Monday, July 30, 2018

Twelve Hundred pounds

We decided to walk a half hour earlier as long as it is light outside at 7:00 am. This way our friend Cheryl can join us as she has to be at work at the Glasford elevator at 8:00 am.  When I got back Taunya was here with Abe and he was trying to get out the dog door. He wanted so badly to play outside.
After the walk I needed to drive the truck in to Meisters. Mark had it loaded with scrap metal. He unloaded it while I paid the first of the month bills 2 days early.
From there I drove to TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail for tomorrow then headed to Pekin, stopping first at Aldi, then TSC for 10 bags of bedding and finally over to Big R for 15 bags of grain. We leave on vacation Saturday and I want to make sure Karin has everything she needs. Karin was here working the stallions when I got home and she helped with the unloading of the grain and bedding, all twelve hundred pounds.  She reported both boys did very well. 
Ben left early this morning for Bloomington, Taunya left a bit later with the kids. This afternoon the pictures from Saturday and Sunday were finally taken off the camera card and posted on Facebook. This evening we took the last 3 solar panels from Joan's house and put them with the pallet in the big barn. Sarah posted a couple pictures of Zion enjoying boating on Mark Twain lake.

That was such a fun trip for them. Maybe next year we all aught to go.

The Pictures of Saturday and Sunday

Below are a few pictures from Saturday. Below Addyson is fishing with a net and caught 3 fish!

 The weather was just perfect to play on moms beach. 
 Taunya, Addyson and Jack went over to Rachel's to jump off the high dive. 

Below is Addyson jumping
 Jace found a beautiful toad. So beautiful he wanted to keep it forever and was heart broken when his mom made him leave it at grandma's house. 

The next few pictures are of Sunday afternoon at the playground. Mark was thrilled to be driving his own golf cart. It had been broken for over a year sitting in his back garage. Ben showed up and fixed it in a couple hours. 
 Lots and lots of volleyball was played on Sunday. There were 3 teams and the games went on until after dark. They were highly competitive and entertaining to watch. 

  Currently there are 2 in potty training so those mothers bring along their very own potty chairs. We thought at first they were putting one out for the boys and one for the girls but it turned out one was for Riley and one was for Elisabet. These second cousins are just 2 days apart and will each be 2 years old in a few days. 

The kids had a ball climbing a tree and rolling down the hill.
 The campfire was well used, lots of somemores made and eaten and plenty of that treat, heartattackonastick too.
 When the big kids get off the court the little kids move on and after playing lots of ball they settled down to play in the sand. By this time it was quite dark and the court was lit up by the lights.

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures click HERE

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Just Lazy or Too Busy

Saturday Ben and Taunya's kids had fun swimming at mom's beach and going off the high dive at Rachel's. I have pictures and videos but they are still on the camera of that.
Wicktoria is bagged up and will need to be watched even though she isn't due until August 17th.  This morning I needed to check on her first thing. She is in with Star and Roxanne. Tomorrow I will need to move a bale in that paddock and move Wicktoria into the paddock next to the stall barn.
I also found out Saturday that Roxanne's filly Giselle's sire is Valiant not Evan.  The DNA results came back and proved I guessed wrong. Not that this is a bad thing, the filly is exquisite and should be tall but I really wanted to see what Roxanne would produce when bred to Evan. Oh well there is always next year and this time FOR SURE only Evan was used.
We had 3 testimonies in Peoria Saturday night. It was such a blessing to be there listening to that old old wonderful redemption story that is new for each sinner that repents.
Today Addyson and Jack came with us (grandpa and grandma) to church. Israel sat with us for the morning service and when it was over Jack was told he would be going with Israel to sit at the kids table for lunch. I then turned to Israel and said, "Israel will show you the ropes."  Israel responded with "What ropes?" "I don't see any ropes."  I just had to laugh.
Church was pretty full as we had a lot of guests for the baptisms. After church the entire family came for dinner then fun and volleyball at the playground. Joan built a fire which was perfect for cooking marshmellows and bacon. Spark brought his guitar over and the singing went on quite late. No one wanted to leave that perfect fire. Rhoda and Lee took Nancy home on their way home to Bloomington. Ben leaves us tomorrow morning early, he will be working in Bloomington and will stay there in town.
Some beautiful pictures were posted today of Sunny. His owner is now showing him in dressage and Sunny is doing wonderful.

