Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dan's Dog

Braelyn and Taegan came to play with grandma this cold wet miserable day and most of the day was spent inside. Finally in the afternoon the temperatures got out of the 40's and broke into the 50's. So the girls were bundled up and off we went for a golf cart ride. It's not fun to have to pull out the winter coats the last day of April.
We drove all over using the drives, trails, fields and paths. Dan arrived when we were at the far end of the property. He left the keys in the ignition, stepped out, let Diesel, his dog out, shut the doors to the van and the next thing he heard his van honk then all the doors locked. How does that happen. The only set of keys were still in the ignition, no one was in the van and yet the doors locked. Dan doesn't let weird things bother him, he borrowed a fishing pole from the back garage, a hanger from a closet, tape from me and he was set to break into the van. One side window was cracked open a bit so he was able to thread the fishing pole through that snag the keys and pull them out the window. Meanwhile Diesel was fascinated with the horses and the hay the horses were eating.
Above he takes a bite of hay and below he sticks his bum in the air to spit the hay out.
  Check out Killian and Indy below having a good laugh at this funny dog!
Lily and Emma are still in season. We also started teasing Sheena and Sangria but both of those mares are not interested. Zalena and her colt were brought inside for the night, Holly and her filly were left outside. The weather is not suppose to improve tonight with cold and rain showers off and on.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fun Work

When work is fun is it work? Today we enjoyed our work at Meisters then this afternoon the girls enjoyed their work with the horses. Above is Rhoda and Sangria coming up from the trails as the sun was starting to set. This morning Lily was still in season and covered by Valiant. Below is her 2014colt by Valiant.

See why we bred her back the same way! This colt is fantastic, he has the presence and beauty so desired in a Friesian with his long arched neck and amazing movement. Rhoda, Emily and Sarah went out on the death trails this afternoon. Lily was out grazing when I saw them coming over the fields and Sarah was without a horse. Turns out she wanted to hike the trails.
They came upon a goose that may have been nesting in the field. Sangria was a little shocked but hardly spooked at all.

Below Rhoda and Sangria are chasing the goose. (it got away)
Emily and Rhoda brought Bonnie and Sangria over to the outdoor arena for a few pictures.
 Above Emily is showing off Bonnie's big trot and below Rhoda was reaching for the buckets at a gallop.
The rest of the pictures were placed on the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page. They were really having fun working those mares. Rhoda used Sangria to bring in Lily and her colt for the night.
Mark was busy power washing the skid steer. That is going in for maintenance tomorrow morning and he wanted the tracks cleaned out first. 
The last picture was taken as I was walking back to the house. The redbud is blooming beautifully and Evan was standing at the gate.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bonnie Home

Lily and Emma were both covered this morning before the walk. Phil dropped off the girls just as we were finishing the second round. Diane and Rachel helped move the mares and foals out of the barn and into the paddock. Braelyn and Taegan kept me busy today. They work so hard at play. Braelyn likes to climb, first the gravel pile then the log pile.
 Taegan likes to lay bricks. Why play with those wimpy wooden blocks when bricks are available.

After that we headed over to the playground with the golf cart and spent a couple hours jumping on the tramp, playing in the sand, swinging on the swings and going down the slide.
After lunch the rain came rolling in so the afternoon was spent playing inside. When Emily arrived home from school she and Rhoda started hauling  mares back out to Middle Grove. The first batch was Jewel, Lola, Star and her filly. They made it home in time to take a second batch out. Anna, Ayanna, Oksana and Paris.
Jewel, Lola, Star, Anna and Ayanna are all pregnant so may as well go out there for a couple of months. Oksana had her wolf teeth pulled, was de-wormed with Quest Plus and will be sent out to be on grass for the summer. She is 21 months old and is going to be a big hairy girl when grown up.
 Paris may or may not be going out there for a permanent vacation. The medicine she has been on is now finished and we think she is looking a little better. The abundant lush green grass at Middle Grove is the best thing for her. She still looks terrible but acts fine so just maybe it is just an abscess on her liver instead of cancer. We will probably know within a month of Middle Grove helps or not.
Karin sent the summer schedule:
May 17, sat, 3-5 pm 4H Vaulting Clinic, Horsemeister
June 7th sat, 1-4 pm, Jr. high girls camp, Norris
June 21st sat 1-4 pm  Sr. high girls camp, Norris
July 19th, sat 10 am - 2 pm , Horsemeister vaulting camp
Aug 9th, sat 9-11 am, Pony Club Vaulting Clinic, Horsemeister
Aug 16th sat 4-7pm, Vaulting show for Polo Match in Peoria
(Also there are 2 donated trailrides that haven't scheduled with me yet, (Lighthouse and Peoria Christian)
The summer is filling up fast. Somehow summer is never long enough in Illinois! The picture below was taken during a break in the clouds. Holly and her filly were almost glowing in the sunshine. The filly will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.
 She and Zalena's colt were having a lot of fun playing today. The colt would leave Zalena, run around the filly then gallop back to his mom.
The filly would then gallop back to Holly, circle around and head straight back to the colt. 
Bonnie was brought home today. Bonnie has been leased out to Becca Watson for the past year so Becca could give her lots of riding time. Becca's parents have now bought her a horse so Bonnie is now back with us and for sale. This pony has been in parades, shows, clinics and lessons with Becca. She is an 8 year old Welsh Hackney cross. She is about 12.2 hands and would be a great pony for an advanced beginner. Bonnie also drives and is trick trained to climb on a pedestal, bow and lay down on command. She is current with her shots and coggins. She is for sale $2000.00.
This next picture is one that will take careful study. Look closely just to the right of the root that is sticking straight down. Mark saw a fox run into the opening, not sure if the fox is going to have her pups there or move on but she was looking out as I snapped the picture from across the pond.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


