Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Hay Day

 I was over at mom's by 7:30 am, just in time to finish cooking breakfast while Karin took a quick shower. We left for the Berean office around 8:15 am and made it there by 8:50 am. Everyone was already hard at work. We didn't have very much mail and were able to finish and leave there by 11:00 am. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE. We went straight to the Hanna City post office to drop off the mail and the Bibles. I made lunch for mom as soon as we got home and mom at that while on the recliner so she could get her feet up and rest a bit. When Karin arrived I drove to the bank in Hanna City and deposited the last payment for Irish's colt then. As soon as I got back I needed to move bales. The farmer was here raking the hay which meant that was going to be baled later this afternoon.

All the bales from the right side needed to be moved over to the left side of the barn to make room for the new bales going on the right side.
Two bales needed to be moved into the middle paddock and one bale into Ribbons old paddock. My next job was to bring the motorhome over.
The camper repair place was finally ready to start work on it today. It has been almost a year since it was damaged. I just needed Mark to come home so he could follow me to the repair shop and take me home. That happened around 3:00 pm. As soon as we got home the horse trailer was hooked up to the truck and cleaned out and we were on our way to Farmington. Karin and Jackie were giving away chairs and tables along with some other stuff. We left for that around 3:20 pm got almost to Trivoli and came to a complete stop in a long line of traffic. Both Mark and I fell asleep waiting for it to move. I think it was at least 20 minutes at a standstill and when I awoke was shocked to see the car in front had started moving. The line up of cars behind me stretched almost to Hanna City. When we got to the library we just drove right onto the front lawn. Jackie was there waiting to help and the 3 of us got the truck and trailer loaded quickly. The truck needed gas so we stopped at Casey's in Hanna City and paid $3.81 a gallon. 

We just parked the truck and trailer in the new barn and walked home. On the way in I saw a big bumble bee sitting on a marigold Mark planted by the house. By the time I hit the camera button it had just flown off but aren't they beautiful?
We had a salad with the left over chicken on top before heading back to unload the chairs and tables. Mark took my car to count bales. We got 22 bales this second cutting. The bales are wonderful, fine stemmed grasses with some clover and alfalfa mixed in. These bales will be saved for the worst part of winter. We now have 80 bales here 80 at Middle Grove to get us through the winter.  We started moving bales in about 6:30 pm but had some trouble with the skid steer. We only got 8 of the bales moved in and another 6 outside the barn with 8 more to bring in from the field but those will need to wait until I'm free again, tomorrow afternoon. Even after a shower and washing my hair I was still brushing out bits of hay out of my hair. The bed is going to feel wonderful. 

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