Monday, October 31, 2022

Halloween 2023

 It was really dark outside at 7:00 am, very foggy and drizzling rain. Thank goodness it wasn't cold. The horses were checked, Evan will need a bale tomorrow. We had about an inch and a half of rain from last night until this afternoon and the drives are muddy. Ruth, Diane and I walked but only until 7:45 am as Ruth needed to take Farkosh home before heading to work.  Diane and I went to mom's, Diane to pay bills and me to make breakfast and stay for the day.  One of the cats that live at Joan's house, I think this is Berlica's cat, has decided to come where there are people and thought just maybe since the birds have a feeder just perhaps she can catch a bird.

She wasn't content just to sit.
Mom's washing machine was not working. Rachel sent David over to fix it and fix it he did. This is what he pulled out of the machine.
Now it works great. I was able to get both loads of laundry done.
Mom called Joan who just happened to be out fishing. She told us Sarah found some cat's eyes and when she was using the ghost shrimper tool caught a star fish, William caught a nice big fish and Greg had caught a pompano and a red fish.

The weather is beautiful and mom would really like to go back but that isn't going to happen for the rest of this year. I ran home to grab some potato soup for lunch and had to take a few pictures of the flowers Mark planted by our door. They have exploded in color.

Diane brought supper over at mom's house and also a big bowl of candy for any trick or treaters that might show up.
Anna brought Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley over before they went to Hanna City trick or treating.
This evening I checked AC Central and found David's Wednesday night sermon had been posted. IF you would like to watch this click HERE.  This morning I downloaded Doyle Frauhiger's message at the Gridley church Wednesday evening Oct  29th, 2022. Doyle has retired from the pulpit so I was really pleased to see and hear him again. 

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Halloween Horse Party

Such a wonderful thing to be able to sleep in your own bed in your own house after a long trip. I woke refreshed.  Even though it was Sunday, laundry had to be done, Mark was about out of clothes to wear. Before I leave again he will learn how to start the washer. Last night 4 packages of pork chops were taken out of the freezer to defrost for the dinner tonight. They were almost defrosted by morning and were put in the fridge to finish. The bathroom was given a quick clean up but that was about all of the cleaning done before church.  It was SO good to be back in church. Craig Stickling had the morning message on Genesis 24, the Isaac and Rebekah story but so much more.  Gregg Rumbold had the afternoon message on the Galatian's Bible study. After church Ben and his boys were the first to arrive.  The boys went right to work on a puzzle. 

Taunya took Addyson to a volley ball game.  Phil and Anna's family were next to arrive and had to tell us all about their Florida vacation. Rhoda brought Iris and Zeke and the last to arrive were Nolan and Sarah's family who came all dressed up for the party at David and Leah's house tonight.
They are dressed up as the characters on the Hercules movie. Baby River is dressed as Hercules.
After supper Ben's boys and Phil's girls went to the playground, piled tons of leaves on the trampoline and had fun jumping in the pile on the tramp. It started raining and the leaves stuck to them. Ben took Jack, Jace and Abe home and Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley came here. Below they have already knocked off most of the leaves but check out Braelyn's hair.
Iris was feeding Zeke an apple.
Below is a short video of Zeke laughing, Iris singing happy birthday to Taegan who turned 10 years old today and the hand bumping song.
A wonderful update came in from the owner of Madiera's filly.  Zena particiapted in her first horse show! Both Kate & Zena did a terrific job. 

Then came the Halloween costume party.  Zena and Kate went as Bo Peep and her sheep.

This is a 5 month old filly and she didn't mind being a fuzzy fluffy sheep! I was also sent a picture of a Raven daughter named Pearl who was pulling the Grinch's sled.
And a Raven son who just also happens to be named Raven after his sire carrying the just married  (buried).
They were all having fun. Pretty cool that there were THREE Horsemeister horses at this fun Halloween party.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

We Made It

 Diane and I were both up at 4:00 am. Diane finished packing while I waited for the coffee to finish and then quickly downed 2 cups of very strong coffee. We finished packing the van then Joan brought mom down and showed us how to get her in and out of the recliner from the wheel chair. Honestly our biggest fear on this trip was that Diane, Rachel and I would not be able to help mom from the recliner into the wheel chair and then find a bathroom large enough. We stopped at Rachel's condo to pick up Dan then started the 900 miles home.

