Thursday, September 30, 2021

Mom's Home

 Ruth spent the night and said mom had a pretty good night but didn't fall asleep until after 11:00 pm, she really does have her nights and days mixed up. I arrived around 5:30 am and mom had a tough time waking up. Breakfast of cream of wheat and a chocolate shake was ordered at 6:30 am and delivered around 7:00 am. She was able to eat some of each but was tired and not really hungry. At 10:00 am Joan arrived with mom's blood pressure pills. The hospital is no longer giving her the regular daily pills but we as a family felt she should at least have the blood pressure pills before her trip home. Amy arrived next to help with the big move. Below is her fancy ride to the non emergency ambulance.

The ambulance followed Joan right up to mom's house where a lot of the family were waiting. Ruth and Andi had brought over LOTS of lunch foods then this afternoon Cathy Kieser brought over another HUGE meal for dinner and of course she also brought her amazing home made goodies. Molly was so excited that Rachel brought over Lilly's booties to put on Molly so she wouldn't accidently scratch mom.
Joan held her at first as she was just too excited about mom being home.
She soon settled down and Amy made sure she was quiet. Soon both were taking a nap.
The hospice people arrived, the first to just do the paper work and the second was the RN to show us how to do things and explain what we should and shouldn't be doing. I think both may have been a little shocked at the amount of people milling around. One of them mentioned this was like a celebration of life a little early and was surprised when we explained this was just a few of the family.
Below are just a few pictures of some of the guests that enjoyed lunch or dinner AND enjoyed visiting with mom. She really was glad to be home. 
Below are her 3 sons. It is pretty easy getting pictures of those siblings, much harder to get us 8 daughters. 
So many of the grand children dropped off flowers and pictures. Mom loves the flowers and will enjoy looking at the pictures when she isn't so exhausted.

David and Stephanie's family came and David had a nice prayer with grandma. Ruth went home to sleep as she was up last night with mom, Joan went home to sleep as she drove all night to get home from Gulf Shores. There has been plenty of help for anything that needs to be done. Joan is coming over at 9:30 pm to spend the night. Tomorrow we start the  home schedule. Today was a big day and even though I didn't do any horse work I'm tired and will head to bed soon. I'm SO thankful mom is home.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Home Sweet Home

 Diane spent the night with mom last night and I arrived at the hospital just before 6:00 am.  Mom was very weak and not able to respond much. I had a good talk with the nurse and right after Beth and Aunt Jinnie arrived the doctor walked in. We asked him if mom could be taken home  and were relieved when he told us that was very possible. After discussing everything we made the decision to bring mom home from the hospital. I left for home as Dr. Hoerr was due to come. Beth reported they had removed the NG tube and we were now allowed to let mom have something to eat. This is the first time since Sunday she has had anything by mouth. Beth started with small pieces of ice chips. Ruth arrived to relieve Beth. Ruth sent the picture below with the words, "she ATE IT ALL!"

