Tuesday, June 30, 2020


This morning early Skye was in our back yard right in view of the bedroom window. I took my time getting dress then jumped on the golf cart believing all the horses in the middle paddock must be out as that was where Skye was suppose to be. Imagine my surprise to find all the gates locked and all the horses except Skye still where they belonged. Skye was not up with the other horses so I started searching for her checking at the cabin first. There were no horses standing there waiting to be let in and then I really started searching. Where could she be?  I started wondering if I had dreamed seeing her but knew that really wasn't the case. I finally checked IN the cabin field and she was standing with the rest of the riding horses all innocent like she had been there all morning.  By this time it was close to 7:00 am. Breakfast was cooked for all who wanted breakfast. On the walk Mike told me he had taken Skye to the cabin field last night. She must have jumped out of the pasture and come over this morning then when I was looking for her she went back to the cabin and jumped back in. We had a good walk but mom and I needed to leave early as today was Berean day.  If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE. I needed to be home by 1:00 pm as the farrier was suppose to arrive by 1:30 pm. When we finished with Berean it was raining and kept raining all the way home. When I drove up to the barn there was Skye again just hanging out in the circle drive like she belonged there.
She was put in with Jury, Josiah and Joshua and Mike was sent a text that she was now here. It is a mystery how she is getting out.  Addyson and I started bringing in horses into the stalls for their pedicures tromping through the rain and mud. Jenis, Ayanna, Ripper and Josiah were put in the stalls while Valiant was put in the indoor arena. Tyler the farrier showed up right on time. I was shocked when I saw him. You see I thought all along I was talking to Tyler Joos and it was Tyler JONES who came. I had the phone numbers mixed up. I was just glad one of them came and Tyler Jones lives a LOT closer.  Addyson helped hold Valiant for Tyler so I could snap a picture.
Tyler went in to work on Ripper
while I put Valiant away and brought in Evan. Evan's hooves had worn so perfectly even that he didn't need to be trimmed. Tyler finished at 3:00 pm and as soon as he left Evan, Ayanna and Jenis were put away but  before I could put Ripper away the people that were coming to do the pre-purchase on Josiah arrived with Dr. George, a vet from San Jose, IL.  Josiah was well behaved for the entire vetting process and passed with flying colors.
Dr. George remarked that we have done a wonderful job with him. His owner was well pleased.
When they left I started teasing mares. Jewel is now out, Tori was brought over and covered by Valiant. The Appy mare screamed and would not show. She was given a shot which should bring her in and ready in 3 days. Easter Lilly was still in and covered by Valiant. Dakota acted interested but then said no.  I finally got back inside to start cooking supper at 5:30. Anni came to pick up Addyson, Jack, Jace and Abe after supper. Mom wanted to play games tonight so Ruth, Diane and I went there. At 8:30 pm the kids were brought back to the apartment and given showers. They were settled in bed at 9:30 and I came down here but am heading up to check on them as soon as this is finished. 

Monday, June 29, 2020

The Long Hike

I had someone asking for a video of Hadassah's filly this morning so right after the walk Addyson and I took Hadassah and her filly to the round pen. It was already mid 80s, hot and humid.

With Addyson and Abe's help below is the video we sent the prospective buyer.
After they were put away Braelyn and I left for Middle Grove around 10:00 am to take pictures of the foals. When we arrived we took some time to put on hats and spray ourselves for bugs, especially ticks and deer flies.
There were no horses in sight so started hiking, taking the trail that leads to where the herd spends the heat of the day, deep in the woods by a couple of ponds and a stream. We call that the Swampy Area but it really isn't a swamp. When we arrived there were still no horses in sight. We started hiking straight east until we ran into the fenceline then turned and went straight north up to the top of the property. We almost stepped on this snake laying across the trail.
Not too much later we heard a big splash and a crash like something jumped out of the water, I told Braelyn it was either a deer or a mountian lion.  She stuck pretty close after that. About that time I started smelling something dead. Braelyn found the deer leg.
Looks like the coyotes got this deer, OR maybe the black bear that is traveling through Illinois OR maybe the mountian lion (although we have never seen a mountian lion here). There are beautiful wild flowers at Middle Grove including thistles.
This was picked then destroyed.
After an hour of hiking we were pretty thrilled when we finally saw some of the horses off in the distance.The camera was zoomed all the way in to get the picture below.
All of the horses look great and all were glad to see us.
 Above is Galena and below is Irish.
 The horses were a little spooked with Braelyn's hat.
 Isla was not spooked at all. She came right down to see what that could be on Braelyn's head.
Braelyn leaned down so she could smell it but Isla put it in her mouth.

