Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trick or Treat

Stephanie sent the picture this morning of Elisabet getting ready for bedtime.
Stephanie wrote:
She insisted upon wearing the "bye-a" (the way she says the Spanish word for horse) shirt to bed last night.
Elisabet sure knows the way to this gramma's heart.  I had a lazy day here. There was 1 stall to clean, horses to feed, Valiant and Galena to lock off their field outside. Inside I made a big pot of creamy chicken and wild rice soup with lots of vegetables while doing laundry and dishes. I was able to freeze 4 quarts and still had enough for dinner AND lunch tomorrow.  We both enjoyed the soup, it really was delicious.  As I am still coughing Joan was sent a text to see if she could take mom to church tonight. Mark and I stayed home from church and listened on-line. Dave Obergfel had the message on prayer.  Always good to hear Dave speak.
Rachel and David manned Rachel's studio tonight saving it from all the tricks from trick or treaters. Below IF I'm not mistaken are just a small portion of Spark and Rhonda's grandchildren
 In the picture below are 4 of Beth and Greg's grand children. 
 Neither of these couples are in town. Instead they are down in Gulf Shores with Mike and Diane, Mark and Cathy and Gary and Nancy enjoying the fellowship while they enjoy dinner.  I think Beth took the picture below as she is not in this picture.
But I digress, let's get back to the trick and treaters.  Phil and Anna's girls all went out dressed as my little ponies. 
 Zion is obviously a Dalmatian puppy in the picture below. Her mother must be Cruella and Nolan is probably a puppy stealer if he is in cahoots with Cruella. 
 Little Iris is the pineapple.
Israel is Spider man with the jack-o-lantern his papa helped him carve.
 Ben and Taunya's 4 are pictured below. Can you guess who they are?
A little hint, both boys, Jack and Jace are the same character and Addyson is the brainy girl in the story. Abe Judah brings messages. 
He is one very unhappy owl. 
 Everyone ended up with lots of delicious candy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The FLU Strikes

We had a fun morning at the Berean office and I was thankful I didn't know how bad the day was going to be back at the farm later.  IF interested in reading about our morning there click HERE.
We had a hard afternoon here today.  Lisa the new mare came down with the flu on Monday a week ago and this is a strain our horses have not been exposed to.  I thought I was being so careful of keeping her in quarantine except forgot about that very first night she stayed here. We put her in a stall then put her in a paddock away from all of our horses. That was the right thing to do but what I forgot was that we had her in a stall that first night.  A couple days later we used the stall for Oksana and 2 days later Oksana developed a runny nose and a cough. She was never off her feed and never had a fever but 2 days later Tory and Anna started coughing.  From there they exposed the foals as the pond pasture backs up to the foal paddock. Yesterday the foals all had a runny nose and today I heard some coughing. Dr. Hoerr came out for Lisa and to check the foals and gave me the bad news. There is NOTHING to be done except give them time. None of them have a fever, all have good appetites but ALL have been exposed.  He said once the symptoms are gone, the lining of the lungs still need to heal and that can take a month.  They need to be kept comfortable, given plenty of food and water and no stress.  The good news is once they are better, they can travel to their new homes and be well protected from the flu virus.  I have 4 foals that were suppose to leave for their homes next week and all of those owners were called.
Dr. Hoerr gave Lisa a check over, took a few sharp edges off her teeth and pulled her wolf teeth.
He feels she is a very nice 2 year old and should fit well with our herd once she is better.  Of course right now I'm regretting buying her and exposing our horses to this flu but as Dr. Hoerr said, it might just save the life of one of your foals, giving them time for their bodies to develop antibodies to something they may be exposed to at a different barn.
By the way, this is the first time ever we have had this happen and we have been in business for 16 years.
Dr. Hoerr did bring some good news with him. He collected Valiant on June 11th, this year for a mare at his clinic but by the time he got home that mare had already ovulated. Two days later he had a Saddlebred mare in season so asked if he could use the rest of the collection on her and then stuck the remaining semen in her. He finally got around to checking her and she is pregnant. That mare is due May 23rd, 2019. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Valiant Does the Trails

Beautiful weather today, the day we have been waiting for with sunshine, upper 60s, light breeze and plenty of outside work. Right after the walk I ran to TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail then to Sam's to pick up the Berean meal.  Rhoda and Iris got here right after I got home. Rhoda came to work Beautiful Lisa the new mare. She worked her first in the round pen then brought her inside to saddle, bridle and do some ground driving. She was so good, Rhoda sat on her and even then she was quiet and willing so she walked her around in the indoor a bit.

 We were well pleased with her quiet willing demeanor. She was put back in the paddock and we went in to feed Iris.  She is such a happy baby. 

 Rhoda didn't stick around too long as Iris was going to need a nap. Karin and Sue arrived after work and today was the day they were going to try Valiant and Galena riding together. That went very well in the outdoor arena, so well they decided to take these two out on the trails.

 Rebekah arrived and pulled out Oksana. I asked them to pose for a few pictures while we were waiting for the other two to come back from the trails.  

