Saturday, August 27, 2022

Baby Shower

 I thought we would sleep in a bit today as it is Saturday but that didn't happen. After a couple cups of strong coffee I headed out to tease mares. The only mare still in is Sheena and she stood this morning just fine and was covered by Valiant. I was really hoping Indy would be coming in by now. I for sure missed her foal heat and may have now missed her second. She just doesn't show well. I left for Kroger to buy a couple boxes of lasagna noodles for tomorrow's meal then to Sam's to pick up a few things for mom and found a some bargains. I also picked up two rotisserie chickens, one for mom's house and one for our lunch today. Once home and the groceries all delivered or put away I headed up to the barn. The 5th wheel needed more fresh water and the black and gray tanks emptied. The next job was to take ice and water out to the barn where Anna, Ben, and Phil were hard at work.

I headed in to make lunch. After lunch was Matt and Anni's baby shower. Their baby is due in September.  I walked over around 1:30 pm and Rebekah, Rachel and Jessica were busy setting up.

Not sure why but there were two golden leaves pushed into the ground in the middle of the area.
I went in to get mom ready to come out for the shower. Matt had the prayer and then came the delicious food.  Below is a short video.
Rachel took the picture below of the last 3 baby boys born. Rebekah and Brian's boy Walter was born first of these 3 then came Caleb and Emily's baby boy Brian and last came Rhoda and Lee's baby boy Zeke. They are pictured below right to left Walter, Zeke and Brian and I think are only a few weeks apart.
It wouldn't be a very good baby shower without lots of babies.
No one knows yet what Matt and Anni are having but she needed to join them so there may be 4 baby boys in this picture OR 3 baby boys and 1 baby girl.
Mom was feeling a little uncomfortable in the wheel chair and she wanted to head back inside to get out of the heat and back into her recliner. We stopped to check out the visitor in the wren house. 
Not sure how that frog ended up in the wren house. There is no direct way up even if it climbed up the tree it would need to go out on way too many small branches to get to the house.  We made it inside just as Aunt Jinnie was calling.  She called to tell us Uncle Johnnie had a small bump come up on his arm, he had it checked out and it is a very aggressive form of a rare cancer. They will know better how to treat it in a few days.  Aunt Jinnie was telling us about a house cleaner she had. The man came for the interview and was hired but when he showed up for work he came in high heels, all made up fancy and wearing a maid's dress. He did a good job cleaning (not sure how anyone can clean in high heels) but he did. I'm not sure how many weeks later but he was on his way home from cleaning their house and was pulled over by the police. The police looked at his license which said he was a male but he looked too much like a female. They thought he just may have stolen the license and took him to the police station. Aunt Jinnie was called down to the station to vouch for him. One of her other stories was the pet sitter they hired. This lady loved their animals and they felt very comfortable leaving them in her care but one time they came back and there was a note left that the cat was in the freezer. They opened the freezer and sure enough there was the dead cat.  The pet sitter knew Uncle Peter was a surgeon and thought he might want to do an autopsy on the cat. 
I stayed with mom until 8:00 pm. Mom said she wasn't ready for bed yet but I still needed to head home to brown 6 pounds of ground beef for the lasagna tomorrow so Karin offered to help mom to bed. I think Joan gets home from Florida tomorrow and we are all looking forward to her return. Having an extra pair of hands, and hers are amazingly capable, is such a big help here. 

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