Monday, May 31, 2010

Samantha and Filly Sold!

A very nice family came out to the farm today and bought Samantha and her filly. The horses won't leave our farm until mid July which will give Raven time to get her bred and sonagram her in foal. They will be letting me know the name they chose for the filly. We are sorry to see then go but thrilled they are getting a great home.

New Colt

Holly Hinton just called, her paint mare just delivered a colt. He is a solid color with a little chrome, but she says he has a beautiful dished face, almost like an Arabian and is big boned. She is pleased and so are we. Holly is going to get pictures for us. I'm losing the boy girl count with the foals coming fast but I think the fillies still out number the colts.

Baking Soda

Yesterday was very hot and humid, on my way up the stairs after church to change I realize I am STILL smelling puppy pee from March, when we went on vacation and left Emma with a dog sitter that didn't know about puppies and their need to be locked up then let out regular. I've tried different products to rid the landing of the smell but on a hot humid day the smell starts wafting up into our nostrils. So an entire box of baking soda was sprinkled all over the landing. The first to notice was Rhoda and I hear a shout "WHAT HAPPENED on the stairs?", then it was Mark's turn. I think it is working and am going to leave it on the landing until later today.
So this morning at 4:45am we are awakened by Emma whining at the top of the stairs. I grab my robe, open the door and she RUNS to the front door desperate to get out. How pleased I am to see her running into the yard to go to relieve herself. Don't mind at all getting up early for that. Almost afraid to write this because I don't want to be jinxed but we have had NO accidents in the house for so long, I forgot when the last one was. So very nice to be out of the puppy stage.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


We had 2 awesome sermons today in church. It was such a pleasure to be back. We missed last Sunday when we were camping.
A message came while we were in church that the people coming to see Samantha and her filly were going to be late and would I call them. This was done during lunch and we made out to meet tomorrow which left us free for Norris. The farm was the first stop so Samantha could be covered and that was one weird cover. Raven was taken over to the cabin field, Samantha came running up to the fence very interested so Raven was tied, Samantha brought out and tied and Raven brought over. She tried to kill him, started mule kicking. Raven is great about getting out of the way and didn't even get clipped. Samantha was put back in the field and again Raven brought over and again she was showing big time. This time I tied Raven, tied her up in the cabin field, had Jamie hold the filly and brought Raven up and no showing, no sign of being in. As soon as Raven was out of the field and she was again let loose she came right over to the fence again showing. I don't know if I was brave or stupid but this time she was left loose in the cabin field and the gate opened for Raven, she not only let him mount she stood quietly. Never had that happen before. The sun was so bright that when the horses were in the trees the shadows made them look all spotted. It was unusual enough a picture needed to be snapped.
Once Raven was put back and fed it was over to mom's to cook hamburger. Ben and Taunya joined us for dinner. Addyson can now say 'doggie and horsey' She said doggie very clearly.
We headed to the Herman Lake in Norris, IL for competitive volley ball by 6:00pm. There were at least 4 teams rotating in and out. Winner to keep playing but what was interesting the teams were pretty equal as each team would win, stay in for the next then lose. There was a HUGE group of people at the Herman Lake. We were the first to pull out, wanted to be home by dark!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Norris Lake

Once Wanda was delivered this morning we headed for home to eat some lunch. Mark headed back out to the farm while I started loading the car with the cotton candy machine and snow cone machine plus all the supplies to make both. Mike and Diane took the ponies. Just as I got to the top of the hill, I see Knight and Duke, the 2 ponies grazing in the middle of the field in front of Norris Lake. This was very confusing, there are no trees and I'm sure they are not staked out. Karin is standing by the drive with a bunch of little kids around her and she yells the ponies are loose and won't be caught. Naughty boys! We had a lot of help rounding them up, Mike took a quick trip to the Farm King in Canton for a pony girth and 2 pony halters and as soon as the ponies were tacked up they were in demand. It is easily in the 90s so the snow cone machine was put into use during the heat of the day.
The rest of the evening was a lot of fun. We swam in the lake, some fished, some played volley ball, Ruth brought a big blow up water slide that the kids loved, and mom even went down it. Beth made everyone dinner of bbq pork chops, potatoes, salads, chips, and baked beans. There was birthday cake along with ice cream for dessert. Cotton candy was abundantly available after dinner, then it was back to the pony rides.

Hot Coffee

Stumbling down the stairs this morning I have a craving for coffee! Must not have had enough in my system from yesterday, it feels like everything is in a fog. Last night 10 of us met at Gil's Supper Club for dinner, then after dinner it was to the farm. Knight needed trimming before the birthday party today and Wanda needed to be groomed, stalled, fed and watered. Wanda is leaving this morning and should be kept clean while the birthday party is this afternoon at the Herman lake in Norris, IL. Mark worked on attaching the claw on the skid steer while we were busy with the horses. Samantha and her filly are doing fine in the cabin field. Last night they were at the bottom of the field, Samantha was called, she came at a trot and the filly trotted right along with her all the way up the hill breaking into a canter in places. We left for home at dusk, Mark rented a movie by Nicholas Sparks called Dear John. We enjoyed just sitting and being entertained but the movie was a little long and we didn't get up to bed until after 11:00pm.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Email from Clara's New Owner

Hello Judy,
I thought you'd like to know that we bitted and saddled Clara up this afternoon, and she did wonderful. She was more concerned with going to sleep then anything we were putting on, taking off or resizing. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with her, not to mention my mother in law, who normally dislikes mares quite a bit but is extremely impressed with Clara. We are beginning to wean Zephyr today (he already nicked himself on the round pen) but he should calm down in a day or so. Thanks so much for the wonderful pair of horses.

Samantha's Filly

We moved them into the cabin field this morning and just had to snap a few shots.