Two hours into the trip mom needed to use the restroom. We were on a two lane highway with no shoulder and in the middle of a forest with no gas station or fast food place in sight. I can't tell you how we fervently we were praying. Within 10 minutes we saw lights and a gas station can into view. Rachel jumped out of the Prius to check out the restroom and came back with the news, "it is 'really' nice!" The 3 of us girls were able to lift mom from the recliner into the wheel chair and when we walked into the gas station and saw the restroom we couldn't stop the tears.  God truly cares for even the little things. We were all so humbled. For the record, we have never seen such a clean comfortable restroom, so this was over and above our prayers.  There was a cross on the door to remind us of His sacrifice and by the door was a sharing table with Bibles for the taking along with other necessities for desperate people. The entire gas station was being run by 3 Christian ladies. We left there in peace about our trip knowing prayers were heard by the One who saves. The trip took 14 hours and 45 minutes.  We stopped 5 times and not once had a problem. We pulled in at 8:02 pm. Mark and Mike drove over to help with the unloading which went quickly. While we were emptying the van Karin took charge of mom and helped her get ready for bed. Aunt Jinnie has moved into the second bedroom and all is well. There must be a better deeper word for how thankful we are but I can't think of any. Unpacking is now done and I get to sleep in my OWN bed! 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Packing for Home

 Our last sunrise here in Gulf Shores as we leave before we leave for home tomorrow at 5:00 am. It really was another beautiful sunrise.

We had pancakes and sausage for breakfast and after breakfast the morning was so nice we all decided to go out to the beach.
While at the beach Rachel noticed a sea slug at the waters edge. Faith brought it over.
They carried it over and put it in a tide pool to watch it move.
Faith and Berlica walked over to Diane's condo to pick up the paddle board and brought it over to where we were sitting before going out into the gulf.
We saw dolphins heading our way so they took the paddle boat out right away to try to get near them.
Unfortunately the wind picked up so they weren't able to make it out far enough. Joan and Greg brought their fishing poles out and soon Spark came to fish too except there were no fish biting. No one caught fish today. The wind started blowing stronger and was bringing the seaweed in which was messing up their poles. They all quit. The wind was so strong we needed to move off the beach and go to Diane's pool. It was really warm there but when the clouds moved in we decided to go back to the condo where Diane had lunch ready for us. We decide as it was cloudy out for the afternoon to just stay in and pack. Diane and Joan carried the paddle board to Spark and Rhonda's place.
At 5:00 pm we decided to go to DeSoto's for dinner and were joined by everyone of the family that are still here.

After the vote we decided it really is our favorite restaurant here in Gulf Shores. The food is delicious and the senior menu quite reasonable.
I got the fried trigger fish, mom got the seared tuna and Aunt Jinnie ordered the shrimp.
After supper came the 'real' packing. Mom's lift recliner was taken out to the wheel chair van by Mackenson and Joan.
It wasn't easy getting it through the hallways, into the elevator and then into the van but with Mackenson's muscles it happened.
Dan came over with the Prius so we could load our luggage in that car to leave plenty of room in the van for all the equipment we need for mom's travel. Pray for our safe travel tomorrow.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Thursday Sunshine

 A bit chilly this morning but another beautiful sunrise. I was out on the balcony around 6:30 am, well before sunrise but the sky was already beginning to lighten.

I went back inside to read a bit then went back out as the sun started breaking out of the water.
After breakfast Diane, Aunt Jinnie, mom and I took a walk to the public beach. We passed mom's Lani Kai condo, Diane and Rhonda's Gulf Side town homes and Taunya's Ocean Reef condo.
The public beach has a wonderful system of paved walks that go on a long way with benches and shade if needed. 

They even had a blue T system to take a wheel chair out a ways onto the sand.
It wasn't easy pushing the wheel chair on that so we didn't go out very far. We made it back to the condo after noon and had more left overs from Lamberts for lunch. I think we are about out of those left overs now. Diane, Rachel and Rhonda went to the beach as the day had warmed up nicely. Mom, Aunt Jinnie and I stayed up at the condo and enjoyed the balcony for a few hours. The picture below was taken from mom's balcony.
Joan bought more bait and a new tackle for her poles and went down to fish. Her very first cast she caught a nice big pompano.
While we were on the balcony looking at the Gulf, Faith pointed out a pod of dolphins fishing. I had to zoom in quite a bit as not only were we 10 stories high the dolphins were not close to the beach but quite a ways out.

At 4:30 pm people started making their way back to the condo to get ready for dinner. There was abundant sunshine today and some of us ended up with just a little too much sun. Tonight Diane, Rachel, Aunt Jinnie, mom and I went to the Original Oyster House for dinner. Of course we had to take pictures with the aligator.

Dinner was good. Three of us just ordered the salad bar which is excellent while Aunt Jinnie ordered the fried shrimp and Rachel ordered the shrimp Florentine. Both of their meals were really good too. After dinner we got home just as the sun had sunk into the water but it was still light enough out for some pictures. Below is looking East as the lights were coming on.
Below Aunt Jinnie and Diane are taking pictures of the sunset.
The moon was just a tiny sliver.
Rachel and Diane left for Pensacola airport to pick up Dan who is flying in to help us drive mom home. His plane gets in at 8:00 pm so they should be home a little after 9:00 pm. Spark and Rhonda came walking over for a visit this evening. They have now left, mom and Aunt Jinnie are in bed and I'm heading there soon.