Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet Music

The drops started while we were still on our walk. Luckily Diane offered her golf cart for a quick trip back to the barn. The rain is cold but so welcome. It is like music pounding on the metal roof and slamming against the windows. For the first time in weeks there are puddles outside the door. The temperature right now in Hanna City is a chilly 48 degrees outside but inside sipping a hot cup of honey sweetened tea makes this place warm and cozy. Cor Arianna needs to be covered today and not that we want the rain to stop but hopefully this afternoon we will have a short break in the showers, just enough to get the job done. Baling twine was strung between the stalls to help dry the laundry.
The show leadropes are now clean and white, as soon as they are dried will be put in the show tubs. The saddle pads will be placed in the black tubs with the English saddles. 2:10pm-2:25pm the rain stopped long enough to get Cor Arainna covered by Raven then started sprinkling again just as she was put away. So thankful for this life giving rain. The fields are already turning green.

Anxiously Waiting

We heard the rain was suppose to come late last night and were disappointed not to have been awakened during the night from storms. At 5:00am, just as soon as it was light enough to see outside, we were again disappointed not to find any dampness on the ground. It is now nearing 7:00am and still no showers. Do we sound desperate? I believe all farmers in the area are waiting as anxiously as we are for this much needed rain. The fields are dry, dust is abundant and flying around enough to remind the old timers of the dust bowls of the 1930s. We had to cancel our 10:00am appointment with Dr. Hoerr on Monday. Karin has vaulting at that time. We now have an 8:00am appointment on Monday. As long as we get right in and out with the 3 mares getting ultrasounds we will be back in time. The pony paddock needs a new round bale. They were square baled last night and again this morning.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Joan & Tim's New Kids

Joan and Tim are back in the states and will be home Friday night. Above is their new family picture. Below is Joan holding Mathew their soon to be adopted new 4 year old son and the next picture down is Rose, their soon to be adopted 8 month old daughter.
Ruth is having a welcome home party for the Reinhard's here at the lake Sunday after church. All are welcome and anyone that wants to come bring a covered dish or dessert to share. Meat, drink and table service will be provided.

Airiah In

Karin came over today and was such a great help. She checked over both of the new mares and also thinks the black mare looks pregnant. Airiah was teased and yes she is in. Raven got the job done and she was marked down for the day. Cor Arianne is still in and if she is still showing tomorrow afternoon will be covered then. Joszef Davidovics is planning on coming to help finish the boy's pasture on Saturday. Mike is picking up the wire. Ciera was teased but she was a no show. We are still short of riding horses for the first youth group that is scheduled for camping at Middle Grove. After discussing our options we have decided to skip breeding Ciera this spring and haul her out there to get her going on trails. Ella may be another option but we will have to talk to Steven first to see if he can spare her from the lessons he gives. If he needs her she will stay. Paris is another that can be used out there. Depending on how many are coming we may need to borrow Ruth's Arabian gelding, Larry and Rachel's Haflinger Sunny. Those will need to be hauled out a few days before the camps to make sure they bond with our herd. The first of the AC camps is junior high scheduled for June 9th. That is actually the biggest camp and both trailers will be needed to haul. Ken Hoerr had the service tonight opening first to Genesis 1 and then to Luke. We did not go out for ice cream after church, just too tired from working outside all day.

Crisp Cool Weather

Guess what animal has a paw like this?
Last night Emma was playing with a water bottle. In the picture above it is her 2 paws holding on to the bottle. She just looks so funny a few pictures had to be taken of this silly dog.
What a beautiful morning 52 degrees when we walked outside. On the to do list today is to give the ponies another round bale but they must wait until this afternoon. On the walk, the 2 new mares were not in sight. We took a short detour to make sure there was not a baby born. We don't know the due date on Beautiful Clair, just that she is due in June. She is named correctly, what a beautiful mare.
We headed over to Spark's and the dogs found this big female turtle getting ready to lay her eggs. The turtle was rescued and put in a safe place. This kind of turtle we like and want at here!
While Diane was rescuing the turtle, Rachel pointed out that the wild black raspberries were getting ripe. Mom had to pick a few and pop them in her mouth.
Airiah needs to be teased today along with Ciera. Cor Arianne is still in big time but was covered yesterday and will be skipped today. The countdown for Ribbon and Zalena is 12 days. Hoerr vet clinic was called to schedule ultrasounds. They have an appointment at the clinic for 10:00am Monday both will be at 17 days then.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Raven Job

The weather is just beautiful today, bright sunshine and 83 degrees. Such a relief from the 96 degree heat and high humidity of the last few days. Eva Jean and I had a busy morning, lots of studies came in and lots will be going out. We need to order another pallet of Bibles. We also need Spanish Bibles and will see if we can get them but those are always in short supply. Cor Arianna was covered this afternoon by Raven. Airiah was hanging over the fence looking interested so she may be coming in. She will be checked tomorrow giving Arianna the day off. Mark has a late meeting at Skylines meaning no cooking tonight. I just may go out and play with the new mares.