She was so funny interacting with Ebby, she wanted to be brave but ran back to Samantha after each sniff.
Sanna was covered this morning, both Velvet and Big Sally are now out. A sonagram should be scheduled in 2 weeks and if they are bred we will haul them out with the rest of the herd to Middle Grove.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wanda Pickup

Steven met me at the farm just a little after 8:00am, hooked up the stock trailer, loaded it with Ribbon, Aragon, Walker Sally and her filly and headed to Middle Grove. These 4 were to be dropped off and Knight and Wanda picked up. Knight for a birthday party on Saturday and Wanda so she can be delivered to her new home on Saturday. I was apprehensive about making it through the mud to the gate and thought we should walk the horses in but Mike was sure with Steven's monster truck we would make it. Well we did but barely. I'm not ready to try that again unless the ground starts drying up. We have had rain every day with some places receiving 4 inches at a time. None of the horses were around and didn't come running when we called so we started hiking in staying on top of the hills as much as possible. We reached the 3rd valley and saw the horses down by the trees. The picture was taken with my zoom lens zoomed in as far as it goes.
They did not come running up the hill to us so we had to hike all the way down, halter Knight and Wanda and when we started leading those 2 the others all came running and joined up with the 4 we brought out with us. Middle Grove is such a beautiful place for horses, just wish we had a better drive! Once Knight and Wanda were loaded it was time to try to get out. At one point we thought we were going over a ditch but somehow Steven kept the truck and trailer on the road. We were just ready to pull into the farm when Heather called, she was also almost to the farm. Of course she had to admire Samantha's filly before loading her mare up. Then it was home to BREAKFAST!

Samantha's Filly

The pictures are not the best, taken in the stall and the camera wasn't held still enough but at least I have a few.

As I'm trying to get pictures, the filly is very curious and keeps walking up to the camera, then she whirled away for the rear end shot. She is actually much cuter than these show, when some of the mud dries up, perhaps we can make an appointment with Rachel Sauder of momentscapturedbyrachel for some really good shots for the website.

New Stud Colt

One of the three mares artificially inseminated the same day delivered a stud colt by Raven on Monday. The first one to deliver was a pony mare and she delivered a stud colt a couple of weeks ago. The third is due any day and waxing over. These mares are in Morton, IL. If things ever settle down here, I need to take a trip over to get pictures.
Trying to fill out all the paper work for Heather as she is coming to pick up Jackie today. Heather also wants another set for her blue roan filly. The paper work on that one was for FSHR and Heather wants them both in the same registry. Rachel will need paper work done for Shadow before he leaves and Jamie wants to register her filly by Raven in the Friesian Heritage Horse so those need to be done. The copies were made last night but the dates of cover still need to be researched on the last year filly.
I'm heading to the farm to check on Samantha and taking my camera, perhaps at our walk one of the ladies can help me get a couple of pictures of her, she is adorable.
Steven Marchal will be at the farm with his monster truck early to take Ribbon, Aragon, Walker Sally and her new filly all out to Middle Grove. The decision was made to keep Sangria and Wynne at the farm, Sangria for Rhoda's trail rides and Wynne for her training.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Steak Dinner

Once back from the farm, it was to Walmart for groceries. Steak was on sale so $100.00 worth of mushrooms, salad fixins, fruit, cream, milk, ice cream and on and on.
Mark grilled the steak and it was done perfectly, the salad had cranberries and pecans crunch added to it, the mushrooms were cooked in butter, the onions were sauteed, and the sugar snow peas were steamed then dribbled with a little olive oil and lightly salted. Mark needed a good home cooked meal, the first dinner meal in 5 days, I think he missed his wife! We saved our dessert for after church.
Karin left a message that Samantha was walking away from the foal, so after church it was time to head back to the farm. Mike and Ralph removed the splints while the stall was being prepared. The filly's legs are PERFECT! Once we watched her get up by herself it was time to head home.
I've just finished the camping video. This one was thrown together and not very professional but at least it was finished then youtube disabled the audio so the music had to be switched.

Jackie & Sangria In Foal

Pulled up at the farm right at 6:30am and Steven is sitting on the hay rack watching Samantha & her filly grazing out in the front. Steven did the 2:00am to 7:00am shift and was pretty exhausted but helped me get Sanna covered by Raven before heading home to bed. With the filly able to get up on her own we no longer have to have 24 hour care, what a relief!
The barn was cleaned up and swept then it was over to mom's for the walk. Emma came with me today and we did some of her obedience training on our walk.
After the walk, Mom cooked Diane and I breakfast and it was the best EVER! Warm fresh baked bran muffins, farm fresh eggs, crisp bacon, multigrain toast and juicy sliced oranges were all on the menu.
Dr. Hoerr arrived at noon, did the health check on Shadow first. Once Shadow was done and out of the barn, Jackie the bay roan mare owned by Heather was brought into the stall. Jackie doesn't tie so I'm asking her to go forward into the stall, she feels a little pressure, throws her self backward across the aisle and slams into the opposite stall door and BREAKS it. She would not settle down and had to be sedated for the ultrasound but at least she is pregnant and can be picked up tomorrow. Sangria was next and she stood like a pro. She is also pregnant. Samantha was the last of the ultrasounds, she was acting like she was in season and we wanted to be sure that's what it was as her filly is less than 3 days old and yes she is in season but her largest follicle is only a 30 so we will wait for 2 to 3 days to cover her. The filly was given another antibiotic shot with instructions to remove the splints tomorrow morning.
Home then for grocery shopping, laundry, and tonight Mark will get a nice dinner prepared by his wife! Poor guy, hasn't had a home cooked meal for 5 days with the camping last weekend, then the overnights at the farm with Samantha's filly.