 Rebekah met the other two up by the big field and the 3 horses walked back to the barn together. 
 Valiant got a little excited at first but settled down and led the way home without causing any trouble.

 Karin said that Valiant likes crossing the creeks, plows through the water and nothing seemed to bother him on the trails. She said he would even lead the way.  We are really really happy with that stallion.  After Galena and Valiant were put away, Tory and Anna were pulled out to join Oksana. Karin rode Oksana, Rebekah asked to ride Tory and Sue rode Anna for the last trail ride of the day. 
 Mark got home from work about the same time and today he wanted a little help with putting the log splitter back on the tractor. I took his golf cart over to where he was going to be splitting with his chain saw and met up with the riders coming back.  Below Karin is asking Oksana to canter and of course at this point they all try the no hands game. 

 Rebekah and Tory went next. 
 Sue circled Anna before taking off. 

 They met up at the end and made their way home. Notice Sue talking with her hands. They were having quite the conversation. 
 Below Karin must be answering Sue with her hands. 
The logs Mark was working on were filled with poison ivy vines. I did not end up helping with the wood splitting.  Thankfully Mark doesn't seem to get poison ivy. We had a late supper then Joan, Ruth and I met over at mom's to play Mexican train. The game is fun but the fellowship is even better.  I'm very thankful that Mark and I live out here, close to family.  
The update on Spark is he was released from the hospital late morning and as soon as they let him out, he and Rhonda headed down to Gulf Shores. They really believe Spark will be fine. There doesn't seem to be any answers why transient global amnesia happens but when it does it is really scary. It so closely resembles a stroke or TIA. 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Spark Scare

The wind was blowing so hard this morning I had to take the dog door out. It was blowing cold lifting the dog flap and freezing out the room. I built a big fire in the wood burner to warm up the house.  Greg Rumbold had the morning message at church. During the afternoon service we got word that Spark was taken to Methodist Hospital and they thought he had a stroke. He had just had the service at the Canton Prison when he got very confused and didn't have any memory of current events. Gary Unsicker who went to the prison with Spark called Rhonda who had gone to the Peoria County Jail this morning. She took him in to Methodist.  They are keeping him overnight in the hospital but after the CT Scan they believe it was transient global amnesia.  We all had to Google that to learn what the problem was.  Thankful for that diagnoses instead of something worse.  The wind was blowing from the south and by the time church got out it was actually warm, the sun was shining and 67 degrees outside.  All of that wind caused a lot of damage. Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley's playground equipment blew down, tore out all of the bolts and smashed the plastic parts. Mark went around picking up limbs off the driveways but when he reached Mike and Diane's drive had to stop and come home for a chain saw.
This was a pretty big tree down reaching all the way across the drive.
There was just one other branch that needed a chain saw and that was on our drive.
Karin had a trail ride scheduled by the time I finally got back, they were just putting the horses away.
Karin rode Galena, Ivan Carlson rode Anna, Faith rode Tory and Sarah and Lucy rode Oksana double. 
 It was a good ride.
Phil and Anna brought their girls over to try out Mark's new toy.  He bought this at the auction last night and Braelyn and Taegan had a lot of fun.

 Taegan took the first fall but that didn't stop her long. 
They had to take turns which wasn't too fun. Anna had to time them to make sure each girl got the correct amount of time to ride it. 4 year old Kensley went over to play at Berlica's house today. She loves cats and when their cat came over she picked her up and said, "This cat has 4 white hooves!"  Do you think maybe these grandchildren are a little too much exposed to horses? 
After supper we all went to the playground where Karin had a fire going to help keep everyone warm. The wind was suppose to calm down and it did enough that they could play the usual volley ball games but it had turned and was coming from the North. The fire was for sure needed. The games were fun but most of them froze their feet. Almost everyone plays barefoot and after the games had to come to the fire to heat of those cold feet. This is the last Sunday for outdoor volley ball. In November they always move indoor to the Hanna City gym.   No one wanted to leave the fire. The stars were so very bright tonight and the fire was good hot coals.  Now though we all smell like smoke. 

No Glory

I saw this and wanted to post it for my daughter and daughters-in-law. They are all such good mom's and we grandparents KNOW sometimes it is really hard. We appreciate knowing our precious grand children have the best of the best and even though YOU think there is no glory in your day to day life, there really IS.
The poem below was written by Krista Ward

There’s no glory in changing diapers.
There’s no glory in refereeing arguments.
There’s no glory in picking your toddler’s dinner up off the floor.

