Friday, August 19, 2022

The Last Night Feeding

The horses were up at the fence line waiting when I walked out the door with the milk replacer at 6:30 am.

Indy's colt is pictured below. He is not for sale at this time. I need to make sure his inguinal hernia heals before he is placed for sale.

I headed to mom's in time to make breakfast for them.  We had a beautiful warm day so before lunch mom and I decided to take a walk outside. I took her to the barn to see the progress.
She practiced moving her wheel chair with just one hand on that smooth concrete.
After lunch I noticed a big fat groundhog on the playground. He saw me come out mom's door and went under the merry-go-round.
Joan called to report the Wildwood trailer was fixed and when Karin came home I left to pick that up at Tri County RV. They were great, showed me how it had happened and where. That was dropped off at Joan's house, dropped the truck back off up at the barn then back to mom's house.  Tonight was left over night at mom's so at 4:30 pm I started to put together supper using some bread Rhonda brought over this morning, pot roast I brought frozen earlier, asparagus and melon and the dessert was left over from Wednesday night from Rhonda. That was frozen Greek yogurt with fruit on top. Mom never took a nap today so wanted to head to bed early and by 7:30 pm that was done and I headed home to do the final evening feed for the orphan. He is getting picked up tomorrow morning and will be traveling to his new home. We all got a little attached to this colt but it will be nice not to have to rush home to get him fed. 

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