Clara & Colt Made it to Idaho

What a long trip for those 2 horses, they were picked up on the 20th and just last night got to their new home.
Yesterday instead of driving home after work, it was straight to the farm to relieve Steven who was on foal duty. Before he left for work, we got Big Sally covered and both Big Sally and Velvet were moved to the cabin field so they could have some shade. Then it was time to remove the splints off Samantha's filly. She was so funny once they were off, not quite sure what to do with her front legs. Her legs were pretty straight, but she is still on her tip toes a bit so Dr. Pallen told me to make the splints shorter, cutting them off at the fetlock. Samantha and the filly were moved into the arena, the footing is easier for her, no slipping on stall mats. Then she was given her .8cc of banimine and left to nap. Dr. Hoerr arrived at 6:00pm for her snap test which turned out fine. Mom invited me over for paprika chicken, wild rice, asparagus freshly picked out of the field, cooked with butter and hard boiled egg, and just out of the oven warm bran muffins. It is so delicious to sit and eat a meal cooked by someone else!
After dinner, Rachel Sauder came over to help put back on the splints and we were surprised at how well behaved the filly was during this process. Mike, Spark & Rhonda, Ralph & Jamie, and mom & I are all standing around in the big barn visiting when the filly decided to get up and nurse and made it up by herself. Mike was taking the first shift, Jamie is taking the 11:00pm to 12:30am shift, Rebekah took the 12:30am to 2:00am shift, Steven is taking the 2:00am to 7:00am shift and I'll be there a little before 7:00 to get the update and wait for the vets which are due around 10:00am. They were coming for sonagrams but will also check out the filly one more time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amy Koch's Birthday

On this day, way back when, a very long time ago my best friend was born. I won't say how old she is but we are now no longer the same age and everyone knows I'm 55.
Karin took a turn staying with the filly last night, I relieved her around 10:00pm, Mike relieved me at 3:00pm, Steven Marchal was relieving him at 5:00pm and Rebekah will be relieving him until I can get back there after work. She still needs round the clock supervision, while Karin was watching, she fell and her neck was twisted underneath her shoulder, if Karin had not been there she would have died. She is getting stronger with each passing hour. Last night she was trying to buck, run and play with those heavy splints on.
I looked at the calendar to see what time the vet was coming out today and see that the vet is coming TOMORROW around 10:00pm for sonagrams, not today. They will need to be called to add Shadow's heath papers, he is sold and going to Nebraska.
That also means I've got to find more 2 inch hospital tape for the splints. I only have 2 rolls left.
We are all learning to snatch naps when ever the opportunity arrives.
Steven has Samantha and the filly outside for the first time since birth and the filly is doing GREAT. Mike got Velvet covered this morning.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Walker Sally's Filly

As Samantha's filly is nursing so well Karin and I went over to the cabin to take some pictures of Walker Sally's filly born on Saturday. She has an exquisite face and beautiful body. This filly needs a name and is for sale at weaning in September but can be reserved now with a $500.00 deposit. Her price is only $2500.00 and she comes with a discounted breeding to Evan at age three of only $500.00.

Once we were done playing with the filly at the cabin, I left for home for a 4 hour break while Karin took over at Samantha's stall.
Rachel Sauder's colt Shadow is now sold and will be leaving in June for his new home.
Big Sally has FINALLY come into season and was covered this afternoon.

Camping pictures

These are a few of the camping pictures. A video is also in the process of being made.


We pulled in at the farm just before 3:00pm after a very successful 3 day camping trip. Thought later I would take a long nap with plans to spend the night at the farm just sure that Samantha was to foal. Samantha was put out to graze to get her out of the terrible heat in the barn, then at 4:00pm Steven came, hosed her off, watered her, but left her out because of the heat it is in the 90s. I planned on getting back to the farm by 8:00pm but left a little early and pulled in at 7:45pm and there was Samantha standing next to Velvet's paddock NOT PREGNANT. The foal had tried to get up and slipped into Velvet's paddock but both Velvet and Big Sally and their foals were leaving the little thing alone. Talk about adrenaline, the filly was picked up and put through the fence. The filly is a little more than 100 pounds and my heart was pumping. She is beautiful with strong healthy lungs but her 2 front legs have some contraction in the tendons. She was able to stand and even walk but not brace to nurse. We milked Samantha all night feeding the filly every hour. By 5:00am the filly starts to colick so was given 2 enemas which did the trick but by then I wanted to call the vet clinic for the legs so waited until 6:30am and called the emergency number. It was answered by someone saying, "Hoerr Vet clinic." After being up all night all I could think to say was, "this is Judy Sceggel and I need help." It was Dr. Pallen, she asked me what was wrong and when given all the information, bless her heart, told me she would be there in 45 minutes.
Rachel, Diane and I assisted her getting the splints on the filly and she has now learned to balance on them once up but still needs assistance on getting up. We are still working on getting her to nurse, she is rooting but wants to latch on to the bottle nipple instead of Samantha's teats. That is one bad thing of bottle feeding but we had no choice.
Sanna is now back and in season and was covered. Big Sally has finally come into season and will be covered tonight. Velvet is also in season, was bred on Sunday, so she will be covered tomorrow. AND the worst of all is I still haven't seen walker Sally's filly. It was just too much effort to drive over to the cabin.
Wanda will be leaving for her new owner on Saturday.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We're HERE! and Steven's News

Getting ready to come wasn't near as bad as the 3 hours before we actually got on the road. Philip's truck is a Toyota and just not strong enough to haul 4 horses and a load of wood. Steven Marchal kindly let us borrow his monster truck! Once all the horses were loaded it was a quick trip to Fede's work shop where all the truck and trailer tires were checked and filled if needed.
Everyone made it to the place before dark and we had a wonderful campfire, cooking over a Fede' Fire.
This morning the breakfast was communal, with scrambled cheese eggs, bacon, biscuits, hash browns and coffee! Then the first of the riders rolled out. The funny thing about our herd here is that we have 10 horses and each one is a different breed. We have a Purebred Trakehner, Purebred Andalusian, Purebred TN Walker, Purebred Arabian, Quarter, Purebred Haflinger, Purebred Friesian, Friesian Sport Horse, Appendix, and an American Shetland. Pictures and videos will be uploaded later as we forgot our computer cords.
So just as I shut off the computer my phone rings and Steven Marchal is on the phone telling me he has news but not news that is expected. I'm dreading what this is going to be when he tells me Walker Sally has delivered an all black filly in the back field and the filly is up and nursing and doing well! With all the worry about Samantha we completely forgot to even think of testing Sally. She was less than a week early. The filly has perfect conformation, a long arched neck, short backed and straight legged. WONDERFUL!