Mom was looking MUCH better.
Once we decided things started happening quickly. The medical equipment was ordered and delivered shortly after 4:00 pm.  Mom will be transported tomorrow morning. Ruth is spending the night tonight, I'll go up early and follow them back to the house. Rachel had to meet the man delivering the equipment as the truck showed up right about the time Dr. Hoerr arrived to ultrasound Whiskey and Indy and draw blood on Lola for her Coggins test.  Both mares were confirmed in foal. Whiskey is due Aug 15th, 2022 and Indy is due Aug 18th, 2022. Both mares were bred to Evan. Whiskey's owner was sent a text announcing the pregnancy with the picture below: 
They will pick her up Saturday morning. By the time Dr. Hoerr finished Rachel had mom's house and the equipment all ready for her. Ruth reported that mom has some visitors and sent the picture below:
Reporting she is still awake.  Amazing how the thought of going home helps. Nolan sent the link below. These are his friends. They lost their 5 year old daughter and don't have the money for the funeral and burial. I know times are hard but if anyone can spare even just a few dollars to help this family it would be greatly appreciated. IF interested in helping click HERE. Below is a little more about Annie their 5 year old daughter. Annie went to be with Jesus on Sunday September 26, 2021 at 8am surrounded by her loving family. Her family asked her if she was ready to meet Jesus and run, dance, sing, and jump to which she opened her eyes and gave a big nod yes. She is whole, healed, and free now.
Annie was a fighter from the moment she entered this world. She was born with a congenital heart defect and underwent multiple open heart surgeries before receiving her new heart in 2019. She thrived with her new heart. But earlier this year, Annie was diagnosed with post transplant lymphoproliferative disorder and the cancer was in her lymph nodes and kidneys. She fought and started chemo and it started to look hopeful. But complications kept arising until there was nothing more that could be done. Annie was comfortable in her last days surrounded by so many people that loved her.
If you knew Annie, you know it was her way or the highway. She had sass and sweetness all in one little body. She loved Frozen, her kitties Olive and Lucy, being a big sister to Amelia and Makenna, her one million stuffed animals, her family, painting her nails, playing outside, beads, painting, and so much more.
Please consider donating to help cover all the expenses associated with funeral/transportation/burial costs. Also costs for living expenses to help Cara, Matt, and their two girls through this difficult time as Cara and Matt are not working right now. Costs are increased due to Cara and Matt buying three plots and Annie being over state lines in Missouri and transporting her back to Illinois. The funeral and burial cannot take place until the funds are raised. Thank you for your prayers and condolences. The Lane family appreciates all the support and can't thank you enough.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

His Will

 Mark started the coffee make around 3:45 am. I woke on my own at 4:00 am and was very thankful for that first hot cup of coffee. Karin spent the night at the hospital with mom and needed to be relieved at 6:00 am but since Mark started the coffee early I was early and made it to the room by 5:45 am. Karin said mom was up during the night and did a lot of talking.  I think she has her days and nights mixed up as this morning she just couldn't seem to wake up. Dan and Aunt Jinnie relieved me and I got home by 11:30 am as Dr. Hoerr was supposed to come this afternoon. Today was the day for phone calls to arrange mom's care in the coming days. Mom's case manager from the hospital called first. She gave me some options but that meant I needed to call Skylines and talk to Kevin. I had already talked to him a couple days ago so more than likely he was expecting the call.  We also wanted to check on home health care but at this stage that isn't really an option although all of us were willing to be there and help. Right now mom needs skilled nursing. At least she is no longer feeling hungry, her NG tube is taking care of that. Dr. Sarah came in for her pedicure. 

Mom enjoyed that, Sarah knows exactly what to do.  The vet clinic called to explain they had some emergencies come in and Dr. Hoerr would not be able to come today and they wanted to reschedule it for tomorrow. Whiskey's owner was sent a text as she was waiting for the results of her ultrasound.  This evening Mark finished the last of the insulation boards for the new barn.
That was such a big job. Our next job is lay the plumbing pipes then to pour concrete. We are not sure what God has planned for us as a family but we are praying for wisdom and that His will be done for our mom and all of us.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Best Refuge

 Now that Molly saw mom at the hospital she was willing to go on the entire walk with us. I took the picture below and sent it to Rachel who had spent the night with mom. Mom had just asked if Molly was walking with us and pleased to see the picture.

Right after the walk I down loaded David's message from Sunday morning on Psalm 46 and uploaded it on youtube so it could be posted here.

I've always appreciated that Psalm, God really IS our best refuge and David taught that Psalm in ways I had never considered. It is WELL worth listening to. 
As that was being uploaded I left for the Peoria post office to pick up the Berean mail then went straight to the Berean office to get the studies opened and labels printed. I was not needed at the hospital today as Rachel stayed all night and was willing to stay until Beth arrived with Aunt Jinnie. Anna went up to the hospital today and discovered some problems with the leg compression wraps. She also talked to the nurse about the video swallow test. Mom got a gastric nasal tube last night to get the blood pressure medicine going better as her blood pressure had been rising. We were hopeful they would start the nutrition through that tube but they didn't get that started until after 4:00 pm. Karin had arrived and said now that mom is getting fed she is quite chatty. Yesterday she told Diane she wanted to watch the news and see what damage Biden is doing to the country now. She has not lost her wit and comes up with some pretty good ones. Karin is spending the night tonight and I will be relieving her around 6:00 am so will head to bed now.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Irish's Colt Sold

