Tuesday, January 19, 2021

I DON'T Need Towels

 The dogs on the walk this morning were slip sliding all over. Poor Emma gave up as soon as Diane arrived with no goodies. It was just too icy for her to walk. Ruth's dog and Joan's dogs tried to run but their back legs kept slipping out from under them. This ice is thick and very hard right now. Even with our ice tracks on we had to keep to the sides. The ice is so hard the tracks can't dig in. I could only do one round as I needed to leave early to drive down to the Peoria post office to pick up the mail. That went well and I made it to the Berean office by 8:45 am quickly followed by Chuck Hemmer and Ron Rumbold. Chuck mentioned he had breakfast with David and Stephanie yesterday. We had a good morning working together with the other volunteers at the Berean office. If you would like to read about that click HERE. Cousin Skip showed up to help now that Berean has been banned from the jails and prisons because of Covid. Skip is also a board member at Berean and we were very glad to have a board member join us to see exactly what we do there. We put him right to work reading letters as we are very short of letter readers. 

When we finished up the Bibles were loaded into my car and I drove to the Bartonville post office to drop them off then drove home. I drove straight up to the barn, parked the car, jumped in the truck and drove that to the gas station to fill it up and hook it to the 2 horse trailer before Joan took it to move furniture for Sarah. Sarah now has her own apartment. Mark came home early to work on cutting up the big limbs in the driveway. That is such a big job but he got a lot done. We had beef stew for dinner tonight. The house is nice and warm with the wood burner glowing softly. Winter is a quiet time around here. We will soon be gearing up for foaling season. I have the bedding, plenty of square bales for the stalls AND will have my foaling towels back. When the girls cleaned and organized the house they removed all my foaling towels and thought I should use some of my older bath towels BUT I'm just too tight and can't imagine using almost perfect towels for cleaning up a just born, wet, slippery, bloody foal. Rhoda needed some for puppy towels then was going to take the rest to Hoerr vet clinic. When I realized I was missing my foaling towels I put the word out and Ruth donated a couple rags.  Sunday Rhoda reported she still had a bag full of them so I asked for them back. We will need them soon on HER horse. Below is Jury, Rhoda's Andalusian mare.
Jury was bred to Valiant and is due April 28th. The picture above was taken Oct 29th, 2020 she is much bigger now. This will be Jury's 3rd foal and all have been by Valiant. We didn't own her when she delivered the first two which both turned out gray and because of that we are expecting another gray Warlander but there is a chance of either bay or black. We will see. Galena is our first mare due March 23rd and she will be brought back here in February. 

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