It was hard to wake up this morning but I dragged out of bed at 6:00 am drank 2 cups of strong coffee then went out to work. I know it is Sunday but we have 4 mares in season and 3 of them needed to be covered today. With Emily's help, Zalena was covered by Valiant, Emma was covered by Evan and Prissy was covered by Killian. Mark had to work on the broken boards and replaced them all before breakfast. We moved Holly and Zalena with their foals inside as storms were expected.
We got everything done in time to shower before heading to church. Mom drove separate as she needed to go to Nancy's meeting in Morton, IL. Emily came with us but planned on catching a ride back with her family who came to Peoria for the day and were meeting us at church. Rhoda left early for church and Sarah drove Addyson and Jack to church. So the group here at Meisterville ended up taking multiple cars in to church today. Tim Roecker had the morning service and Craig Stickling had the afternoon service. We are so blessed in Peoria to hear the Truth spoken and expounded on.
Mark and I had to leave right after it was over to be home by 2:00 pm as we had 5 visitors coming down from Chicago to look at Zalena's colt. It took about 10 minutes for them to decide to buy this colt by Valiant.

They were impressed with his disposition and looks but his movement made the sale. Of course they wanted to see Valiant too. Valiant was put in the outdoor arena where we expected him to explode but he was more interested in having a good roll in the sand. The men offered to buy Valiant too but that wasn't going to happen. They put down a substantial deposit on Zalena's colt but after looking at all the mares would also like to buy a purebred filly from us.
Emily's family was out playing on the trampoline at the playground when a storm came through. The rain came pounding down without a lot of warning, the kids jumped off the tramp and ran for the shed then called Emily to come pick them up with her truck. She piled them in and drove into the indoor arena so they could get into the apartment without getting soaked. Everyone has gone home and it's time to start another book.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fun Show then Benefit

Before the girls could load up and head over to Pekin for the PRC fun show we had to cover Zalena with Valiant and Emma with Evan. The coolers and the dessert had to be taken to the fellowship hall and finally I was on my way also to Pekin. Jack and Addyson got to come along and had fun riding too. Rhoda took Ayanna while Emily decided to take both Jewel and Lola. Below are a few pictures of the show. Lots of pictures were posted on the Horsemeister Facebook page.
 It was a beautiful warm sunny day and Jack didn't think he needed his shirt. At one point he thought he should take his shorts off too but Sarah decided that wasn't proper to ride in just skivvies.

Lola was amazing, Emily actually WON the egg and spoon class. Lola is just so smooth. I had to leave to get ready for the benefit dinner so didn't get to watch all the classes.
The benefit dinner is always a lot of work but so worth it. The meal is the most delicious meal of the year each and every year. The program somehow always turns out beautiful. Usually Mark and I work there until the fellowship hall is cleaned up but not tonight. Sarah sent a text through that all the babies were out and she couldn't do a thing about it. She wasn't able to get any help so right after the program Mark, Emily and I got home to discover a broken board, 2 fillies and 1 mare out. We believe one of the mares broke the middle board and when Sissy's filly discovered it and crawled through Star's filly followed. Star got so upset she must have jumped the fence as no more boards were down. It took a bucket of grain to catch Star and then 3 of us to get them back inside. Sissy meanwhile was going crazy away from her filly. We stuck a water tank in front of the broken board until daylight. That should keep them all in.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Busy Farm Call