Morning came quickly even when one goes to bed at 6:30 pm.  Although I was up twice during the night checking my phone for updates on mom. At 5:30 am I left for the hospital to relieve Diane. When I got to the parking lot my phone was not in my purse. I was pretty sure I had put it in my purse when I got in the car but it just wasn't there. When I got to mom's room Diane was just waking up. Mom didn't have a bad night but when she woke up she wanted to eat and drink. I was able to get a cup of ice and could swab her mouth with that as we waited for the speech therapist to come. She arrived at 7:00 am but did not approve mom to go off NPO as she felt mom was still not swallowing correctly. At that point I asked mom if she would consider a temporary feeding tube and mom asked if they were uncomfortable. As I didn't have my phone we weren't able to listen to church this morning until Spark, Rhonda and Aunt Jinnie arrived. They were able to use Spark's phone and bring up Peoria church on Facebook live. David was having the message on Psalm 46 (one of my favorites) The best refuge Psalm.  I left and made it home just in time to get a phone call from Barb and Tony who were on speaker phone with mom's doctor. Spark, Rhonda and Aunt Jinnie were all listening to both doctors discuss mom and they all came to the conclusion mom needs nutrition and they asked her then would she accept a temporary feeding tube. Mom asked,  "How much does it cost?"  Of course that wasn't an issue and then she replied, "it really seems like a waste that I won't be able to taste the food."  Dan asked her, "Do you really WANT to taste hospital food?" but then she wanted to know if she would feel full. Tony assured her that even if she can't taste the food she would not feel hungry.  NOW to just get that job done.  She is on the schedule for the first available.  This afternoon we had operation puppy smuggle.  

Ruth and Ryan brought Molly to the hospital. That was one happy dog and one smiling mom.
We had to be careful that Molly wouldn't scratch mom but mom sure enjoyed petting her.
The puppy smuggle operation was a success and she was smuggled back out without any problem.  As mom is now down for surgery to put in the temporary feeding tube they decided to move her out of the therapy floor up to a critical care floor on the 3rd floor. Her new room is 3426 and she was moved there tonight.  The nurse on that floor told Diane that no one can stay past 9:00 pm. I'm not sure exactly how but Diane was bold and firm and the next thing we hear they brought a cot up for Rachel who is spending the night tonight. Don't mess with Diane!                                                                                My afternoon was busy. As soon as I got home from the hospital the ground beef was browned and the crock pot lasagna started then the brownies mixed up and put in the oven. We were missing Ben and Taunya's family tonight as they were having company and Sarah and Nolan's family as they are on their way to Gulf Shores. After dinner David discovered that his keys had been locked in the car.  Mark got his handy dandy car break in kit and David was able to use that to unlock the car.
Everyone headed over to the playground for volley ball except me as the person coming to look at Irish's colt sent the text they were just a few minutes out.  The colt was brought out, the people liked him and put down a substantial deposit.

They live up by Chicago and would like him delivered. I took down his address and told him would get a quote from Nolan IF Nolan wants to do the job. By the time I got to the playground it was getting late. There was lots of people to visit with and the kids had so much fun playing. The evening weather was perfect.

We stayed until someone turned the volley ball lights off then it was pitch dark so headed home.  Hopefully tomorrow mom will no longer be hungry and will start to get her strength back.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Not So Good

