Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sale Pending

 Brrr it was cold this morning. I went out around 7:00 to head over to mom's house and the moon was glowing huge in the west. 

It is very frustrating that the camera can't pick up the orange color or the craters that were visible to the naked eye. 
Mom's lights were still out so I waited until after 8:00 to head back over to put in her eye drops and brush her hair. 
It had warmed up to 42 by 9:00 am but with a stiff breeze from the north. Isaiah brought Isla out to work in the round pen. 

Magda brought Hadassah and Maddalen in to the barn to tack up. This was the first time Maddalen has seen a saddle on her mom and had to check that out.
When Magda was putting the bridle on Hadassah Maddalen had to check out Magda. 

Those horses were put away while Magda brought Valiant out and round penned him. While that was happening Kayla, Karin, Isaiah and I were cleaning up the indoor arena getting it all organized for winter.  Magda rode Valiant first then left to put on her costume giving Isaiah a turn to ride him. 

Magda made her outfit. 
Valiant wasn't too impressed when the cloak blew under his belling and wrapped up against his back legs. He did ok at the walk.
Magda took the cape off and just rode him in the skirt. He did fine then.

Karin rode him a bit then Isaiah went in to ask him to lay down, roll and sit up.  

They left to go on a trail ride with Mika, Sangria, Missy and Sally. While they had the horses out Mark helped move in a round bale for the middle paddock.  Later Hadassah and Maddalen were taken into the field to get a video for her perspective buyers. Maddalen showed off beautifully, galloping around with her tail up in the air and a huge beautiful trot. I went in to download it and the video camera was blank.  I was shocked as I was sure I had pushed the record button at least 5 different times and each time it said it was recording. I tested the camera in the house it worked perfectly so I went back out and asked the horses to run again and this time Maddalen was quite as dramatic but still a beautiful canter and big trot. I ran into the house got the camera hooked up the computer and for the second time NOTHING had recorded. The only thing on the video camera was the test I had done in the house. I was going to just give up but Mark came in about then and I asked him to help the 3rd time. The camera was tested in the house and outside and each time it worked but this time the horses really didn't want to run. SO I have a very short and not so impressive video to share with the people that wanted to see a video.
While that was being uploaded to youtube Nolan and Sarah arrived with a bumble bee and a doctor.
After getting some candy here they borrowed the golf cart to head over to mom's, Diane's, and Joan's houses. Anna arrived with a Spider Girl, an Egyptian princess and a Marvel character. 
Taunya came after dark. When her car arrived Emma had to come out to see who was here. 
She had a good witch, an army guy, a SWAT team guy and a dinosaur. 
Rhoda sent this picture of Iris. 
 Stephanie sent this picture of her princess and ninja. 
The video of Maddalen was sent to the people that wanted to see it and they want to buy her. She has been marked sale pending. Mark worked on winterizing both of the campers and got lots of other things done outside. We are both tired and will head to bed soon. Tonight we get an extra hour of sleep as the clocks turn back. 

Friday, October 30, 2020

Bringing Home Hadassah & Maddalen

 I went out to feed before 7:00 am and it was really dark yet. Mark finished the barn lights last night so those were turned on and it was so bright inside I had to step back and take the picture below. So much light inside that it spills outside. I should easily be able to take videos inside this winter. 

As soon as the horses were fed I took the golf cart over to mom's to brush her hair and put in her eye drop before heading to Middle Grove to load Hadassah and Maddalen. It was 31 degrees and too much frost on the grass to try driving up the hill so I walked. Hadassah climbed the hill with me but her filly wasn't in sight. Two black foals came up to her but she pinned her ears at both of them so I was sure they were not Maddalen I was starting to worry where she was. I finally found her down by the lake, she had just been in getting a drink and came running up the hill when I started leading Hadassah away. Hadassah loaded well but Maddalen ran around the truck and trailer about 3 times before climbing in. They were put in a stall as soon as I got home, given hay, grain and a fresh bucket of water before putting a halter on Maddalen. Next was to get pictures of Isla. She was taken to the field next to Evan. Evan thought she was beautiful.

IF we decide to keep her we will be breeding her to Evan.  She showed off nicely. 
She really has very nice movement. She took off with that big trot stretching up and out. I was surprised how high she gets off the ground.
I really should have taken a video but didn't have anyone around to help so just took the still shots. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some video of her big movement.  While she was in the field I moved a bale into Ribbon's old paddock then put Isla in it. Hadassah and Maddalen were taken out to the round pen. Maddalen was tied and expected to stand. She wasn't very happy about that.
Since no one was around I just let them do what ever they wanted in the round pen but took some video for the two ladies interested.
Even when she isn't trying to show off she gets air time.
They were put in with Isla and I left Maddalen's halter on so she could be handled during the day.
I went inside to download the pictures and upload the video on youtube when Pax, Phil and Anna's dog came exploding in through the dog door. That meant Anna and maybe the girls were in the neighborhood. The golf cart was taken over to the playground but they weren't there. The girls were in their van at grandma's house while Anna was inside helping mom with her new sweeper. They were on their way to pick out some Halloween costumes at Joan's house when mom asked if she would come in and help. I asked if I could borrow the girls so we could get more pictures of Maddalen and maybe a video. The video didn't go very well but the pictures were sure cute.