Friday, May 21, 2010

More Packing

For our big camping trip we are borrowing Ken Ober's trailer. He brought it last night along with 2 horses. His horses needed to be moved and the new place he is boarding were not quite ready for him. So along with packing Philip's truck with the wood for the campfire, the coolers with the food, my clothes, I'll need to hook up his trailer and load 2 horses. Ken is on the Sheriff's Posse and that is what these are used for. I'm not sure where we will put them once at the farm, all of our paddocks are full. Mike is talking about combining some of ours.
Yesterday Rhoda came to dog school with Emma and me bringing Darcy just for fun. Once over we stopped at McDonalds for a hot fudge sundae for us and ice cream cones for the dogs, then dropped off the dogs at home and took off for the farm with Rhoda following me in her car. Once Samantha's stall was cleaned, all the feeding and watering done and the truck hooked up to the trailer, she took me home. As she is driving home she asks, "Is there ever a time you are NOT in a hurry?"
We are pulling out from the farm around 8:00am. There is suppose to be internet and Diane is bringing her lap top so emails can be answered.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dog School

Today was just about what I expected, so running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Shopping first at Sam's for groceries, getting home and realizing I forgot dog food. Threw in a load of laundry and off to wal-mart for the camping supplies needed, back home throw in a load of laundry, off to the farm to load the camping supplies purchased at Wal-mart, call Samantha in, test her, clean her stall, feed and water, then off to Sam's to buy dog food.
Home throw in a load of laundry, run to the gas station for gas for the mower which was sitting in the middle of the yard in the rain, fill the mower, throw in a load of laundry, throw together dinner which was chicken and a salad, throw in a load of laundry, and off to dog school.
Samantha got the last of her antibiotic today and I've decided she is now far enough I won't buy more. She tested the same as yesterday.
I still need to take a trip out to the farm with someone following me so the truck can be hooked up to the trailer, then who ever follows me can give me a ride home. Tomorrow I'll take out Philip's truck and Ken Ober's horse trailer.
It has been raining pretty much all day and is also suppose to rain most of tomorrow here in Peoria, but in Farmington, IA the rain is suppose to stop by 11:00am, right about the time we plan on arriving.

Getting Ready

So MUCH to do and so LITTLE time. Laundry, house cleaning, packing, and grocery shopping. What am I doing on the internet oh yeah procrastinating, just about anything is better than house cleaning! We are packing for our camping trip today. We are taking 10 horses in 3 horse trailers 5 rigs and 3 or 4 tents and going to River Valley Campground on the Des Moines river. We have never camped there but hear very good things about this campground.
Today the food must be purchased for the 7 from my family going. Flashlights and batteries, ponchos, and MOST important hot dog forks.
David lent us his new volley ball set up to take along.
For the farm update, all is the same with Samantha. She was glad to get out this morning. Mike checked on her at 6:00am. There is enough sulpha for only one more day. Raven was taken over to Velvet and Big Sally's paddock but neither mare wanted anything to do with him. Savanna the paint mare was checked and she also is not coming in. Today is the 20th day for her from the date of her last cover. If she isn't in by tomorrow morning her owners could probably take her back to Madison, WI, her home. We recommend a sonagram when they come from that far away and I've suggested it to her owner but so far no answer.
Bunni is in season, the kids had her loose out front yesterday, Raven tried to mount her over the small gate in his paddock and bent the top 2 rails. Bunni will not be bred this year and maybe not the next, she is in such demand as a riding horse. Karin packed 8 saddles in the living quarters of my trailer. Rachel still has to bring her 2 over.

Funny Video

This is for someone needing a BELLY LAUGH today. Laughter is good for our health, we were almost rolling on the floor watching this one.
Someone sent this to me, it is a little inappropriate so perhaps parents should watch it first.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After Church

At church tonight we were sitting WAY up front, like 3rd bench from the front. Dave Obergfel was giving a wonderful message, he is really into a story on David and has everyone's attention when mom's phone goes off. Tim Funk is having a hard time keeping a straight face, mom is frantically trying to turn it off, looks at the number and ask Diane who is sitting right next to her why she is calling her phone. After the service we checked and the number was actually a long distance number.
Get to spend the night in my own bed again. After church drove out to the farm, cleaned Samantha's stall, tested her, gave her the antibiotic and moved from the car the 10 bags of equine fresh, poured one into her stall, one in Velvets stall and stacked up the other 8 in the office area.
Drove home to get ready for bed but had to listen to Mark, Rhoda, and Sarah fighting over pop tarts before heading upstairs. It was pretty funny to watch.

Clara and Colt to Idaho

The transport company got here a little after 4:00pm. They prepared the trailer with soft new bedding and both horses just loaded right up.
This morning getting my tires fixed and put back on, the message comes that the transport company will be here TODAY instead of Friday. Took a quick trip to Hoerr Vet clinic to pick up the health papers, then home to give the 2 horses baths. Now I remember why we have BLACK horses instead of WHITE horses. It took a long time to getr Clara looking good. Then it was inside to work on the rest of the registration papers for the colt. Once they were drying it was down to TSC. Rhoda went with me to pick up 10 bags of bedding for Samantha but by that time it is after 3:00 and I'm worried the shippers will be here early, the 10 bags of equine fresh was paid for then it was time to wait and wait and wait for the lady to get them out of the warehouse. I was so nervous of the time that by the time she brought over the fork lift with the pallet of pine fresh, I was picking them up and throwing them in the car as fast as possible.
We made it home in time!
The best news today was Steven found my glasses. I'll have them tomorrow. they were lost yesterday when we were at Middle Grove, then at 4:15am this morning I'm driving to the farm in the dark without my glasses.
Karin showed up at the farm for vaulting and called to tell me that Samantha is again dripping Milk so after church I'll head out to the farm to test her. Funny, I was going to take a nap today, perhaps I'll still have time to fit one in before church.