 Today I didn't leave the house until 4:20 am BUT I felt much more tired as my phone went off at 11:00 pm someone wanting to come on Sunday to see Irish's colt. That person sent 2 texts. I had to leave my phone on and by our bed and once I woke up I didn't get back into a deep sleep. Finally around 3:00 got up, started the coffee and downed a couple cups before getting ready. Ruth was already up and sitting on the chair waiting for me at 5:00 am. We visited a bit before she left to pick up Steven and head to Rochester, MN to pick up Fedi.  At 7:00 am the OT came, mom was hard to wake up and really not responding well. I explained to the OT that yesterday was exceptional so we thought maybe mom was just worn out. Well we got her bathed, dressed, and used the lift to get her into a wheel chair but it wasn't easy as mom really could not wake up enough to help. Breakfast arrived but we didn't offer it until the OT was finished. Mom was just too tired to hold the spoon today. I noticed the IV had been discontinued so was trying to push liquids but she only took a few sips of the thickened orange juice and a few sips of thickened milk. She was able to east the small bowl of ground  up peaches and  a few bites of yogurt before asking to quit. She slept in the wheel chair the rest of the time. When Diane and Aunt Jinnie arrived I was just getting a blanket on her as it felt cool in the room.  I left but shortly after leaving Kathy Huthmann arrived with Nancy to see mom.  After the visit Kathy took Nancy out to eat and shared the picture below. The first is when she put the glasses on herself and the second is when Kathy helped her.

Today I HAD to go shopping, the  horses were almost out of grain and we were pretty much out of everything as far as groceries here. I drove to Pekin and visited the store previously known as Big R, then Stock and Field and now called R & P. I was really shocked at the price of grain. The 12% country companion I had been buying for $8.00 a bag are now $15.00 a bag. When questioned the price was told everything is going up. That may be but this a crazy amount higher and to think we live in Illinois and harvest this year will be and already is a bumper crop. I bought all they had which was just 9 bags. There were lots of empty shelves and empty spaces at that store, almost like we are living in a communist country. From there I drove to Aldi for groceries. I decided to serve crock pot lasagna, salad and French bread for supper tomorrow along with pumpkin dump cake and ice cream for dessert.  While shopping we got the message that mom was not doing well, she could not wake up for the speech therapist and had no real food or drink since breakfast.  The nurse went to find the doctor to tell him her patient is tanking and must be started back on IV's this took a few hours to get accomplished but after having the fluids pumped in mom woke up. Sure hope tomorrow is a better day for her.  The family that bought Jewel's filly by Evan 5 years ago sent the two pictures and video below. The filly's name is Crown Riata HM. She is competing in her first rated show at first level;

They ended up with a 70% score.
They are very pleased with her and I see why. Jewel and Evan really do produce wonderful trainable sweet horses with great movement.  When I got back with the grain Mark helped unload it. I could have done it myself there was only 450 pounds instead of the 700 pounds I usually buy at a time. 
Diane sent the message that mom was not doing well, she could not wake up and was not able to do the speech therapy at all. At that point they realized she was not getting any fluids by IV and had not eaten or drank anything since breakfast. The nurse called the doctor and the doctor didn't come for a few more hours. Mom could not wake up but after the fluids were running for a while mom woke up and started talking. Hopefully her problem today was just dehydration and tomorrow she will be like she was yesterday.  After the groceries were put away and supper cooked the laundry was finished I went out to tease Whiskey. She is still saying no so I sent a text to her owner. I'm heading to bed now even though it is only 6:30 pm and will turn my phone off. If anyone needs to reach me call Mark he can wake me up but it better be important.

Friday, September 24, 2021

More Progress

 I left the house this morning around 4:30 am and slipped into mom's hospital room around 5:00 am. Ruth and mom were both sound asleep and stayed that way for a while.  Ruth was surprised to see me when she woke up.  The nurse came in to take mom's vitals, mom awoke and said very clearly, "I would like an egg over easy on toast with a glass of orange juice."  Well that wasn't going to happen but as soon as possible, which is 6:30 am, we ordered breakfast of a banana, yogurt, cream of wheat, orange juice and coffee. Of course the banana was pureed, the yogurt was sugar free and fat free and we didn't think to serve that, the orange juice and coffee were both thickened but mom still enjoyed them. She ate all of the banana and about a 4th of the cream of wheat.  She was able to scoop it up with her spoon and take the spoon to her mouth all by herself. Right after breakfast the OT came in and started therapy. Mom did amazing with that, sitting up and balancing.The OT asked mom if she would like to finish up by sitting in the chair and mom said yes. We used the lift to get mom into the chair, the OT got ready to leave and the PT walked into the room. He went right to work having mom stand twice, putting her back on the bed then back on the chair. By the time he was done Aunt Jinnie and Beth were walking through the door. All of that activity and mom wasn't completely worn out. I had to leave but Beth reported mom and Aunt Jinnie were sitting together visiting about their past shared vacations. Such good times those were. Mom was approved for in hospital therapy and will start that tomorrow. She was given a new room and moved into that late this afternoon. Ruth went to spend the night again and had 2 different nurses tell her that mom was really lucky to get this last room in the rehab.  Thank YOU Father! When I got home I went right out to the barn. The first job on the list was to tease Whiskey who was not at all interested in Evan.  