 And then started shaking the hat. Zalena is behind Isla, check out her reaction in the next few pictures.

 We laughed when Isla dropped the hat, even Galena was concerned.
Below is Irish, the grass was so deep we couldn't see her filly.
 Oksana came crashing through the grass and we didn't see her foal either.
 Her colt came running up behind her.
 Irish's filly came out of the grass too.
 That is Lily in front of her colt left and right is Oksana's colt and Oksana in the picture below. 
 Oksana's colt came back to check out Braelyn's hat.
 Irish's filly is just darling.
 Soul's filly has the mega hair mohawk!
 Below is Oksana's colt.
 Lola's filly loves people and even though Braelyn was wearing a hat came over for some scratches.
 Lily's colt did too. He looks pretty funny with that faded foal coat and all that pitch black hair under it.
 Below is Isla at 2 years of age she is as tall or taller than Zalena.
 Zalena is pictured below.
 They both came up for attention. Zalena is left, Isla is right.
 Rosalie is pictured below.
 Rosalie is looking fat and happy. 
We were so very hot by the time we finished checking out all the horses that we were craving ice cream and water.  Of course when one goes to Middle Grove one MUST stop at Bs AND we ordered a medium cone for each of us. 
We have never been brave enough to try the large. We had the air conditioning on high and were quite cool by the time we made it home. The pictures were downloaded and sent to the owners of the foals. Stephanie brought out her kids to swim with Anna's and Taunya's but I was too busy to join them. Tatiana needed to be teased and covered by Valiant but to do this Easter Lilly had to be moved into a stall first so we could put Tatiana's filly in the paddock.  I also think Tori is coming back in season but tomorrow Jewel will need to be covered IF she is still in. This evening the drive was blocked both directions. Mike hired a company to move his loader to Middle Grove and the rig was just a little too long to make the turn. Mike had to help by driving the truck while the other guy drove the big excavator and together they were able to get it out to the main road.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Iris Turns 2

We had to leave our house by 8:00 am to pick up mom and 3 chairs. We arrived at church around 8:30 am, parked in the shade then started the walk to the front doors of the church. It was such a blessing to be there. Craig Stickling had the first service and Tim Roecker had the second service. Between those services we went out to the parking lot, pulled out those chairs and had donuts and coffee and were joined by Ruth,  Spark, Rhonda and then a bit later Gabe and Molly and their 4 children.
After church we stopped at Aldi to pick up a few groceries while we were in town. As soon as we got home Sunday supper was started. The grand children stopped in wearing their home made outfits  while I was cooking so of course I needed to snap a picture or two.
After supper we celebrated Iris' 2nd birthday.

I took a short video of her blowing out her candles.
To see the rest of the pictures of the birthday party click HERE
After the party Addyson took them all over to the playground on the golf cart. It is wonderful to have a grand daughter old enough to drive. She turned 11 years old in April and is our oldest grandchild.
The volley ball games were going strong. We took the golf cart over to the farm where Rhoda was working with Skye teaching her the first step to the bow.
Skye really is a beautiful 3 year old filly.

Next out was Jury. She is a little farther in her trick training.
Jury was also introduced to the tarp.

Today Rhoda worked with Addyson teaching her how to round pen Jury.

When Jury was put away we took the kids back to the playground then came back to the farm to tease mares. Hadassah was teased and covered by Evan and Easter Lilly was teased and covered by Valiant. It was another really wonderful Sundays.