To the Farm and Back

My eyes open at 4:00am this morning, as I lie quietly in bed trying not to wake up Mark, I'm arguing with myself (not out loud)Is Samantha ok, why am I awake, maybe I could call someone in Hanna City to check her, NO I should not even ask my best friend to do that (and I've asked her to do some doozies, like dangle a grain bucket in front of a bull), Samantha is God's, so He will take care of her, maybe He's the one asking me to get up, OK Lord, I'll go! Get up, turn on the bathroom light and crack the door open enough to see my clothes, dress, down the stairs, grab the truck keys because my car has TWO flat tires, see that the truck cannot be moved without moving lots of other cars, jump in Sarah's car and off to the farm I head at 4:15am. Arguing with ones self really doesn't take a lot of time.
All was quiet at the farm but Samantha was glad to see me, She was given a couple of flakes of hay, her water bucket was empty so that was filled, the stall cleaned, the last bag of bedding dumped and spread and back home I drove.
The sky was just beginning to lighten, the morning birds were starting to sing and it is a glorious morning.
Except today, I need to borrow Sarah's spare tire. Yesterday on the way to lunch, Mark commented that the car didn't feel right so while we ordered, he drove over to the gas station and saw that the back passenger tire had only 10 pounds of air in it. He filled it to 30 pounds and started to drive off when the tire exploded. Spark and Dan changed the tire, putting on the donut spare, while we finished up eating. Driving home, the car still doesn't feel right, so the car is parked at home, I walk around and the front passenger side is flat. The front was even a new tire!
Mark changed the second flat this morning at 6:00am. What a good guy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

David & Stephanie

David & Stephanie were over our house when we arrived back from the work at the farm tonight. David had just uploaded his vacation video. The graphics are very artistic, watch below and see if you agree.

David shared with us that he has an interview at the Varna school on Friday. Varna is North of Chillicothe and quite a drive from Morton, IL where they live.
He is so talented that a school in the area should snap him up. He has taught Spanish, Technology, Math, and Art.

Muddy Middle Grove

Steven Marchal met me at the farm after work today at 1:30, by the time I arrived he already had the trailer hooked up. Our first job was to try to clean up Clara and her colt to take pictures for their new owner. It was too cold for a bath and using cold water didn't help. They were so nice and clean at Middle Grove, then they get to the farm in a paddock with 2+ inches of rain, to say the least they were MUDDY!

After working for over a half hour they were put in Velvet's stall to dry off and Velvet and her colt were put out in Clara's paddock.
Then it was time to get Lily and Paris for their trip to Middle Grove. I see a mare in the woods and think it is Lily, Steven is telling me, no that is Bunni and I tell him it can't be Bunni Sunday we took Bunni to the cabin field. I'm looking at her and say to him, "if it isn't Lily, it must be Wynne," and again he tells me, "no that is Bunni." After looking her over I realize it really IS Bunni. We put Wynne in the cabin field on Sunday and kept commenting on how good Bunni looked, in fact we said over and over, why Bunni looks so good she looks like a purebred Friesian!" Mike checks what he thinks is Bunni's udder this morning and thinks, it went down so fast it doesn't even look like she's had a foal. So the SAD fact is Wynne is in the Cabin from Sunday to Tuesday and it takes Steven to tell us who our horses are.
We load Knight, Paris, Caden in the front of the trailer and Lily and Ayanna in the back for the trip to Middle Grove. Steven has a 4 wheel drive duely and thinks he can make it through the mud. He is way braver than me, I would have unloaded and walked but we did make it. His poor truck and the trailer are pretty covered in mud. The fillies were so glad for the company and wanted so badly to join in the herd and the 2 mommas were keeping them away from their foals. When we left all were grazing quietly. We took these 2 pictures of Caden before leaving since I hardly have any of this colt. Isn't he gorgeous!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Deed Gone Bad

We were just loading our groceries in the car down at the Aldi on Western when an older lady (probably younger than me only in my opinion LOOKED a lot older) comes up and starts pleading with us to take her up to Schnuks crying she was desperate, her son was in a car accident. We told her we would take her but we would have to make one stop first. Mark was suppose to get a signature from one of the board members and told him we would be there on our way home from Aldis.
She agrees and climbs in the back seat and immediately asks us if we're Christian. (Everyone knows a Christian is an easy mark.) While Mark is getting the signature she tells me that her son said he ran out of gas on University and someone hit him. She didn't want him to call the police because of no insurance so she just had to ge there fast. We pass a police car and the cop is smoking, she notices that and says I'm surprised they are allowed to smoke. Mark told her I don't think they allow the prisoners to smoke and she very loudly yelled you better believe THAT! Then as we are driving up University she tells me the car is fine, but her son must have gas to get to work at Burger King on North Knoxville and she has to find money. I found $2.00 on the dash of the truck earlier and had put it in my pocket, pulled it out and told her she could have it. Mark gave me his wallet and I told her I would see if I could find some dollars from him. She told me it would be better if I could find a $20.00 but that wasn't going to happen. By this time we were getting near Metro Center and it is raining and she tells Mark to just let her out there. Mark says, "no, I want to see how much damage is done to your car." She tells us she has diabetes and is suppose to walk a lot and she really should get out to exercise. Then Mark suggested since it is raining that wouldn't be a good idea. She said just because she is sweet doesn't mean shes going to melt. We asked her what kind of car and she says "a Chevy." So instead of stopping Mark starts to drive around the Metro Center parking lot to look for a Chevy. Less than a minute later she yells, "there it is, right there" pointing to a small blue Hundai. We drive up to the car and Mark says "but there's no damage on it" and I say "it has Indiana license plates on it." Then she says, OH well it looks just like mine so we leave that car and start driving through the Schnuks parking lot. We only got up to the first row of cars when she tells us, "well it's not here, my son must have gotten help so I guess you can take me home." Now that was amazing she could tell her battered car was not in that parking lot, the lot was pretty full and her eyesight must have been tremendous to be able to know it wasn't there with one quick look. She holds up her hand to me and says, "just look at how I'm shaking. I've had 2 bad things happen, my niece is in the hospital right now having a baby." That doesn't have the desired affect of us giving her more money. She asks where I work and when I tell her I work on a farm she says that must pay a LOT. That was the biggest joke of ALL. When she finds out I don't really have any money and don't make a lot it was like, OK just get me back to the south end.
We start driving back down Western, then left on King drive. She had us drop her off at Roosevelt Magnet school. We never saw her go in a house because we were laughing so hard. So yes, we were scammed but the entertainment value was probably worth the gas and time. Our ice cream was pretty soft by the time we finally made it home.

