Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sunday's Blessings

 The cold has moderated and was 30 degrees this morning which felt like a heat wave. The colts were put back in stalls and the indoor cleaned up. These two boys make quite a mess in the with no supervision. They pulled saddle blankets down and stepped on them, played with Karin's flag and had emptied the garbage can dragging anything in there all over. Mark and I left for church around 9:15 am and it was so good to be there. Many people that had just been doing on-line services came back this week. It was wonderful to see so many and both Mark and I enjoyed visiting both before and after the service. Craig Stickling had a Spirit FILLED message on Joshua's last days then Revelation 5 of the only ONE who is WORTHY to open the book. We stopped at Kroger on the way home to fill up the water jugs. Karin had a group here working with the horses but I didn't go out as I was stir frying vegetables for the dinner tonight. Rhoda and Lee stopped in before supper with 4 darling puppies. They had their dew claws removed and she had taken them to the vet to make sure all was well. The puppies were left at our house for the evening. Tonight we gathered at Phil and Anna's house, all 24 of us plus Ron, Taunya's dad. 

Below he has finished dinner and is listening to the chatter around the adult table. The kids table was also noisy, actually there were 2 kids tables.
Not pictured were Israel, Elisabet, Eden, Abe and Kensley. They were too excited as they were with their cousins to sit still long. Some of the guys left for volley ball while the rest of us enjoyed the evening visiting and playing with the grands. We are expecting snow to move in tomorrow afternoon so in the morning I'll need to head to Peoria to pick up the Berean mail and hit an Aldi while I'm out to pick up milk, bread and a few other items. Today was a very blessed Sunday and I am thankful. 

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