Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Gorgeous Glistening

 Diane made it home last night from Gulf Shores and sent a text to ask if we were walking. Ruth, Diane and I had to keep stopping for pictures as the morning was so beautiful. The sun was coming up and lighting up the snow covered trees with first a pink glow then gold. The picture below is of the pond pasture. The sun coming up had reached the top of the trees turning them pink.

The picture below is walking towards mom's house with the pink glow in the middle.
We turned up the first cabin drive and when we reached the cabin the sun was just peeking over the horizon.

That sun started turning the branches from pink to bright gold.
With each moment getting brighter.
Looking over Mike and Diane's house the tops of the trees were just gorgeous with their glistening gold sparkly ice and snow.
The pictures below were taken when we reached our house. Below is the pond pasture now no longer pink but gold.

Below is Irish looking out her shelter.
I turned and snapped a picture of our yard with the trees lit up in the background.
Below is looking over what we call the breeding shed. That almost looks as if we have Christmas lights hanging off the roof but those are just ice covered vines. 
It was taking us longer than usual as we had to keep stopping to take pictures.
Diane took the picture below from Rachel's house looking over at mom's house. 
I didn't make it that far, I had to quit the walk to get to the Berean office before 9:00 am. We had a full tub of mail and I wasn't sure how many helpers would come but we had enough to be able to process all the studies of which there were over 300 of them plus mail out 82 Bibles. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE
I ran to Sam's club to buy meat for Sunday dinner and ended up with a big roast. I'll need to ask Taunya for her recipe as her's always turns out wonderful. I also bought new potatoes and carrots. The Bibles were taken down to the Bartonville post office as they have such a nice loading dock. It was amazing that I didn't have an accident on the way home, the gorgeous glistening ice and snow covered landscape was so very beautiful my eyes were having trouble staying on the road. 

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