Velvet's Colt

The video has just been finished from yesterday and uploaded. Velvet's colt is 2 days old in it. He ran over to Raven so of course Raven had to be in the video also. We are placing him for sale WITH Velvet NOW for $2500.00 or the colt alone at weaning in September for $3000.00. This is a quality colt and way undervalued.

After the truck was finished, the rain was taking a break so Velvet, her colt and Samantha were let out into the field for an hour while their stalls were cleaned and Samantha's antibiotic was prepared. They came running in when the bucket was rattled and just as they entered their stalls the rain started back up.
It was pancakes and scrambled cheese eggs for dinner tonight, there is nothing left in the house except LOTS of TUNA. Mark will go with me to Aldi after dinner.

Horse Property for Sale

Below is someones dream come true. The property in Eureka, IL was planned and built by a horse owner. He has placed his well loved gorgeous home and horse facility for sale. Now for the good part, he has 3 horses and is willing to keep them at the facility paying the new owner $1000.00 a month. What an opportunity for someone that has or wants to develop a boarding business. There are 16 stalls, 2 barns, extra garages for equipment and trucks, a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath home all ready to move right into AND it comes with an income.

This is a beautiful horse facility in Eureka, IL for sale.
imagine sitting out on your deck drinking coffee and watching your beautiful horses grazing on the lush green pasture. Besides having an indoor arena there is also this beautifully maintained outdoor arena. There are 2 barns on the property, below is the larger barn with 8 stalls and a 60 x 60 indoor arena. The smaller barn also has 12 x 12 stalls that open out to turnout paddocks. and a view inside the smaller barn.
There is much more to this property than listed so:
If interested please call the owner Wayne Logsdon at 309-339-4121 or copy and paste the link below for much more information.
Now for the rest of the story, I'm sitting at Mangold Ford getting my 4 wheel drive fixed on the truck when Kent introduces me to Wayne the owner of the above facilty. Wayne trail rides and was at the campground we are going to on Friday last Memorial weekend. He is a really nice man and built this place using quality throughout the entire facility. I feel his property is undervalued and whoever buys his place should do very well. Where else can one buy a home that produces an income each month? Eureka is a wonderful small town not too far from Peoria right off route 24. Call Wayne if you are interested.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Pictures

Samantha is testing at 175 today so it is back home for my own bed again. While at the farm the mares were let out to graze and a few pictures were taken with the cheap camera but better than no camera.
Velvet's colt at 2 days old. This boy has muscle!
Big Sally's filly named Glory at 3 weeks old. She has wonderful movement and perfect conformation.

The stalls were cleaned, round bales were put in 3 different paddocks plus one for the cabin and now it's time for bed.

Anyone For Tuna Fish

Dinner time and Mark wants to open a can of Tuna. Only one can mind you but look at the size of the can Mark brought home purchased at Sams.

His hand was tired, just trying to mix it up and the finished product below in our largest bowl: I wonder how long Tuna lasts in the fridge. Anyone for a Tuna Fish sandwich please stop in.
This afternoon the website was updated with the pictures off Diane's camera of when we were at Middle Grove May 14th. New pictures of Wanda, Ciera, and Jewel were all uploaded and placed on their pages. There were 3 nice action shots of the group that were placed on the Friesian Use page. Middle Grove is such a nice setting and the horses come galloping when they hear a truck coming.
Karin and Rhoda are getting Wynne ready for the big camping trip coming up this weekend. Rhoda rode Wynne on the trails without being ponied and Wynne did wonderful until the very end, then threw in a couple of bucks at the final gallop. Nothing Rhoda couldn't handle so once they stopped, they worked her on the ground and ended on a good note. Karin then went over to work Rachel's mare, Sandy while Rhoda started on Jewel. Sandy also threw in a couple of bucks at the canter but again nothing Karin couldn't handle. Karin believes she will be fine for the trip. Jewel did even better than Wynne. We are so pleased with all of the horses.
There is volley ball at 6:00pm at the lake, kind of the standard activity every Sunday if the weather holds.
Karin fed and watered Samantha and Velvet as I won't be going out until after 6:00pm. A lady asked to see updated pictures of Wanda so even though she has not yet shed out and not even groomed, these shots were sent. Check out the thick curly feathers on her and she is not even a year old yet. and the side view: And below is either Wanda or Ciera,

Sunday Morning

Mike called around 5:00am to report all was well so the farm trip was put off until after 6:00am, nice to get that extra hour in bed.
Once at the farm both mares were waiting to be fed. Velvet really wants out but there are no paddocks available right now and no time to watch her in the field. Her colt is doing laps around her bucking and squealing. After church when they are turned out to graze the video camera should be ready to capture his antics, he is really funny. Both stalls were cleaned. Velvet's is easy as it is bedded with equine fresh, a pelleted pine product, Samantha's stall is bedded with straw and is there anything worse than cleaning that? The straw is not as absorbent and sticks in the manure fork making each load awkward and heavy.
No change with Samantha which is good news. The cabin boys were begging to get out today, they didn't know how well they had it, now they are locked in a paddock with a round bale, no rolling hills covered with lush green grass just made for a good gallop. They should have behaved! They are locked in with Duke and he is teaching them herd manners.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Own Bed

After a long hot shower and nap it was time to drive back to Hanna City dragging my feet out to the car thinking how good my own bed felt. All was quiet at the farm but when the lights were turned on both mares nickered a greeting, asking for more hay. They were fed, watered and the stalls cleaned with fresh straw lining Samantha's for the night, then it was time to test Samantha. The calcium test came back barely turning blue at 200 so she was tested again and again the same result. Either the antibiotic threw off the numbers yesterday or I wasn't as accurate as I should have been on the 1 1/2ml of colostrum or 9ml of distilled water. Jamie has offered to check on her around midnight. Diane called and offered Mike to check around 3:00am, we get up around 5:00am and I will drive back then unless either call me. We are pleased as each day she does not deliver is another day for the foal's lungs to develop.


