Sunday, October 31, 2021

Trick Or Treat

 What a BIG day for mom, she was up in the night wanting to get ready for church but when Joan explained it was much too early she fell back asleep and didn't wake up until Ruth came at 7:00 am. Ruth relieved Joan and got mom ready for her first day back at church. She wore the outfit she had purchased for the wedding of Sarah Munther, her great niece.  Spark and Rhonda drove her to church. Joan was there to help unload and stand with mom until I got there. Many many people wanted to welcome her back. 

Tim Roecker had the first service and then came lunch. She was able to sit with Carolee, one of her very good friends.  Joan took her home before the second service started and that was a good thing. Mom was pretty exhausted after meeting and greeting so many people. Tim Funk had the second service.  After church the kids brought the grand children over for dinner early tonight. All of those grandchildren were excited about trick or treating today.  They were almost too excited to sit and eat.
Below is Kensley the Kitty Kat.

The Princess and the butterfly were showing me the train on the princess dress and the butterfly wings on the butterfly (Zion and Eden)

Below are the Avengers Jace, Jack, Braelyn, Taegan and Addyson.
After Iris put her peacock costume on they showed us the 'twirl'

They got their buckets and headed over to the next stop which was mom's to trick or treat. On the way we met a bunch of Spark and Rhonda's grandchildren heading to our house.

When we got to mom's house the group there were waiting out on the deck on this beautiful sunny Sunday.
From there they headed over to Joan's house before driving to Hanna City to trick or treat in that town. Rachel was handing out candy at her studio on the main street of Hanna City and also served pizza from the warehouse to the adults. If you would like to see the rest of the costume pictures click HERE. The rest of us had dinner at mom's, played games and then put on a nature movie for mom. It really was a beautiful Sunday.  I left there and drove the golf cart up to the barn to take care of the weanlings. They were both glad to see me and really glad to see I was bringing more grain. They are now both considered weaned. I have 3 foals left now from the 2021 crop.  Jewel's colt was born June 1st, he is quite tall, black and VERY nice. He is still available and for sale $6000.00. He is 75% Friesian, friendly, leads, loads, has a current coggins and is registered with FHHI with the name Sterling HM. He has a small bit of white on his back hoof. Hopefully the weather will hold and I can get updated pictures of him. He also has VERY good movement.  The lady that put down a deposit on Rosalie's filly has not made any effort to pay for her or arrange transportation, she has not sent the board due. We charge board if the foal is left here after 5 months of $200.00 a month so is already racking up a board bill. I will more than likely be listing her back for sale and the lady buying Soul's filly had a bad accident and can no longer purchase her so that filly is also back for sale. Both of these fillies are quality. Below is Rosalie's filly who is by Evan and for sale for $6500.00. She is 7/8ths Friesian, is registered with FHHI papers are in hand and has a current coggins.
She is tall and a has big movement and has a good mind.
She leads, loads and stands tied. 
This filly looks 100% Friesian without the HUGE price tag.
Soul's filly is unique in the fact that she WILL gray. She has white hair throughout her dark coat. Can you imagine how beautiful she is going to look with her gray and black dapples, black mane and tail then in her older years she should turn pure white. She has the mega hair of both sire and dam so should end up a looking like WHITE Friesian! She is registered and dna'd in the Warlander book of FHHI with the name Morgana papers are in hand. She is for sale for $5000.00. 

This filly has wonderful uphill movement, she is intelligent, friendly, loves people, is weaned, leads, loads and has a current coggins. Both of these fillies should excel in dressage and both have the presence to catch a judge's eye but will also make amazing family horses OR wonderful brood mares. 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Costume Fun

 Ruth and I took the rails off the hospital bed this morning once mom was out of the bed and moved them into the living room. When Karin and Mark came we moved the rest of the bed and got it set back up again. There were a few reasons it didn't work out in the bedroom but the main reason was mom wanted to be back in the living room, that is where all the action is with people coming and going and she loves the company. She really is planning on going to church tomorrow so Ruth decided they must do a trial run into Hanna City to see Matt and Anni's new house. Matt was busy working on the roof. We have a plan for tomorrow. Joan picked up the temporary license plate yesterday and I put it on the van today. Beth and John came over and of course Ruth put John right to work. She wanted John to follow with the wheel chair just in case mom needed help.