Her owner was given the good news. The next job was to move the trailer into the indoor arena then move the two weanlings into the indoor for them to practice self loading.  This has been the easiest way to teach the young ones to step up all by themselves.  I took a few pictures for their owners. The weanling with the lead rope attached is Jury's colt by Valiant named King.

Morgana (Soul's filly by Evan) was first to walk into the trailer. She actually followed me right into the trailer the first time I stepped in but I couldn't get a good picture so I was glad when she went back in after I got out.
I took the video below when King was stepping in.

Once they were relaxed and going in and out I left them to clean the stalls and the barn up. They were left inside for the night, or so I thought.  The cabin horses needed to be de-wormed.  Dancer got a tube of Quest Plus but spit most of it out. I will have to redo her later. Lola and Oksana were dewormed with Safeguard. Mark got home and brought a couple envelopes from the Friesian Heritage Horse registry which held the papers for 5 of the weanlings. I'm still waiting on the last 7 and hopefully those papers get here before the foals start leaving for their new home. This evening our apartment guests came down to the house to tell me there were 2 horses out. Those weanlings who were supposed to be locked in the indoor arena got out the back door of the barn which had not been latched.  They came right to me so were put in the paddock with the rest of the horses.  I'm heading to bed in a few minutes as I need to be back at the hospital by 5:00 am. 

Thursday, September 23, 2021


 Joan stayed at the hospital until Beth and Aunt Jinnie arrived. That gave me time here to work with the weanlings and get the chores done. I left for the hospital at 10:00 am. Beth needed to be with her daughter Amy and her grandson Russ as Russ was having surgery today. Amy brought a huge basket of goodies to share with people that visit mom's room.

Aunt Jinnie and I enjoyed an apple. A bit after that Aunt Jinnie put her chair back and both mom and she had a nap.

Lunch arrived around 2:00 pm of pureed carrots and pureed chicken. I would put some in a spoon, hand the spoon to mom and she would bring it up to her mouth and eat it. About the time we were working on that two ladies from speech therapy arrived so they stood around and watched.  They were impressed with how well she was doing. I asked if she liked the chicken and she replied, "not really, it doesn't taste like chicken".  When she was given a bite of carrots she replied, "they need garlic salt." Those ladies laughed. Amy Koch arrived and went out to try to find seasonings. She didn't find garlic salt but found some packets of salad dressings. Amy also brought mom some roses from her garden. 
I left for home and made it here before Mark got home. Joan and Mackenson had been here and had all the mowing done here. Everything looks amazing. Anna and Phil were also here and had repaired the water leak under the apartment sink. Diane and Mike came over. Diane was riding Oksana, Mike was riding Lola and ponying Dancer.  We will be sorry to see Lola leave. She is a nice mare and throws really sweet foals.

Below they are heading back to the trails. 
The horses were fed again for the night and I'm heading to bed pretty quickly as I need to leave early in the morning to relieve Ruth.

Breakfast With Mom

 Joan spent the night and sent the video's below of mom eating and drinking by herself!:

The improvement is amazing! We are so very thankful. Our God, who loves us enough to send His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior is SO very good to our family. Words of thanks are just not enough. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

One Day At a Time

 Mom woke up on her own this morning and was able to talk on the phone with Aunt Jinnie's kids. The neuro surgeon walked in and was surprised stating,  "good call on not doing the shunt."  I left at 6:00 am after taking care of the horses to relieve Beth. The nurse came in to evaluate mom and she was also impressed. Mom could do almost everything that she asked except for her left arm. She was able to wiggle her toes on the left leg and move it a bit which yesterday she could not do anything with that leg.  With her left arm we could tell mom was trying but she was not able to move it but when the nurse put her fingers into mom's left hand and asked her to squeeze it she did it. Dan came up this morning just as Beth was leaving. Right after he arrived one of the IV bags fell off the stand. This bag had been taped but we couldn't find any tape so Dan got out his toolywooly, poked another hole and rehung the bag.