We pulled up right at 5:00 am, just in time to get up and start working except instead we rolled into bed and slept until 6:30 am. That bed felt so good. We are getting too old for these all nighters. Rhoda left early to pick up Addyson and Jack who will be spending the day and night with us.
After the walk we sent Emily to the Glasford grain elevator where she picked up a skid of Purina Strategy. While she was there Dr. Hoerr called to say he was already in Kickapoo and would be here in a few minutes. The grain elevator was called to tell them to send Emily home. Dr. Hoerr went first to Rachel's to pull coggins on her 3 giving us a few more minutes to bring in mares for the ultrasounds. First up was Anna.
We were thrilled to discover not only is she pregnant but she is 70 days along. We were able to see the foal pretty well. Sneaky Valiant, we never even saw him cover her. Anna was Valiant's companion for the winter. We were sure wondering why she wasn't coming into season. She is due Jan 23rd, 2015 and that foal is going to be gorgeous!
Next up was Indy and to our disappointment she had not settled and had already ovulated. I don't know why she wouldn't show to Evan this last week but we missed her and will have to wait 3 weeks for her to come in again. Sissy was sonagrammed to see where she was in her cycle. She had just ovulated but was still showing so was covered by Valiant. Emma came in and was covered by Evan. Next up was Star.
Thankfully she settled and is due Feb 24th, 2015. Lily was the last mare sonagramed and she was also open. We really didn't expect her to settle as she was only bred on her foal heat then sent out to Middle Grove. She is just now coming in season and will be watched for the next few days.
Next was Oksana's turn. She will be 2 years old this July so it was time to have her wolf teeth extracted.
 Addyson and Jack were kind of grossed out and when Oksana bit Dr. Hoerr's thumb they decided they would rather go help Emily clean stalls than stand next to that 'bad biting' horse.
Next Dr. Hoerr checked Lola and Jewel and both mares are pregnant. We didn't sonagram them last fall, just sent them out so that was a nice surprise. Lola is due July 19th, and Jewel is due Aug 7th,. After Dr. Hoerr left Rhoda and Emily took Jack and Addyson out on the trails with the horses.
In the picture below Emily is getting Indy out while telling Killian he has to stay in.
Rhoda and Jack rode Anna while Emily and Addyson rode Indy.

The ride was pretty long, too long for Jack he fell sound asleep on the trails. Killian and Lily's colt were busy playing with each other over the fence. Boys will be boys but what this showed us is that Killian even though today is his 3rd birthday he is NOT mature.
I had to drive to Farmington to pick up the coolers for the benefit dinner from the Old School Center and on the way back stopped at County Market to pick up the strawberries and cherry pie filling for the dessert and ran into Spark shopping there. He mentioned Rhonda was home making the same dessert.
After supper Mark graded all the driveways again.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Rhoda,Emily and I left for Middle Grove at 7:00 am to pick up the first load which was Sissy, her filly, Star, her filly and Lily and her colt. They were needing to be brought in for breeding or to be sonagramed which is scheduled for tomorrow. Sissy is in season now so will be covered within the next few days. Those 6 horses were dropped off and we left immediately to pick up the next 4 horses.  Sangria and Sheena for breeding and Lola and Jewel for a pregnancy check. Mark called just as we were getting close to Middle Grove the second trip to ask if I could go with him to Tennessee today to pick up 2 PTACS for Skyline. He came to pick me up for the trip right after we arrived back at the farm. Thankfully Rhoda and Emily handled everything. They situated the new horses, covered the mares needing to be bred, met the farrier and held the 6 horses that needed to be trimmed, wormed the mares that came in from Middle Grove AND started the dessert I was suppose to make for the benefit dinner which had to be started tonight. Thank goodness for great help.
We made it down to the Amana/Goodman factory by 8:00 pm, loaded the 2 units and are now on the way home. If we don't stop to rest we should make it by 6:00 am tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Holly Out

Israel was picked up early and dropped off at the apartment so Rhoda could play with him while we walked.  While I was picking him up Mark and Emily were busy moving in 3 bales. The middle paddock got 2 new bales and the breeding shed got 1. Right after the walk Bethany came to play with Israel so Diane and I drove in to Meisters to work on Bibles and letters. We got out another 118 Bibles out today. By the time I got home Bethany had just given Israel his lunch and put him to bed. Mom as a special surprise was over cleaning MY windows. Now they are so clean I almost walked through the sliding glass door thinking it was wide open. Thanks a lot mom! She also cleaned my kitchen and bathroom. I know I know, I should be feeling really guilty about now but it was such a nice surprise.
Mom went home and not 5 minutes later Ruth called to ask if I could go help Rebekah catch Larry and Cheyenne. Those horses had escaped and were heading down the road. I called mom to come back here in case Israel woke up, grabbed a bucket of grain and started driving over to Ruth's when Rebekah called back to report the horses came back and were now locked up. By the time I got home from that I walked in and found mom sweeping the living room floor. I really need to stay away longer next time.
Israel was a lot of fun today, he woke up happy and stayed that way. 
 After he was taken home Emily helped me get the mares teased. Holly is now out and her countdown will start. Prissy was still in and covered.
Diane drove to church tonight. Craig Stickling had the message.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Turn Out

Prissy was in a standing heat today and covered by Valiant early this morning. Only Rachel and the dogs went on the walk today. Mom and Diane went with the TAG group to Eureka while I went in to work early to print out labels for Bibles. Rhoda and Emily joined Eva Jean and me in getting the studies and 216 Bibles out today.
After work it was so nice and sunny that Zalena and Holly along with their foals were put out in the field together. This is the first time Zalena has been with another mare since her colt was born so we wanted to make sure there was plenty of room to move away in case of a squabble but all went well. Most of the time the mares with foals are so worried about their own foals they will not be aggressive towards the other mares and foals and this was the case today. The 2 foals were very curious about each other and would get closer and closer to each other then run back to their moms.
Tomorrow Holly will need to be teased, hopefully she will be out. We had a good practice at choir tonight starting a half hour earlier then setting up the tables and chairs for the benefit dinner on Saturday.