Mark and I moved a round bale in for the weanlings and Mike moved a round bale in for the cabin horses.  We then Wildwood trailer out of the barn, changed the hitch ball to the 2 inch and drove the skid steer over to Joan's to pick up the Wolf Pup. That was backed into the barn then the Wildwood put in front of that. We now have 4 trailers and 1 motor home inside the barn along with 65 big round bales of hay and STILL have room to train. Not bad.
We started winterizing the trailers, finished the Wolf Pup and started on the Salem FSX when Joan called. She needed the tractor hooked up to the hay rack for the Sunday school younger grades picnic tonight. We left all the tools out by the FSX and left to get that job done before the kids started arriving.
Spark was supposed to get home from Branson around 4:30 to drive the tractor. Hope he made it in time, we went back to work. The weanlings were put in the stall for the night as we quit at dark. Mark needed a haircut before church tomorrow.  Some of the kids went to Farmington for their party.  They went in costume.

Check out squeezable Puffy baby River.
Tonight was the Sauder halloween party. We enjoy getting to see the different costumes they all come up with, below is Calvin and Hobbes (Luke). 
Bonnie and Clyde (Logan and Carley)
I think this is the redneck muskrat killer with his prize (Caleb and Emily)
I  have no idea on David and Leah's costume.
Mario and the princess he rescues.
And finally the dogs are the owners and the owners are the dogs Jessica and Clayton.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Work of Art

 More rain most of today. I left the house at 6:30 am to take care of the weanlings before heading over to see how mom's night went. She slept all night and the only drugs given were two Tylenal pm.  This alone was a huge step in the right direction but later in the morning came another BIG step toward healing and independence. Ruth had the idea to have mom use the bed rail for support and she took her first steps since the brain bleed. I started the laundry then left for Sam's club to pick up Halloween candy along with chicken pot pie and bbq ribs. On the way home I stopped at Kroger to pick mom up a loaf of dark rye bread. At home the pie was put in the oven and the laundry machines changed then it was time to work on mailing out the registry papers.  Those papers came in yesterday's mail but I didn't get them until yesterday evening. Three of the buyers had already picked up their weanling so those 3 needed to have the registration papers mailed out today. I had to stop at Diane's office to pick  up envelopes big enough to hold them then to the post office to get them mailed out.  When I got back to the house there was only 16 minutes to wait for the pie to be done. The laundry machines were changed and as soon as the chicken pot pie was finished it was taken over to mom's for lunch. Karin and Ruth had kept mom working pretty hard this morning so after lunch she had a rest before starting the afternoon therapy. This time they had her try to walk with the walker down her hallway. She really IS getting better.

Karin was helping her left foot along but we were all encouraged. That will come with practice.  This evening Sarah and Nolan came to stay with mom with Ruth on call so Mark and I could go to Potluck at Mark and Cathy Kieser's house. We had a wonderful meal and even more wonderful evening of fellowship. Mark had torn his Achilles tendon and was kind enough to show us the tear and the tape holding it together.
He will be taking it easy for a long time while that heals.  Cathy took us downstairs to show us her sewing room. 
She churns out quilts in this room. Not just any quilts but works of art. Below are just a few of them.

Each one is a beautiful work of art and functional at that. 

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Falling Behind

 More RAIN which we really didn't need. I ran up to the barn first thing this morning to check on the 2 weanlings brought in yesterday and was disappointed to see they had not eaten their grain.  I tried to encourage them to eat but didn't have much time as I needed to be at mom's before 7:00 am.  Mom had a good night sleeping pretty much all night. When she woke up she said, "good morning, I'm going to get up, go to my room and get dressed."  When I explained I would need to help her she stated, "you are making me an emotional cripple by not letting me do things myself."  It took her a few minutes to realize she still can't walk.  She feels good and doesn't remember each morning that her left side isn't working well yet. Although she IS making progress. and this morning ate her entire breakfast. Karin came to help mom get a shower and teach me more about the stand pivot transfer. I wasn't doing that quite right but after today feel better about those transfers. So very thankful we have experienced help in this family. Below is after a strenuous workout. 