We bought Sunny as a 1 year old, had him gelded and then Rhoda trained him. We bought him because he was beautiful but a gelding has no place on a breeding farm so sold him to Rachel who lent him to us for many trail rides over the years. Sunny now lives with Margie in Michigan and it warms my heart to see what a perfect pair they are. 
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some time to download the pictures from Saturday and Sunday but right now I'm heading to bed. Good night ALL.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

More Puppies For SALE

These puppies belong to Tara and Jay Brenner. Tara is Spark and Rhonda's youngest daughter. They bred their beautiful well behaved Brittany to Anni's Moyen Poodle for some amazingly cute puppies. They are for sale for only $950.00 each. 
The mom of these puppies is a Brittany weighing around 24 pounds and the dad is a Moyen Poodle ( half Standard Poodle half Miniature Poodle) weighing in UNDER 20 pounds. 

 To see many more pictures of them click HERE.  If interested in one or want to learn more about this litter please contact Tara or Jay direct. Tara's phone number is 309-258-3650 Jay's phone number is 309-219-1161
Pictured below are the puppies mom and dad
Above is Casey a Brittany hunting dog and below is the sire of the pups Chewy. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Counting the Horses

Shaeya and her dad came this morning to pick up the horses for the Goose Ranch. Coke was out yesterday but Brista still needed to be teased so when Shaeya arrived she helped with that. Brista was also out so they were loaded up and taken back to the Goose Ranch. Right after they left I left for Middle Grove. With Karin gone I needed to head out to check the horses. I parked below, hiked in and up to the top and started taking pictures of the foals. It was kind of confusing as some of the foals were with other foals and not by their mothers. It was obviously nap time. There were foals laying around all over.
Above is Hadassah's filly and below is Madiera's filly. 
Below is Lily's colt. 
Soul's colt had the biggest change. He went from a bay to a very dark, almost black color.
Once I thought I counted them all I hiked back down to the car, drove through the 2 gates and locked each one after I was out on the road then started driving home when I realized I hadn't seen Rosaleigh's filly. I turned the car around drove back to the gates, went through both gates then shut them behind me and hiked back up to find the horses. But this time I didn't bring the camera up. I found Rosaleigh and her filly at the very far north end grazing with Foxy's filly, Foxy, Indy and Tatiana. Indy may have lost her foal, she just didn't look as big as she did the last time I was out.  I'll bring her in when we get back from vacation to check. The rest of the horses looked great. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from the first trip up click HERE
Rhonda sent a text that Tara had her puppies here. I ran over to her house to get pictures of them. They are adorable. The mom of these puppies is a Brittany weighing around 24 pounds and the dad is a Moyen Poodle ( half Standard Poodle half Miniature Poodle) weighing in UNDER 20 pounds. 

These puppies are for sale for $950.00 each. To see many more pictures of them click HERE.  If interested in one or want to learn more about this litter please contact Tara or Jay direct. Tara's phone number is 309-258-3650 Jay's phone number is 309-219-1161
 Ben flew in today from Texas so we had a steak dinner to celebrate. Phil and Anna and kids joined us. Mark and I had to leave right after supper for the Goose Ranch. We were joining a group going out on the pontoon boat for a gospel cruise on the big lake.
On the way back the full moon shone orange on the water.
Sarah sent some pictures of their fun at Mark Twain Lake.

They are having a great time. Karin called to report the weather has been perfect. Rachel posted the picture below of tonight's sunset coming through the hole in the rock.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Camping Fun

The travelers left from the farm this morning but only after Karin helped tease Coke. Coke gave Valiant a very dramatic "NO!" Sarah sent pictures of their campground once they were all situated.
 Above is Sarah and Nolan's home away from home and below is either Rachel and David's, Rebekah and Brian's or Dan and Susan's camper. 
 Karin is tenting and is sharing the tent with a few nieces (I think).
Below is either Rachel and David's, Rebekahs and Brian's or Dan and Susan's camper.  I just don't remember what their campers looked like but all were really great buys and the couples are very happy with them. 
 Somewhere near by is the 4th camper.  Sarah and Nolan brought plenty of baby stuff for Zion including a full sized high chair. 
 Zion is having a ball inside while they get things set up outside. 
 Doesn't their campsite look nice with that big rug down to keep the Zion from crawling in the dirt. 
 They are camping at Mark Twain lake in Missouri and brought along 2 speed boats.
Diane had her grand children Irelyn and Crew today so Faith and Berlica came over to help give them pony rides on Cookie. Below Irelyn is leading Cookie while Crew gets to ride.
 Berlica was glad to take a turn too. 
 Even Addyson got a turn on Cookie. 
Jack, Jace and Abe got to go shopping with their uncle Tim and brought home scooters and new shoes. They were pretty proud of them and spent the afternoon and evening trying them out.
For dinner tonight Mark grilled pork chops which had been smoked and marinated. They really tasted delicious. He is over at Joan's tightening up the bolts on the solar system. That should be up and running soon. It was a pleasant day, not too hot with plenty of sunshine.