Monday, August 1, 2022

Day 3 Sceggel 2022 Vacation

 I got up at 5:10 am to start the coffee maker and someone had already pushed the button and the pot was done. That was a nice surprise. I worked on the computer while waiting for the sunrise. 

I'm using the phone camera instead of my regular camera as the laptop doesn't have a port for the camera card. After breakfast we all went out on the pontoon boat. The kids all took a turn driving then had so much fun tubing.

David and Elisabet went on one tube while Abe and Zion went on the other. They were the first out for tubing.

We took the boat to the cliffs and some thought cliff jumping was a blast while others just didn't want to do it at all. No pictures of that but I took some videos. More tubing on the way to the beach. Phil drove the boat straight to Moonshine beach and dropped all but Ben and I. Ben took the pontoon boat back to the house slip then we drove the truck to the beach. They had fun diving for clams.

The guys put up a volley ball net and played 2 on 2 for a while then a group of girls asked if they could play so ended up 4 on 5.

We stayed on the beach until after 2:00 pm then some of us headed back to the house to take a break from the bright sunshine and heat.
Tonight David and Stephanie served us all haystacks for supper then just baked cookies and ice cream for dessert. We were all starving and all enjoyed the dinner.

After supper some of the older ones took the boat out again and this time to wake board. Sarah and Taunya sent back some videos which are posted on the Facebook album. Addyson, David, Sarah, Nolan and Phil all had fun wake boarding. IF you would like to see the pictures and videos from today click HERE
From home there was a good report on Loxley. Dr. Hoerr said his kidney numbers are now normal but he is still pooping runny yellow. He thinks maybe on Wednesday he can come home if the diarrhea dries up. 
Also my very first booking came in for the 5th wheel and another booking came in for the barn apartment. 

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