Camping Pictures

Karin posted the pictures from the Memorial weekend camping. Lots of fun with horses, lakes, and boats.
In the picture below I've circled Karin's dog swimming in the lake to show how far up the horses have traveled.
The horses and boats all got a work out. What a great time, Thanks so much to Mike and Diane for hosting the Meister Memorial weekend camping trip. We all came back exhausted and can't wait to go to work to rest up for the next weekend.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Memorial Day is the day to remember, not just of our veterans and those that gave their lives so we could live in this free country but we should also remember what Jesus did for us over 2000 years ago so we can be free indeed. We started our day on the usual walk minus the campers. The red headed woodpecker pictured is one of the noisy knock on wood neighbors the compound has.
Mark dug the last three holes and set the posts while Ruth and I headed for Middle Grove. When we arrived the campers were just finishing up a big breakfast after the cool morning horseback ride. Today Sophie rode Bunni, Rhoda was on Sangria, Mike rode Mika and Karin was on Sally. They rode the entire 200 acres, crossing the big lake. Sophie told me it was lots of galloping and she was surprised she stayed in the saddle. Mike wanted to work on his water tank before boating, Ebby saw his legs sticking out and every time they moved she jumped.
Ruth packed up her motor-home while the rest of us headed for the pontoon boat for one more ride before putting everything away. The sky became dark and threatening and we heard the sound of distant thunder making us cut the boat ride short. Karin went back to help Mike load up the jet ski while Diane and Rhoda closed up the pontoon. I started walking back to the campsite but stopped to play with the horses a bit. Below is Killian's front legs. Notice how the feather starts at the back of the leg, thick and curley. And to think he is only a year old.
He is really going to be the typical hairy fantasy Friesian stallion when full grown. The storm just gave us a few drops of rain then headed off almost missing us completely. We sure need the rain. Phil, Anna and Braelyn came to spend the afternoon with us. Below is Braelyn playing in the sand. She enjoyed playing in the water.
Rhoda let Darcy come swimming also, Darcy loves to climb up on the diving board. She thinks she is a kid and will get right in line waiting her turn.
After Mike and Diane arrived home it was time to find out about Mytross the mare we know nothing about. Rhoda was willing to give her a try. We don't think she has ever been ridden because she was a bit confused with what Rhoda was asking but she sure has a great attitude and did nothing wrong.
Rhoda took her down the lane and back without issue, then into the field and asked her to canter up the hill. Now Standardbreds are not allowed to canter when pulling so Rhoda had to work a bit to get her to do this. Below is a huge trot
and then she broke into a canter.
This is a very sweet mare that wants to please. Cor Arianna was showing this morning. She was not covered until later afternoon. Her owner chose Raven and Raven was glad for the work. The kids all left after dinner tired, this playing outside all weekend is exhausting!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Fun

Sam and Seth's wedding was today in Peoria and the church was packed. It was a beautiful wedding service almost more for us old married folks than the one's getting married. After church, before leaving for the reception Rhoda came over to check out the new mares and take the dogs swimming in Diane's pond.
They had so much fun bouncing in and out of the water. Mark took mom to Norris for the big Herman fish fry while I drove to the reception.
Samantha made a beautiful bride. Then it was back to Hanna City to pick up Rhoda and head out to Middle Grove. We arrived just as Dan and Susan were loading up to head over to the dock.
Rhoda and Dan took some of the kids tubing while we floated around in the very refreshing clear clean water. Most of us soon loaded into the pontoon for a boat ride.
Andrew is on the jet ski ready to pull his dad up water skiing.
Below he is up and filling the air with water.
Andrew soon traded places and drenched us on the boat by skiing right next to us.
Below he is making so much water fly into the air we can barely see Andrew.
Sophie is contemplating life as she takes a nice quiet boat ride.
Ebby has her own spot at the back of the boat.
Irelyn enjoyed the ride.
On the way back Abrahm was having fun making huge water bubbles in the front of the boat.
As the 96 degree hot sunny day started to slowly cool down by evening we made our way back by 4 wheeler. We drove up to see the horses lined up on the hill side watching for us.
Karin drives the 4 wheeler right up to them and instead of running they quickly surround us all wanting attention.
By the time we made it back to the campground it was time to build a fire for dinner. Abrahm caught this nice big craw-dad.
Karin showed them how to cook it on a stick over the fire.
Dan grilled hamburgers while the rest of us pulled out the bacon.
When the cooking was done Rhoda and Sophie brought down more wood.
They brought enough wood down to last the night.