After vaulting last night, Karin, Mike, Diane and I took 2 horse trailers out to Middle Grove to pick up the horses we need for the camping trip along with Clara and her colt. When we were all loaded up we realize we are only leaving Ciera, Chloe and Wanda there alone. Probably not a good idea hope they don't get into trouble. Usually we make sure there are mature horses along with the yearlings just in case they are threatened by a predator. We loaded Clara and her colt in the front of the stock trailer and Izadora and Knight in the back, Mika and Jewell were loaded in the 2 horse. When the trailers drove up the horses came running in a herd to see who was coming to visit.
In the picture below Jewell is in the lead.
With the Wanda, Ciera and Chloe bringing up the rear. Wanda and Chloe are neck and neck and Ciera is bringing up the rear by a half of length.
Karin and I made plans to take Lily, Ayanna, Paris and Caden out to be with the fillies today at 3:00 except we had to put it off. The rain started around 10:00am and just kept on raining until the ground is again saturated.
Samantha tested the same last night, no progress, which is good the foal needs more time in-utero but we decided to spend the night anyway just in case. Velvet and her colt were in the stall across from Samantha and every time either mare urinated, I would wake up thinking it was Samantha's water breaking. We left at 6:00am to come home and get some much needed coffee. After breakfast it was back to the farm, Mark to work on cutting down trees on the fence line and me to clean stalls. Mom invited us over for some fresh baked yeast cranberry bread around 10:00am but by 3:00pm hunger is starting growl so it was home for a late lunch. Samantha will be tested tonight to see if the calcium level is rising and if it is Karin will probably spend the night with me. If not, she may as well get a good night sleep, no sense in both of us losing out.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dread to Joy

The dread this morning driving to the farm was almost overwhelming. What was I going to be facing this morning, More dead foals? Instead there is Velvet standing up near the gate nursing her newborn son. This colt is gorgeous! Big, black, beautiful and strong. What a relief. Bunni was moved in with the herd, Velvet and her son were put in the stall and Samantha was checked all before graining Raven. Raven was kind of ticked to have to wait, calling and dancing around but settled down once his grain was dumped.
Mike came over to check the colt, then told me that the three cabin boys MUST be moved today. Yesterday they got up on the porch, opened the cabin door, went inside, spilled some grain he had in a bucket, manured inside and when I looked at the damage there is horse hair on the couch! What did they do, take a nap?
Then this morning when they couldn't get in the door they broke the bar down going across the window to try to get in that way. Why stay out in the cold when there is food and couches to rest on inside?
We haltered Evan & Aragon and tied them to the 4 Wheeler for Mike to take over to the farm leaving Valiant to follow. Aragon leads very well, but Evan, now that is another story. This is not the first time he has been led with the 4Wheeler but he still tests the rope and tries not to follow. Just for the fun of it, once they were put in the paddock with Duke, Mike halters Valiant and takes him for a ride with the 4Wheeler and Valiant, who has NEVER been led this way is perfect, walking and trotting right along. Mom came walking up as Valiant was being led away and remarked on how well behaved he is. RAVEN'S genes just can't be beat.
Samantha will be checked again today right now her calcium level is blue at 250 and 350 means birth is eminent but I believe she will probably deliver soon so will plan on spending the night at the farm.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bunni's Loss

When I started this blog, it was determined whether good or bad it would be written down. Bunni delivered a beautiful pitch black filly sometime during the night and the filly suffocated. When I arrived early this morning the foal is lying in the stall with the birthing sack wrapped around her mouth and nose then up behind her head. It had a hole around the eyes and face where Bunni must have tried to opened the sack but the opening was not large enough to get her little face out. It was obvious she struggled but no one was there to help. There are many if only-s running around my brain. If only I would have spent the night, and if only I would have tested her. This was a totally unnecessary loss and easily prevented and I blame myself for Bunni's grief. Mike got the Yanmar out to bury the filly and the stalls are now cleaned and prepared for the next birthing.
Samantha was tested this morning and she is progressing, not what we want, we want her to hold off for at least another week.

Karin and the Skid Steer

Yesterday afternoon while doing laundry my phone was left upstairs. Dinner needed to be started a little after 3:00pm as shepherds stew was on the menu so down the stairs without the phone I went. Didn't remember it was up there until 3:45pm and when the phone was picked up there were 2 missed numbers. Karin was called back first, she was desperate, vaulting was to start and there were 7 round bales dropped off in the middle of the arena. The stew was put on low and within 15 minutes reached the farm. The bucket was on the skid steer but thank goodness we have the quick attach feature. Once the 7 bales were moved, Karin got a skid steer driving lesson. She can now move anything in the way. There were 4 fifty pound bags of grain in the back of the car from the earlier trip to TSC, they were moved and dumped into the feed bins, then it was back to Bridlewood by 5:05pm. Amazing what can be done when adrenalin is flowing. The shepherds stew was perfect, dinner was good then it was off to church. We had big storms last night and it is still raining this morning. I hope Mike moved Bunni into a stall just in case. The mares weren't tested last night and it would be bad news for a foal to be born in this deluge.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Emma escaped again during the night, came running up the stairs at 5:00am whining to be let out. She is still having diarrhea but not near as bad as yesterday, she HELD it last night, no accidents. The rice must have worked.
All is fine at the farm, no broken fences, no new babies. Went to grain Raven and see that today TSC must be visited for more grain both cans are just about empty. Samantha was given her sulpha, Big Sally & her filly (who may or may not be named Glory) was put into a stall, then it was off to walk. Both dogs came with me this morning, Emma was excited to get out of the car, Darcy was not but got out once asked. After the first loop, Rachel looks in the car and sees Darcy sitting in the back seat looking over the seat hoping it was time to go home. Somehow Darcy climbed up into the far back, over the seat and made herself comfortable. Back to the farm to tease Big Sally, Raven is sure she is in, she may be coming in but still hates him and tries to attack him over the gate. The gravel bill is here, $1713.16 for the three semi loads we needed for both farm driveways.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mark agreed that if I gave him a hair cut he would help me with the fence so once dinner was finished and the hair cut done we drove to the farm, fixed the 2 boards, put Duke in, tested Samantha and Bunni, teased Big Sally, still no go there, then headed home. Bunni is progressing in her calcium level, hers tested higher than yesterday while Samantha was just the same Thank Goodness. We don't want Samantha to deliver for a couple of weeks.
The cream from the milk Emily gave me needed churning today so out came my old Dazey butter churn. Evie Stoller gave it to me years ago when I was milking our Jersey cows. This was such a useful tool with that rich Jersey cream needing to be churned every day. Butter can also be made in a jar but the butter churn is so much faster and easier and I found the Dazey churn to be the best. I have the buttermilk sitting out to culture and will use that tomorrow to make pancakes and bake bread. The butter will taste delicious on both.
Emily emailed an update on Sophie, some good and some bad. Sophie picked up lunging very quickly, does not know how to cross tie but ties very well otherwise. She has a lot of stamina and Emily said she rode her around the field and found she is very smooth riding. Unfortunately she is still kind of spooky. We would not have thought that of her, she was pretty comfortable here and we didn't see any of that behavior.


