Friday, January 1, 2021

Almost the Last Day of Vacation

 It was pouring down rain this morning and this time the rain didn't quit until this afternoon. I spent the day cleaning out the fridge, freezer, getting all the laundry and dishes done and got the floors swept. Mark took our leftovers to mom's condo. We just a a few things to pack into the car and will plan on taking off tomorrow morning early. When the sun came out I headed over to the beach near Lani Kai to join Diane. When the volley ball players arrived we moved off the beach and up to the court with mom and Nancy.

Faith, Berlica, Justin and Mackenson were using Joan's metal detector and found something really big over by the wall.
It turned out to be a large section of siding.
Joan had a nickle in her pocket, dropped it in front of mom then let Joshua use the metal detector. 
He was pretty pleased when it went off and dropped down to start digging.
He was pretty excited to find what he called "a quarter".
The volley ball games started up. Nancy loves watching them and would laugh when someone missed the ball.
We decided to head over to Beth's to use her hot tub.
The Hermans were working on their pickle ball/volley ball/basketball court. The lines were being painted today and the outside poles set for the net.

They also have another kind of game pit that looks like it is a mini horse round pen.
The weather report from home started coming in and it wasn't good. Our airbnb renter got stuck, Anna and Phil had to head over to get the machines up and running to plow. The ice this morning was thick. Ruth and Dan posted the pictures below.

This afternoon and evening the snow started up and was falling thickly over the ice. Mark watched the evening forecast and then said, "we are NOT leaving tomorrow."  Taunya was called to make sure we could stay another night, Joan was called to tell her we would not be picking up Nancy at 5:00 am tomorrow, Anna was sent a text to make sure she could take care of Emma and Rhonda's cat for one more day and now I am unpacking the cooler. It just doesn't make sense to try to travel through the snow and ice when we have Phil and Anna there to take care of everything. Our airbnb renter also decided to stay another night.It must be bad in Illinois. 


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