Saturday, January 9, 2021

Grading Studies

 I drove to Sam's Club early this morning to pick up cat food along with salad stuff and nuts then to Berean to pick up an answer sheet. There are so many studies to grade that it was time for me to buckle down and help with that job. Each study is on both sides of the paper and each envelope has 4 studies in it. I started in the morning and just now finished with the 100 envelope. That was 400 double sided studies and yet the box is still half full. I have 2 more days to finish them but this really makes me appreciate EVERYONE of the volunteers that do this job. Karin, Magda and Isaiah worked horses here then drove to Middle Grove with the trailer and picked up Oksana and Missy. I haven't even been out to the barn to check them over. Oksana is due the end of April but the last time I checked her I thought she didn't look as big as she should. I'll have to do that tomorrow morning. 

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