There’s no glory in hauling the kids to and from practices and activities and playdates.
There’s no glory in cleaning spit up off your shirt…again.
There’s no glory in helping your kids with homework.
There’s no glory in rinsing out yet another blowout-stained onesie in the bathroom sink.
There’s no glory in changing wet sheets in the middle of the night.
There’s no glory in cluster feeding.
There’s no glory in showing up to every game, rain or shine, without fail.
There’s no glory in handling that tantrum at the grocery store.
There’s no glory in navigating the carpool line.
There’s no glory in scrubbing projectile vomit out of the car seat.
There’s no glory in packing homemade lunches every single day.
There’s no glory in soaking pee up out of the carpet.
There’s no glory in teaching your teenager to drive.
There’s no glory in making food that your kids refuse to eat.
There’s no glory in doing all the laundry.
Washing all the dishes.
Sweeping all the floors.
Dusting all the tables.
Cleaning all the mirrors.
Wiping all the windows.
Picking up all the toys.
There’s no glory in any of it.
There’s no one patting you on the back for all that you do.
There’s no parade in your honor.
There’s no party thrown.
There’s nothing.
Because motherhood, this grueling, tiresome, exhausting, never-ending, oftentimes thankless work—it’s not about you or your glory.
It’s about Him. It’s about His glory.
Each and every time that you do something for your family that you feel has gone unnoticed, He notices. He marvels at your selflessness, at your ability to do the dirty work without any recognition for the sake of those you love most.
And in that, He is glorified.
In all your hauling and cleaning and scrubbing and making and crafting and teaching and loving and doing, His name is lifted high.
And I promise you, sweet Mama, that when your actions glorify Him, it’s infinitely more fulfilling than if they were to glorify you or your name.
So I know it feels like there’s no glory in motherhood. And I know that, sometimes, it feels like it’s all for naught.
But rest assured, it’s all worth it. It’s all for a reason. It’s all with great purpose.
His purpose.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Valiant's Companion

Each winter we look for a mare that would be a good companion for Valiant. It can't be a wimpy mare as he can be a bully but it also can't be a kicker or dangerous mare.  Both Karin and I came to the conclusion Galena is perfect. All the horses are afraid of her but it isn't because she kicks. She is just so large, pins her ears and they all move off. This afternoon we determined we would try the two together. First though Karin had work to do.  She pulled Oksana out first. Of course Oksana did well. Karin kept commenting, when they reach this stage they are just so much fun to ride!
 Galena was next and today there was NO bad behavior. She walked into the arena happy, Karin asked for a canter right off down the long side and she happily cantered. No bucking, no biting.  
 The last mare worked was Tory and she too did awesome.  

 The mares were let out into the pond pasture as the sun was out and the rain done until tomorrow.  They enjoyed feasting on that still green grass. 
 We went in for lunch about then. After lunch we were going to give all the weanlings their first round of shots but I found I was one short. We decided to skip Isla, Madiera's filly as that one is not sold. The rest were brought into the barn one at a time, given grain and then given the 5 way vaccine.  The only foal that even flinched at all was Jewel's filly. She is just so smart but even with the flinch I know she got the entire syringe full.  Each foal was led back to the paddock except Zalena's colt. I wanted to see him move since the farrier was out a couple days ago.  He was taken to the outdoor arena.  He is still a little short on one of his back legs.  He got kicked a few months back. 

 Dr. Hoerr felt it was nothing to worry about and that he would heal, we just need to give him time, but we are out of time. His owner is coming to pick him up next week.  Now for the record the owner has been told everything about this colt and is not making the trip to just pick him up. He is also buying Lily's colt and if he doesn't want Zalena's colt after seeing him move, he doesn't have to take Zalena's colt.  We will keep him until next year just to make sure he is completely healed.  These colts just get better with age. Check out the picture of  Eli, Eliza's orphaned colt and then at a year old by looking at the pictures below.
Amazing how much a colt will change in a year! Once we were done with Zalena's colt Karin took Valiant  out. She wanted to take him on the drives down to Joan's house but wanted someone to go with her on the golf cart just in case he gave her any trouble.  She rode him first in the indoor just to make sure he was listening then off we went down the drive. 
 The sugar maple is a beautiful yellow and I asked Karin to take Valiant under that tree for a picture then didn't make sure his face was out of the leaves. That's why I'm NOT the photographer in the family. Rachel would have known instantly. 
There was one scary item on the drive. That big oak tree Spark took down yesterday. Big big chunks of that were on the side of the road both sides. After checking it out Valiant realized it really wasn't that scary and off they went. 
 Karin rode him all the way over to Joan's where Mark was installing the last of the inverters. 
 She let Valiant graze a bit on their lawn while I took a couple pictures of mom's place across the lake from Joan's. Her burning bush is almost all the way red. 
 The colors reflecting off the lake were really gorgeous. The camera just doesn't do it justice. 
 On the way back to the barn Valiant heard the new mare calling for him and had to strike a pose but still the colors look a little washed out.  Probably something to do with the bright sunlight. 
 As soon as we returned, Karin untacked Valiant and put him in his paddock. I brought Galena into the field then Karin opened the gate. He came out prancing. 

pranced his way right over to Galena. She didn't break her grazing, just lifted her leg a little, pinned her ears and Valiant backed off. 
 He looked back at us as if to ask, "what am I suppose to do NOW?"
 He walked away and had a good roll. They are both out grazing and Valiant is keeping his distance. 
Hopefully soon she will let him graze next to her. We would like to take him out on the trails with Galena soon. Mom, Joan and the kids got home from Branson this afternoon. Mark picked up mom to take her to the fellowship hall for the AC Home auction.  I'm staying home again as I'm still coughing. They have orders to bring me home some of that famous potato soup.