Monday, April 30, 2018

Ellagance Barn Name Ella

Early this morning checking on the mares and foals I noticed the automatic waterer in the breeding shed over flowing. Mike was sent a text. Then checking Jewel and noticing some waxing, Mike was sent another text letting him know I would be moving her today.  Anna dropped off Kensley during our walk so Mark took her on a walk with him meeting up with us when we headed down the barn drive. Kensley finished the walk with us women.  She is a good hiker.  We had a good morning although I needed to borrow a car seat for her to run in the TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail for tomorrow.  She fell sound asleep and stayed asleep until we made it back home. In her mind we hadn't even left.  We picked up Taegan from the bus and went to the playground where we met up with Berlica and Faith. The 4 girls had the best time playing together.

 After having fun playing games on the 2 trampolines we took the golf cart over to Joan's house to get boots for Faith. On the way we pass the alligator swamp and saw a lot of turtles sunning themselves on logs. 

 Faith agreed to go with me to help with pictures of Hadassah's filly. You see she gets paid to do this. Tomorrow I'll pick up cheese cake at Sam's Club. Faith LOVES cheese cake.  
 This filly is sold and the owner named her A Dreamy Ellagance or Ella for short.
 After picking up her hooves they were let loose in the arena. The filly aimed for the block and jumped it. 

 Her owner was emailed the pictures and a short video of Ella running around her mama.
Next we went back to the playground to climb the tree. 

We took the golf cart over to great grandma's house and the 3 older girls rode on the roof while Kensley rode with me. 

Kensley, Taegan and Berlica cleaned all the toys up at mom's house. They had fun playing with the toys and putting the toys away so they could play on the new rug. 
Karin called after she got off work to tell me that Cookie was lame at Middle Grove. We think she may have foundered on the lush green grass. Karin walked her down to the road to help me load when I got there with the truck and trailer. She was walking a bit better but still stiff. This evening she was given 2 grams of bute and if she isn't better I'll call Dr. Hoerr tomorrow once the clinic is open to see if I can do anything else for her. Since Jewel needs to be stalled tonight Missy was put in the stall across the aisle to keep her company. After supper Mark and I went over to Joan's to work on the solar system. Joan came out to help. Tonight we marked out where the holes will be dug for the support system.  As soon as we finished that I went straight to the barn to bring in 3 bags of bedding, clean two stalls, give Jewel and Missy 2 fresh buckets of water and now I'm finally in for the night. Except the foaling camera isn't turning on for Jewel's stall on the computer but it IS working on the phone. Not sure what the problem is but the phone will be plugged in by our bed tonight so it will be easy to check on her during the night. I sure am thankful for those foaling cameras.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday Picnic

We had a lot of frost this morning. Hard to believe it is this cold for April 29th but the sun was shining so we knew it would warm up. Star and her colt by Valiant were up by the bale framed by the morning sunshine. Check out the length of Star's tail. It drags on the ground if not braided up.
 Peoria was blessed to have Rick Kaisner give the morning message and his brother Mike had the afternoon message. We heard of Ruth, the entire book of Ruth was talked about even though just the first chapter was read, then the miracle of the loaves and fishes, Paul and Silas in prison and the earthquake, the saving of the jailer and all his family. It really was a day to listen to again.  Hopefully it will be up on AC Central soon.
Right after church Brandee's mare Lilly was teased and she said no.  Jury was still in and covered although we are not sure why she is still showing. It is 11 days from the first cover. If she is still in tomorrow I'll have to see about getting an ultrasound done on her to find out why.  There was a broken fence post and board down in Brandee's mare's paddock. I'm not sure if she kicked the fence or just leaned against it. Mark and Karin helped put on 2 new boards and temporarily fix the broken post.  Hadassah was teased and she is also out.  Her filly was taken into the stall, haltered, tied and hooves picked up. She remembered everything and was a joy to work with.
Below are a few pictures of Missy's filly actually taken yesterday but just posted today.

This afternoon Joan had organized a picnic at the playground. Lots of games, dinner and a campfire. Below are a few pictures of the afternoon and evening.

Yesterday Diane put up the second trampoline she bought last fall. The kids had a ball jumping from one trampoline to the other. 
 Spike ball was also played a lot today.

 The campfire was needed, as soon as the sun got low in the sky the air turned cool and the heat from the fire felt wonderful. 
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from the picnic click HERE

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Super Saturday

We had a cool morning and right after breakfast Mark went to work repairing the fence on Valiant's pasture. He has been locked off since one of the wires broke. As soon as it was fixed I let Valiant out.
 He was so excited to be out he just couldn't contain himself. 

 It didn't take too long for him to settle down to graze. 
 Mark needed to get a few things organized before we started our morning project over at Joan's house so I took Lily and her colt by Valiant out to graze. That colt is such a show-off. 
He was pestering his mom. 

He is a very handsome colt and getting very big. He is 26 days old today. 
As soon as Mark was ready we headed over to start working on Joan's solar system Karin, Kayla, Joan, Mackeson and Faith all came to help too.
 Today we are starting to put the base together. 

Below is a short video of tightening the pipes together.
We had so much good help we were done within an hour.  Mark went right to work mowing while Karin, Kayla and I came back here to start working the horses.  The first foal out was the colt we call 'wildchild', Soul's colt by Evan.  He does not like to be haltered, tied or have his hooves picked up and each time we have a fight on our hands. He has amazing movement and will be spectacular. 
 He is light on his feet and has very expressive impressive movement. 

The next colt out was Lola's colt by Valiant. What a sweetie this colt is. He is so flashy with his bright white and black coloring. 
He also has nice movement
 He is exactly 4 weeks old today. 

Karin brought Evan out while Kayla was putting Lola and her colt away. Evan had a ball showing off today in the outdoor arena.

Kayla finished him up by asking for the laydown and sit.

It was 11:00 am after we finished with Evan. Kayla had to leave, Karin went to mom's to work on their China trip stuff and then came here for a late lunch. We were enjoying a cup of tea out on the patio when others started to arrive. Mom and Anni came first, then Ruth, Rhonda, Anna, Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley. We had quite a party out on the patio.
 Mark found some riding toys down by the creek and had the girls go with him to get them. Taegan is on one of the ones from the creek in the picture below. Braelyn is riding one we found at a garage sale. 
 Kensley's was also found down in the creek. Not sure where they came from or who lost them but we will let the girls play with them until they are claimed. 
 The afternoon was still nice so Mark got the skid steer out to clean Valiant's paddock. 
Always nice to have that job done.  If the weather holds Evan's will be the next paddock done but we didn't want to do that one today as the manure is put in the middle of the circle drive and we are having company tomorrow.  Karin pulled Valiant out and worked him while Mark was busy cleaning his paddock.

Both stallions did very well today. We had such a great productive day today that both of us are going to sleep good tonight.