The entire neuro team came in to talk and told us that mom would be moving to the step down unit today. Unfortunately the chest x-ray showed some pneumonia starting and she picked up a UTI. The antibiotic they were trying wasn't helping much so they switched to two different kinds. Diane and Aunt Jinnie arrived as the team was in the room and were able to hear most of what they told us.  Once the team left Dan and I left as they only allow 2 in the room at a time.  They moved her this afternoon she is now in room 3312 and that has a chair that reclines for the person spending the night. As they got off the elevator and mom was being rolled to her new room they ran into Bobby, others know him as Dr. Meister, Aunt Bernie's son.

 That was the perfect person to run into. He followed them to the new room and he is going to be able to arrange Molly, mom's dog to come for a visit. Mom's fever went up to 102 which set her back some so no Molly today but Joan had already given Molly a bath just in case. Diane had to leave for work around 3:00 pm so Karin came up to relieve her and Aunt Jinnie decided to stay the rest of the afternoon. Below she is helping mom eat her first real meal.
Mom had been asking for a steak and in the new room was finally given MEAT but it was ground up and mom said it tasted like mashed potatoes. She would eat a few bites, need to rest then eat a few more. When I got home around 11:30 am I worked with the weanlings haltering and starting the leading process by asking them to step forward or move back. They were given grain, fresh water and another bale of hay moved in. Evan needed a new bale and when Mark got home we got that done before cleaning up and heading back to the hospital.  Mark and I had the late shift tonight arriving at 6:30 pm to relieve Karin and Aunt Jinnie. Karin had made some chicken salad and had that in a cooler for our dinner. She had made enough for their lunch too.  We met Sarah R who was just leaving and she was glad to show us the way to the new room. They were trying to reduce the fever with tylenol and not letting mom have covers on but she wasn't too uncomfortable.  She only at a little sherbet and some thickened water which she did not really like. She wanted a real drink. I asked the nurse for some sponge sticks and ice water. That was perfect. She was allowed to suck on the sponge and really enjoyed the cold water.  Mark brought his laptop up and turned on Peoria church on Facebook live and we were able to watch Craig Stickling have the Bible study tonight. Mom enjoyed the singing. Joan arrived around 10:00 pm so we headed home. It was a surprising day with what we considered a miracle as last night things had turned bad and we thought without the shunt she may not be alive much longer but God has other plans. It really does teach us to just take one day at a time and now that song is stuck in my head.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Heading Down Hill

 My alarm went off at 3:00 am and it really was hard to get up then.  I made the coffee and after 2 cups felt ready to start work. The 2 weanlings were thrown hay and given water then I left for the Berean office. When I reached 116 it was blocked off with fire engines and cop cars. The ReFuel bar was on fire. 

