Friday, January 8, 2021

Love Those Lights

 Another gray dreary day but the snow and ice are still beautiful even without the sunshine. Joan made it home last night but couldn't walk as today is co-op for them. Ruth, Diane and I and the dogs walked. Around 11:00 am the person that bought the Exiss trailer called and made arrangements to pick it up. I took the golf cart up to the barn to make sure the tire blocks were off and the trailer ready for hookup. Before he arrived Isaiah and Magda arrived. Magda brought Irish out first.

Her thick hair coat is kind of stained and that is what really makes us appreciate the black coat of Friesians. The mud just doesn't show as well on them. Irish won't have a bath until spring. Check out the beard on her. 

These Gypsy mares are SO hairy. Today Magda worked with her on her walk trot transitions and by the time she was done she was slipping into a trot, holding the trot and turning with leg pressure and the turn of Magda's head. Magda wasn't using the reins very much at all. 

Irish was bred to Valiant and is due April 23rd, 2021.  IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures of Magda working with Irish click HERE. Next out was Ripper. Isaiah has been working with Ripper and we are all pleased with how well both are doing.

Today he introduced the flag. Ripper was so impressed with that he had to taste it.
Karin arrived and rode Ripper first. He sure has that amazing Andalusian movement.
Karin asked for the flag and rode Ripper around the arena with the flag flying.
He is such a good boy and tries hard to please.
He deserved a good pat for his good behavior. 
Next Isaiah rode him.

I sure love the new lights in this indoor arena. The arena is so bright it makes training a joy in the winter. IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures of Karin and Isaiah working with Ripper click HERE.  My toes were pretty frozen by the time they were finishing up with Ripper so headed in. I think they brought Evan and Valiant out next.  They were telling me about the horses spooking last week and how they found that the coyotes had dug a hole under the barn and were inside. The horses could smell them and kept spooking. Isaiah took a shovel and filled in the hole. They saw lots of coyote tracks outside where they had dug under the barn wall to get inside. I'm not quite sure what to do about that, we sure don't want them this close to the barn. I think we will need to dig down and bury a hog panel to keep them out.  Mark worked on chain sawing the big downed tree across the drive after work but it got dark too soon to finish. 

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