Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Easter Egg Hunt

 Our morning was sunny and HOT. Stephanie overslept and had to eat left over pizza for breakfast. 

Right after breakfast the ladies went for a walk with the littles while Ben worked with anyone that wanted on the pickle ball court.

Diane's grand children and some of their friends hid the eggs all over the courtyard at TownHomes and the Easter Egg hunt started at 10:00 am with everyone invited. 
Below is a short video of the start.
Beth gave instructions and they were off. If they found one of the special eggs they could bring it to Aunt Jinnie for a special gift. They were each only allowed ONE of those special eggs.
The hunt lasted quite a bit longer than expected. When it was finished and everyone had found one special egg we hiked back to our condo where the kids counted their bounty.

It was very hot by this time, a group went to the public beach to play volley ball while the grandchildren played in the Gulf in front of the public beach. I stayed back at the pool with Sarah, her children, Rhoda and Iris. Faith came over to play with the little ones in the pool.
Below is motorboat motorboat:
Below is ring around the rosie:
Late this afternoon a cold front came through which helped cool the place down a bit. Rhoda took some of the kids out in the kayak.
It started sprinkling on the way back. Stephanie and David cooked the meal tonight which was chicken tacos. All the guys including David went out to eat while the girls stayed here to eat the delicious meal and watch the children. Tomorrow the girls all get to go out to eat together. Below is a picture of the meal.
The kids all went back in the hot tub this evening until a storm came rolling in with heavy rain, lightning and thunder.
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE. The storm passed the big kids are watching a movie and all the grandchildren are now in bed. Mark and I will be in bed in a few minutes. It was a busy fun day.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Birthday Party

 WE had another beautiful day at the beach.

Joan caught some nice fish.

Sarah and Nolan got 3 bookings on their Gulf Shores condo in this first 24 hours. Mark was picked up at the Pensacola airport this afternoon. Lee and Rhoda bought pizza and wings while Sarah and Nolan bought the cake and ice cream. The meal was enjoyed by many.
We held another surprise birthday party for great grandma as she turned 89 years old today.

Sarah bought a bunch of glow sticks and passed them out in the evening. The kids all got to swim all decorated with glow sticks and with the pool lights off.

IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE.
They are all still playing but Mark and I HAVE to go to bed, both of us are falling asleep at the table.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Bright Sunny Monday

 It was cool this morning but not a cloud in the sky. After breakfast some worked on school, some worked on their new condo, and some took a walk.

Ben stayed and played games with the older children who didn't want to go on the walk and were a little too sunburned to head out to the beach.
Ruth and some of her grandchildren came over to borrow the kayaks.

Mike brought over the jet ski and parked it next to the kayaks then took Tom, Ruth's husband out to teach him how to drive it.
The girls  had gone looking for hermit crabs and found 5 of them.

Below are a few pictures from our fantastic bright sunny Monday.

Below are a couple videos of their jumping.

The pickle ball court is a real favorite.
This is such a cool game, like gigantic ping pong.
At 5:30 pm we had a pot luck at the fire pit. Nolan and Ben grilled pork chops and everyone else brought dishes to share.
Joan was taking the lid off the crock pot full of mashed potatoes when it slid right off the counter and into the lagoon. She quickly emptied her pockets then jumped in to fish it out.
Below Faith is holding up the recovered lid.
The food was delicious and the company even better.

After dinner the kids all brought wood for a fire and Joan started that.

Dan brought his guitar, David played until he ran out of songs then Dan took over. It really was a wonderful evening.
When we were all sung out the family took their nightly long walk to the icecream shop. Those grandkids just LOVE that tradition. IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE
Nolan and Sarah FINISHED their condo, put it on vrbo and last night got an instant booking starting Saturday for the week. How exciting is THAT. IF you would like to see what they have been working on for the last 2 weeks click on this LINK