At 3:15 pm my neighbors called, there were 2 horses in their yard. Joan and Faith came over to help. Faith stayed with mom, I took the golf cart and Joan followed in the car. I thought there must be a tree down across the fenceline with all this rain but the 2 horses were not the ones expected, it was the 2 I had locked in the indoor arena.  Rosaleigh's colt was glad to see me, the lead rope was attached and he was led with the golf cart home with Jewel's colt following close behind and behind the weanlings was Joan in her van as we had to take them home the road way. They were put in the stall, the indoor arena checked to see where they got out. They were able to slide a door open, that was made secure then the 2 were put back in the indoor and I ran back to mom's. We ordered pizza for dinner. Dan arrived around 5:30 pm so I ran back to the barn to see if I could get those colts to eat grain. SUCCESS! At least Rosaleigh's colt started chowing down, Jewel's colt was curious but I'm sure it won't take him long. I took a few pictures of them while out there.

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures taken of the colts today click HERE.
They were both climbing in and out of the trailer when I left. I headed back to mom's but Ruth beat me there and was helping mom relearn how to use a pen and paper. Below mom is trying hard to make her left hand write. She is left handed and the left side is what was affected by the stroke.
She IS so determined.
Since Ruth is there I headed home. I have tomorrow off so will head to the store to buy Halloween candy and salad stuff for potluck tomorrow night and I may just need to do more laundry and clean the house. I'm not sure how working women get everything done. There are just not enough hours in the day and I've been falling behind. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A New Ride

 We went to bed so early last night that we were both up at 4:00 am waiting for morning. After checking in with Joan and Ruth I grabbed a couple halters and lead ropes, some grain in a bucket and headed out to Middle Grove with the truck and trailer. That trip usually takes just under a half an hour but there was a big oversized semi stuck on 116 for about 20 minutes just outside of Farmington and when it finally got going again of course it was going the very same direction and only moving around 30 mph. The trip to Middle grove took almost an hour arriving there after 8:00 am. Thankfully the herd was in sight and I didn't have a huge amount of hiking. They were all spread out on the hillside grazing. I just took a couple pictures before grabbing the halter and hiking.

Rosaleigh was taken to the trailer first and loaded.  Her colt went running back with Jewel's colt but that colt ran to Madiera instead of Jewel so Madiera was haltered and taken to the trailer and give grain. She was glad for that treat.  About this time Jewel realized her colt was by the trailer and came running so she was haltered and loaded. Both colts jumped in pretty quickly and we were on our way home. The mares and colts were unloaded and taken into a stall. Halters were put on the colts, the mares were slipped out of the stall, loaded back on the trailers and drive back to Middle Grove. They walked out of the trailer quietly and just started the long walk back to the herd which was now over the hill. As soon as I got back to Hanna City the colts were brought into the indoor arena where the trailer had been put and loaded. Hoerr Vet clinic was called and Chris told me to bring them right over.  Below they are getting ready for their blood draw.
The foal in the gray halter is Spirit HM (Rosaleigh's colt by Evan) and in the red halter is Sterling, Jewel's colt by Evan. 
They were loaded back up, the trailer backed into the indoor again and the colts turned loose. They were calling for their mom's but soon settled down. Thankful they have each other.  The other 4 weanlings were very curious about these 2 new ones.
Kayla from Friesian Heritage Horse registry sent me a message that the other 7 registrations were in the mail on their way. Thankful for that since Nov 5th Kincade and Spirit are getting picked up. Dan and Ruth drove to ElPaso to buy a wheel chair van for mom and were bringing it over to try out so once the weanlings were fine I drove over to mom's to check it out. Dan found an aluminum wheel chair ramp for sale on the same road as the van about 2 miles apart so bought that also. Below he is installing the ramp.
Karin took mom down the ramp for her first outing since the brain bleed. Below they are waiting for Ruth to check everything out.
It wasn't long before mom was on the ramp.
And we are off!
For this first ride we went to Ruth and Fedi's house to check on Fedi. He had surgery on Monday to fix the hip that kept popping out. 
Below is unloading at Ruth and Fedi's house.
Below Fedi and mom are talking together about their experiences.
We kept this first trip short. Mom was tired after all the excitement so relaxed in her chair for about 15 minutes until Rachel brought over a big 4 piece chicken dinner from Gils Supper Club. Mom was hungry for fried chicken and ate the thigh leaving only bones. Dan, Amy and I finished up the rest of the chicken. After supper we were able to watch the Bible study on Facebook live. Amy is staying until Joan arrives and I'm heading to bed after a very long but productive day.