that and needed to have the vet open it before she could be bred. Jenis is still in and Raven got her covered with no problem. Bryer's owner was called to explain that Monday we will need to get the vet out and just pray she is still in season if she is to be covered this cycle.

Friday's Show

I pulled away with the trailer right at 6:30am and made great time, arriving at the beautiful farm where Lily was vacationing with her filly for the last 5 months an hour before I was expected. Jill was waiting, Lily loaded right up and was fine until she realized her filly was going to be left behind. The truck was gassed up early in Glasford, then again at the same station on the way home. The attendant commented on seeing the rig earlier and wanted to know where we had been for the day.
Arriving home by noon Lily was placed in French Fry's paddock as she had been picked up around 9:00am with Rhoda's help.
Karin came over after work and she and Rhoda took Ylse and Eliza out for a training session.

We were most impressed with how quickly Eliza is learning. She stood quietly for mounting once Karin finished her ground training,then did the trails excellent.

It was decided Rebekah will ride her in the parade, Anni will ride Sanna, and Rhoda Ylse. Karin will walk leading Sanna's filly. When Rebekah was told she would be on Eliza, she said "sure, wait is Eliza TRAINED?"
Rhoda was taking Bunni and Mika to the Pekin Riding club show and talked Karin into showing also.
Arriving at the show there are many trucks and trailers and it seemed like thousands of little kids on ponies, horses and mules. Of course I've always been a bit taken with the long ears!

Below is Carmen Calhoun on her pony Jazz. They also placed in the ribbons, Carmen gets Jazz flying.

The little girl on this little pony gave it a good try.

Well Karin had to borrow a Horsemeister shirt from me, pants from Diane and boots from Mike, then The first time Mika comes into the show arena he totally embarrassed Diane. Rhoda and Karin had only signed up for the speed classes and Mika comes into the arena pretty tentatively a bit scared and wouldn't go full speed even with Karin' encouragement.

Poor Mika's show name was Spider Pig. Now when Rhoda entered the ring on Horsemeister's Gaited Gal (Bunni) she was flying.

When she finished the announcer breaks in with "who thought Friesians could run!" we always did think it was hard to tell Bunni and Wynne apart, I guess she really must look like a Friesian.
It was a big class and they finished in the ribbons. The next time Rhoda entered the announcer says "Rhonda on her big beautiful Friesian!" the entire evening Rhoda was called Rhonda Meister and each time they announced her we laughed. We all kept picturing the real Rhonda Meister who is not a rider.
Karin and Rhoda brought Mika and Bunni over to where we were sitting and those horses watched the games intently. Each time the horse would fly down the arena and back their heads would turn first to the right then to the left.

We were sure Mika was trying to figure out how to do this stuff.
The second time Karin and Mika entered a class they did much better so Mika's watching worked. Karin was pumping him up in the warm up arena, circling quite a bit, we could see them and thought if Mika comes in dizzy and falls we are slinking out of here but it worked and they turned in a very respectable time and got a third place. Bunni still beat him but only by a few seconds.
We stayed until the barrel races, then loaded up and headed home. About 10 minutes into the trip, mom says "your phone didn't ring all evening" and I realized the phone was not in the car. We drove back to the show, found the phone and made it to the farm by 10:30pm too tired to download pictures until this morning.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful Day

Below is Evan very interested in Sanna and her filly, either that or wanting some of their grain.

The weather was crisp this morning and only went into the 80s today, so nice after the 92 degrees yesterday. We had a busy horse day today. Ribbon and her filly were moved into the field with Sanna and her filly, there is more grass in the second field.
Jenis is in season but had to wait until tonight to try to breed her, there is no way I would try her by myself. Raven is so afraid of her he wants to do his job but loses his interest each time she backs up. She is a magnificent mare and must be bred so we force the issue.
After work Mark and I started on putting up the railings on the arena, getting perhaps a quarter of it finished before dark. Spark and Rhonda showed up to help and wouldn't you know I didn't have my camera. When Rhoda pulled up she was put into work to help with Jenis but we just had no luck and Rhoda needed to go get Bunni to get him excited enough to do his job. Mike showed up just at the right time to help finish the job. Rhoda had a quick ride on Bunni while Mike moved in a round bale for the boys and one for the middle paddock.
Earlier today a picture was snapped of Sanna and her filly peacefully grazing.
They are just so beautiful. The filly at only 4 months old already has long curly feather. This is really an amazing amount for such a young Friesian. The picture is of one of her front legs.

As long as the camera was out, Ribbon's filly's picture was taken. She has surprised us with how friendly she is. She was showing off today driving her mother crazy.

Tomorrow morning Lily comes home. A trip to Quincy, IL will be started at 7:00am as the man that bought the finish mower wants to pick it up around 3:30pm and someone needs to be here to run the skid steer. It is a 3 hour trip each way.
French Fry is leaving tomorrow morning, her stallion certificate has been printed out and is posted on her stall. The shipper was told where to get her and given mom's phone number if she needs help. She is going to try to be here by 9:00am.