Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Not Fluffy

 The snow looked fluffy but it wasn't, it was crunchy as the flakes were mixed with ice. I took the picture below with my phone as I was heading to the meeting place. 

Ruth was a little late as her car was covered with a thick layer of ice that needed to be chipped of a little at a time. Emma came with me and was staring intently at Diane's house just hoping she would arrive with a bag of left overs. I took the picture below and sent it by text to Diane who is very glad she is still in Gulf Shores enjoying the warm sunshine. 
As soon as Emma realized Diane wasn't coming she left for home.
I spent the day grading Bible studies and by afternoon got them all done. While I was doing that I was listening to the message below David gave on Philippians 2

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