I had to go through town to bypass that area. I was able to drop off the mail and from there went straight down to the hospital arriving at 4:30 am.  Mom  had just come back from a CT scan. She told me herself it looked about the same as yesterday. She was very tired this morning and when the doctor came in told us they were going to let her sleep more today, no more waking her up every hour to ask questions we were relieved. They were also going to start therapy. Sarah arrived shortly after that. The OT showed up about 10 minutes after the doctor left and started working with mom moving her arms around and asking questions. Mom had not had a good night and was pretty tired.  She left after about 40 minutes and within 10 minutes the PT arrived. He told mom they were going to get her sitting and standing. I don't think he realized she can't move her left leg or arm. We got her sitting but it took all 3 of us, Sarah, me and the PT.  Mom's breakfast had arrived while all of this was going on and by the time the PT mom was exhausted. Sarah told mom there was cream of wheat for breakfast and asked if she wanted brown sugar and cinnamon in it. Mom told her yes, Sarah mixed it up, gave her a spoonful and mom replied, "it needs milk."  By the time Sarah got the milk in it mom was sound asleep.
The CT Scan came back that it was the same as yesterday so mom really was telling us what they had told her. Just that she remembered and repeated was encouraging. They came in to do more tests and sent us out of the room for about 15 minutes so we went down to the bistro for coffee when in walked Diane and Aunt Jinnie.  I left for home then and they went up to the room. Diane sent the picture below of mom and Aunt Jinnie: 
Well our encouraging morning didn't last. Mom was finding it harder and harder to wake up and then lost the ability to swallow. Instead of waiting until tomorrow for the next CT Scan they did it this afternoon. That came back with no real change so we are not sure why mom lost the ability to swallow.  The doctors asked about putting in a feeding tube but mom told us she did not want that. They recommended a shunt to try to drain the fluid but again mom told us no she didn't want that. We as a family asked Joan to talk to Jeff Klopfenstein his opinion (he is a very well respected neuro surgeon) and after talking to him Mark and I drove back up to the hospital, met Beth, Joan and Hannah there and I asked mom again and again she told us no. Mom understands and has answered questions correctly all day so we will have to honor her request. She is running a fever now so not feeling very well.  I asked if she could smile for the camera and she gave it a good try.
We said good night and then left for home.  What a LONG day.

Monday, September 20, 2021

The Monday of All Monday's

 This day started for me in the wee hours of the morning. Once we saw the ambulance leave we tried to go back to bed but just couldn't sleep. When the coffee maker went off at 5:00 am we gave up trying.  Joan sent us the update at 6:00 am (the first post on mom). I took the golf cart over to Rhonda's then met Diane at mom's. Molly was taken out and followed us to the dumpster but was confused as to where mom was. We walked to Joan's, checked to make sure her kids were still sleeping then back before putting Molly back in the house. I went straight up to the barn, brought Jury and her colt in a stall then went into the paddock, haltered Soul's filly and brought her into the stall quickly removing Jury. Jury was loaded into the trailer and hauled out to Middle Grove. I drove back to the far area, Jury called and the herd came galloping up so Lola was haltered and loaded up. The phone was used for a few pictures of the foals out there for their owners. Below is Onyx, Lily's filly by Valiant.

Below is Sofia, Tatiana's filly by Valiant.
Below is Kincade, Madiera's colt by Evan
Below is Quiet Dreamer, Hadassah's filly by Evan.
I took a few other pictures if you would like to see them click HERE. Lola was taken straight over to the cabin field to be with Oksana and Dancer. I didn't want her getting re-attached to her colt who is at my place.  The vet clinic was called to schedule a coggins test for Lola so she can leave for her new home and 2 ultrasounds, one for Oksana and one for Whisky for Tuesday Sept 28th. My next job was to clean up the cotton candy machine and load that into the car. I stopped at the Peoria post office to pick up the Berean mail then drove to Skylines to drop off the cotton candy machine for Matt Feucht. From there I headed up to the hospital. Beth had taken Joan's place earlier. Mom was sleeping a lot but woke up and smiled for the camera.
Her next CT Scan was scheduled at 2:00 pm but they didn't arrive to take her there until closer to 2:30 pm. Diane had arrived by that time so I just stayed until mom got back then headed home to take care of the weanlings in the stall. They are eating and drinking well so were given fresh water and more hay before coming back to the house.  I'm heading to bed early as I have to take care of the weanlings early, drop off the Berean mail and still try to be at the hospital to relieve Joan. Karin is there from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm and Joan takes over at 11:00 pm. I'll try to get there before 5:00 am. Aunt Jinny is flying in tomorrow morning with her plane arriving around 9:00 am. Diane will pick her up and bring her straight to the hospital. The doctors came in and gave the report of the second CT Scan, (the second post on mom) The next update came at 5:30 from Diane. The nurse came in and said she can now have pureed foods so that means they are not planning on doing surgery.  They will do another CT Scan in the morning. She is very tired and it is an effort to talk or open her eyes.

So now we wait.