Anxious to get to the farm this morning to check on Samantha and Bunni but when I arrive all is quiet and no new babies. We had quite a storm last night and that is always a worry when mares are due. Once Raven was grained, it was off to mom's to show her how to get on the Peoria AC website and barely got that job accomplished before time to walk. Dan was out early this morning dropping off a boat he had purchased yesterday. He plans on putting it in the water later today after work. After the walk Samantha was given her sulpha, then it was over to the cabin to help Mike with Evan's training. We must be very diligent with Evan, he does not have Raven's genes and we can definitely tell. Evan was led around, all 4 legs picked up, handled all over then put back into the pasture with Valiant and Aragon. The 3 boys are in that field alone as Wynne was moved over to the herd for bonding purposes. Unfortunately no one told me and when I see an obviously NOT pregnant mare with no foal by her side in the field and for the life of me cannot figure out who she is, I panic. I'm thinking one of the mares delivered but which one and where is the foal. After searching a bit I realize it is Wynne and all is well. Down to the shop a little late (searching for the non existent foal)and the mail is scary. The white mail tub is all the way full. It wasn't as bad as we feared, there were some returned Bibles on the bottom of the tub.
Spark and Phil joined us at Denny's for lunch, then time for grocery shopping, my least favorite job but someone must do it. Hamburger, buns, ketchup, onions, tomatoes, pickles were purchased for dinner. Mark doesn't mind doing the grilling. A 10 pound bag of long grain rice was also purchased and rice is cooking now. Emma is still having diarrhea and Rhoda suggested feeding her rice.
After dinner we will need to work on fencing at the farm. There are 2 main areas of fencing down in the far paddock. Jamie thinks the storm caused some of the damage.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Grace In Foal

The dam of the filly above is Grace, a nice, big Andalusian mare and the sire is of course Raven. Grace was taken by her owners for a sonagram tonight and is in foal! Why we are celebrating this news is when Grace was brought up to us, she was already going out of season, she let Raven cover her as soon as she got to the farm but she wasn't totally happy about the entire process. The next morning she was obviously out so her owners Beth and Brett drove right back to the farm and picked her up. One cover, one day of mare care and the mare is in foal! Is this great timing or what? Let's hope the 2011 foal is just as beautiful as her 2009 filly named Jenis.

Raven's First Blue Roan

Below is the first true blue roan Raven has ever thrown. The dam is Jackie and she is a bay roan mare. This filly is just gorgeous!
She has such a pretty black face. and WOW just look at her feathers at only one year of age this filly will only improve! Her dam Jackie is back for a rebreed, hope she throws another just as beautiful. Thanks Heather for sending the pictures.

Darcy the Hero

Showed up this morning with only enough time to let Lily & Ayanna out and grain Raven. Then it was time for the walk. We were having such a good discussion that mom actually forgot to drop out at the second loop and did them both. She gave me breakfast in exchange for some computer work. A GREAT trade in my opinion. After breakfast it was over to the farm to tease Big Sally. She is still not in her foal heat and the baby is 15 days old today, either that or it was a silent heat and we missed it. Then it was time to check Bunni. She is bagged up and waxing over so back to mom's to get a baggie to take colostrum home for testing. Once that was collected, I started looking at the other mares and see that Samantha is also bagged up and waxing over and she is not due until June 7th and has a caslick. Back over to mom's for another baggie, to the farm to collect, then home to test. Both mares are not testing high both in the 175 range so Dr. Hoerr was called to come open Samantha's caslick. As she is not due for a month he also sonagramed her to check the thickness of the placenta. It was borderline, too thin means she is close to delivery and thick means infection. As we are determined to do everything within our means to insure she has a healthy baby we started Samantha on antibiotics. Dr. Hoerr also gave me a shot for the foal once born. As soon as that foal hits the ground we will give the shot, then start it on sulpha for the next 3 days. Dr. Hoerr also gave me the tetanus shot the foal will need and that shot needs to be refrigerated. While he was there he also gave Big Sally's filly her shot and removed Wynne's wolf teeth so we can start training her. The bill comes to $397.00 but well worth the trip back. Then just as I got home the phone rang, it was Rhoda, her vet clinic needed Darcy for a blood transfusion. Interesting, the picture above was taken 3 years ago and the pictures below were taken last night. Darcy has GROWN! Darcy is always on call if the clinic needs blood. She is so huge, is easy to collect from and loves to go visit Rhoda. So back into the car with Darcy and off to the vet clinic, look down and there is the tetanus shot, not in the fridge. The vet clinic gave me an ice pack to keep it cool until I got home the second time. The dog needing the transfusion got all 80ccs Darcy gave and will need more every day for a while so in that dog's owner's eyes, Darcy is the Hero!