Wednesday, August 3, 2022

2022 Sceggel Vacation Day 5

 We started the day with breakfast then loaded everyone except Mark on the pontoon boat for tubing. Today we let each child have as much tubing time as we had the entire morning free. Below are just a few of the pictures.

IF you would like to see the rest click HERE. A few videos were taken, if you would like to see them click HERE.
When we got home I figured out a way to get the pictures off my camera and onto the computer so here are a few of the early morning wakeboarding pictures from yesterday.
IF you would like to see more of those pictures click HERE.
It reached 99 degrees today so if we weren't in the water we needed to be in the air conditioning. The kids can tolerate the heat just fine. Eden, Zion and Abe found a baby grasshopper and can running in to get a bucket. I made the mistake of saying, "that's great, you can use it as bait."  They were shocked I would say such a thing about a baby. Below is Abe with the baby. That tiny little dot is the grasshopper.
Wouldn't even fit on a hook. About half of the kids chose to go to the beach and the other half to the pool. The pool ended up being the better option. The sand was so hot it would burn the feet. The guys set up the volley ball net but then needed buckets of water to cool the sand. 99 and sunny is just too hot to play. AT 2:30 All but Sarah and River loaded up into cars and left for Sight and Sound Theater to watch Jesus. We rode with Nolan and within a minute both girls were sound asleep. They were pretty tired in the picture below when we arrived at the theater.
They perked up when Nolan bought them some of the candied nuts and some cotton candy. Once we were in our seats I took the picture below of the grandchildren.
Nolan took the picture below of the other end. There are 11 of our 14 grandchildren here.
Rhoda and Lee with their 2 Iris and Zeke couldn't come on this trip. They bought a house and sold their house and the closing was right during this time. The play was excellent, much better than I had expected and I highly recommend driving to Branson and see this play. No pictures are allowed during the performance. All of Sight and Sound plays are good but this one was really good. After the show we drove to a Mexican restaurant for supper. David and Stephanie had also chosen this one so the 9 of us ate together. I'm not sure where the others ended up. While we were waiting for the tables 2 policemen walked in and gave the girls each a sticker.
Elisabet got one too.
The food was good and plentiful. Mark and I shared a meal and still had some left to bring home to Sarah. It was another beautiful fun filled day. I'm thankful to be enjoying this with family.

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