Monday, September 30, 2013

Bunni Delivers

Rhoda called early this morning to report Bunni had her baby but a filly but she had slipped outside the fence and was very cold. They used hair dryers and blankets to warm her up but she had no sucking reflex. Rhoda and Emily worked on milking Bunni and were able to squirt colostrum into her mouth and she would swallow. About 2:00pm Emily reported she had started sucking on a bottle but still not able to stand. We are not sure she is going to make it through the night.
Our day started out with clouds then rain but by afternoon the sun peeked through and most of us took naps on the beach. Mark walked to the lagoon then both of us walked home after a delcious  supper at DeSoto's.
This morning mom and I were out walking the beach when we came upon this small lizard.
 We took it out of the surf and carried it over to land and let it go. Once we warmed it up it was much more active.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Riding the Waves

We listened in to Peoria church today, almost made us feel like we were there except mom didn't provide ANY donuts! Still it was good to listen in first to Craig Stickling for the morning then Tim Funk for the afternoon. Craig in the morning gave us a word picture that is still sticking in my mind. What if God is calling us to take our shield of Faith and cover a weaker brother.
After church we ended up on the beach. The waves were building and looked like it would be good for boogie boarding. Diane and I went out first and our very first wave caught us unprepared and dumped us, knocking us into each other and off of our boards. We came up laughing. These were so fun mom and Aunt Jinnie decided to ride the waves too.

 Mark decided to take out a board and ride a few waves in. Below he is walking out to the deep.
Then catching a wave to ride in.
We all expended a lot of energy fighting the waves but it really was a blast. We all needed showers to get the salt and sand off before heading over to our favorite restaurant Beth's Condo!
 Beth served fresh caught fish grilled by Mark and lots of fresh vegetables and sauces to make fish wraps. Everything was delicious. Beth made fruit smoothies for us for dessert. Below Aunt Jinnie and mom are waiting to be waited on.
After dinner we walked back over to mom's condo to watch a couple of really funny episodes of Beth's boys. We had another beautiful day. This vacation has been such a blessing.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Beautiful Day

We woke up to another day of bright sunshine. After joining Aunt Jinny, Barbara and mom for breakfast we ended up heading out to the beach while Barbara drove to the airport for home. The waves were big and pounding today, not the smooth rolling waves. Mom and Diane needed to get rid of the left overs from last nights dinner so fed the ever hungry gulls.
After the food was gone Mark brought out the fishing poles and he and Beth waded in to start fishing.
 The wave above didn't look that big but it hit with such force Mark was drenched by the time it passed
 He was only catching seaweed today so quit.
Mom decided it was time to go boogie boarding, Diane agreed to go with her.
 What mom didn't know was the rip tide was sweeping everything to the left making it hard to stay on top of the boogie board.

It looked like so much fun Aunt Jinny joined her. They are discussing their surfing strategy below.
The waves were beautiful to watch, most of them would come rolling in a perfect curl before crashing onto the beach.

The afternoon was spent lazing around the pool reading. We went to DeSoto's for dinner but forgot that it was Saturday, there are no specials on Saturday's so we drove to SeaNSuds. Mom and Aunt Jinny just happened to dress alike.
We asked them to turn around for a picture.
We ate outside at SeaNSuds. There was a wedding being performed on the beach right below our deck. The picture below was taken after the ceremony was finished.
After dinner mom and Aunt Jinny went to Souvenir City while Diane and Beth went to Walmart for supplies. Once back at the condo Aunt Jinny showed us the last dvd of her Africa trip. Now that Barbara has gone home, Mark and I have moved over to mom's condo leaving Diane and Beth the only 2 in Beth's condo.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Fun in the Sun

We had another beautiful day as Aunt Clara would say. Another day of bright sunshine, too much sunshine. Below mom and Aunt Jinny are heading out to the beach.
 The gulls are always fun to feed but we didn't take any food down with us on this trip.
 Chad caught 5 nice sized blue crabs, he brought them in to cook.
 This one was hanging on for dear life, but it just didn't help, he ended up in the pot anyway.
 They cooked up perfect
 Chad put them on a platter and hauled them down to the pool side where we were all waiting anxiously.
 We destroyed them quickly. Mom says technically we devoured them.
 Below is Beth in her condo way up on the top floor deck.
Chad and Julie were going to go to Bahama Bob's with us for dinner but Mercy needed a bath. Below she is getting a bath in the kitchen sink.
And WALA she is all clean and ready to go.
 We asked Chad and Julie to pose with their family.
We walked to dinner then fed the sea gulls on the way home.
We ended  up at mom's condo for ice cream and Aunt Jinny showed the video of her Africa trip.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Big Catch

We had a gourmet meal tonight at a very special restaurant. This was served family style, 3 kinds of fresh grilled fish, just caught this afternoon and grilled vegetables including asparagus, pea pods, zucchini, chopped green onions, mushrooms, delicious fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, green and red grapes, and blueberries along with steak, pork chops, and a special noodle casserole. The chefs were Beth and Chad. This is such an exclusive place and hard to get reservations but we got lucky. Actually Beth invited us all to her condo for this delicious dinner. After dinner it was off to Chad's fishing spot under the big bridge. Chad was the first to pull up a fish, a big catfish. Mark caught a couple of catfish. The rest of the group showed up just as the sun was getting low in the sky and turning everything pink.
After sunset the flash had to be used for the next few pictures. Mom caught this croaker.
And then Mark pulled up the big fish for the night. A big red bull fish.

Not long after getting that fish in the cooler the rain started up and by the time we had the van loaded we were drenched. We will eat tomorrow!

Fishing, Fun in the Sun

What a perfect day, bright sunshine, big waves, and fish. Mark and Chad went fishing this morning and caught our dinner. While they were fishing a pod of dolphins came bouncing out of the water chasing fish. It was fun to watch them jump clear out of the water.
Of course by the time I grabbed the camera they quit.
 Mark got swamped a couple of times, below he got completely drenched by a big wave, he lost his hat and his glasses, thankfully he was able to recover both!

 Below mom is getting expert fishing advice from Chad while he rigs the poles.
Chad and Julie's girls are having such a good time playing in the sand and water.

 Above is Emma and Livy below is Mercy
We took a long walk on the beach and by the time we were back we needed to cool off. Diane ran up to the condo and brought back the boogie boards. We had a great time riding the waves.

Check out those smiles, this was really fun the waves were perfect for riding! Mom and Aunt Jinny enjoyed the beach, they did their boogie boarding yesterday and today just watched.
There isn't internet at this condo but Beth has a phone with a hotspot. I'm going to try to borrow it for a short time each day to update.