Maddalen's halter was taken off and they were left out to graze for a bit when the girls left. Once they were put back in with Isla I went back inside to post pictures. If you would like to see the rest of Maddalen's pictures click HERE. If you would like to see the rest of Isla's pictures click HERE. When Mark got home we drove to Sam's club but only one of us could go in as we only had 1 mask between the two of us. I picked up the ingredients to make Haystacks for Sunday's dinner. After shopping we went to Culvers for supper buying one cod dinner with an extra piece of cod to split. Even though we only had one mask between the two of us, they let us eat inside. The food was really good, food is always better when someone else cooks it. 

Thursday, October 29, 2020


 I was doing dishes when Rhoda sent a message that she would go with me to pick up Isla today. I wasn't going to turn that down, finished the dishes quickly then took the Summerdale camper off the truck and hooked up the 2 horse trailer.  When Rhoda arrived we loaded up Jury and took off for Middle Grove. We drove to the far end and unloaded Jury but the horses weren't in sight.

We were hoping Jury would neigh and they would all come running but that didn't happen so Jury was loaded back up and we went to the front of the property and started climbing the hill. When we reached the top they were all spread out grazing. 
They came running when we they saw us so I turned on the video of the still camera. It couldn't keep up with the focus so in parts is very blurry. 

They ran right past us down the hill to the truck and trailer to check out who else we brought. They had that truck and trailer completely surrounded.
We hiked back down the hill but soon they started running again and ran back up the hill and then to the big field. Below are a couple pictures of them running back up the hill.

We drove the truck and trailer to the big field, put a halter on Isla and tied her up then went to check the other horses. 

Isla is coming in so I can get updated pictures of her and a new video. Isla is again for sale. She is HUGE for only 2 and a half years old. She is registered and DNA'D in the Warlander book of Friesian Heritage Horse International registry.  She has fantastic movement and really is quality.  Her price is $7000.00 now but if not sold by spring we will breed her to Evan, put training on her and then either keep her or significantly raise her price. She reminds us of Athena who was appraised at $25,000.00 as a 2 year old. Isla is just as beautiful and maybe even more athletic. When we got home Isla was put in the paddock next to Valiant. 
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from this trip to Middle Grove click HERE. Mark was busy working in the indoor arena installing the new lights. 
We ate a quick supper of soup then we both went out to move the lift over to another light. Once the lift was set I left for Spark and Rhonda's house where we met to play games. Rhonda and mom both had good games but Diane and I did not. We still had a good time with lots of laughs. We finished around 8:30 pm and the barn lights were still on. Mark was working on the last light and wants to finish it tonight so Philip can use the lift. He is still out working on that even now as I'm finishing this post. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Making Plans

 The feeding was done early this morning or at least it seemed early, it was barley light enough to see around 6:50 am. The time change is coming which means lighter mornings but darker evenings. Beth and Greg are down in Gulf Shores which is getting hurricane winds and rain. They lost electricity this evening. Mom got a ride to Bible study with Rhonda. After Bible study I picked her up and we drove on Grandview Drive to look at the beautiful trees while the sun was shining. President Roosevelt said Grandview Drive was, "the worlds most beautiful drive!" and it is right here in Peoria. We drove to church to pick up the left over Bibles studies and took them to Meisters. After work Amanda will take them to her mom who lives in Roanoke. Our next stop was Dollar General to pick up cards. That store happened to have some toys marked down 90% so I picked up $11.00 worth to bring out some time when the grand kids are here. The clouds soon moved in covering the sunshine and again it was uncomfortably chilly. Hard to get motivated to work outside when it is cold.  We went to mom's for church. Ruth was there setting up the monitor but when it came on it looked like someone had spread fake spider webs all over the pulpit. Ruth told mom they were decorating for Halloween. Mom's reaction was, "WHAT next?" 

Of course not, the church is having some construction done and it was clear plastic covering the area. David had the message tonight on Psalm 8 and Hebrews 2.    I have to start bringing mares and foals home and today found out Hadassah and her filly Maddalen must be the first. We have someone interested in Hadassah and someone else interested in her filly. Hopefully the weather will improve soon. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Gloomy Chilly Day

 Mom was up and dressed but decided not to go on the walk today. She is still not rested from yesterday. She and Diane worked on the new condo furniture until it was time to head to the Berean office. We had a big bunch of volunteers and got so much extra work done because of it. If you would like to read about our controlled chaos click HERE. After our snack of delicious apple bars made by Leila Witzig we went straight to the Hanna City post office to drop off the Bibles from today's work then to Diane's office. Diane had to have mom with her on the phone for the credit card to allow the purchase of the condo furniture. From there we went to Dollar General so mom could pick up a few items then finally to her house. She was going to have lunch then take a nap. We are having another chilly gloomy day and I have another fire going in the fire place. I'm really really not ready for winter.  We have a decision to make about our mare Jewel. She is Grace's last foal and a Raven daughter. Jewel was born April 30th, 2008 and is registered and dna'd with Friesian Heritage Horse International. She is WELL trained to ride, has been shown and ridden hundreds of miles of trails.

At 65 years of age I am slowing down and would like to cut back some but hate the thought of giving up our special mares. Jewel will truly make someone's dream come true, she loves people. She is tall and has beautiful foals that have amazing movement. She has had both black and bay when bred to Evan. Below are a few pictures of 3 of her amazing foals. 
Jewel was bred to Evan and is due June 6th, 2021. We have posted her for sale for $8500.00 as a 2/1 package but just for the month of November. After that we may as well keep her and then just sell her foal. Can you tell, I really don't want to sell her. At 12 years old she is the perfect age.