Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Not the Best

 No walk this morning, Joan took her kids to Morton for garage sales so Ruth and I decided to skip the exercise. Instead after feeding the colt and then the grain feeding Sheena was taken out and teased. She is just not interested and today would be 23 days since her last cover.  Sheena may now be out but I will tease her again tomorrow just in case. I must have missed Indy's foal heat. Indy is a hard one to tell when she is in season so I may need to have an ultrasound done on her to see when the best time would be to get her covered.  I went over to mom's at 7:45 am to get mom ready to go to the Berean office. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE. On the way home we stopped at the Hanna City post office dropped off the 2 boxes of Bibles going out and asked for more tubs. Rachel at that office was kind enough to let us have 4 of them. After getting mom home and in the recliner I made BLTs for our lunch. Those were delicious. Mom has wonderful tomatoes ready for picking so one of those really red vine ripened tomatoes was sliced, bacon fried, seeded bread toasted with mayo and lettuce added. Joan arrive at 1:00 pm to relieve me.  Instead of working I turned on AC Central and just listened and rested. Mark came home a little early but had to head back out as he had a 5:00 pm estimate.  I was due back at mom's at 5:00 pm to relieve Joan. She had been busy harvesting her purple grapes and making grape juice. The color in the picture below isn't quite correct. It was even a deeper purple color.

For dinner tonight we had a salad bar and make your own chef salad. It was all really good. For dessert we had cheese cake with hot grape juice. We figured Joan had forgotten to take the grape juice and sure enough she did forget. We sent her the picture below and she quickly sent Faith over to get it before we guzzled it all down.
After supper we watched the movie Cheaper By the Dozen. It was the newer one and not at all like the book. I made it home by 8:40 pm and headed right up to feed the colt. I've reduced his milk now to 1 gallon a day. He gets a half a gallon in the morning and another half a gallon in the evening. That started out at 4 gallons a day and has been reduced very slowly as he ages just like a foal would be with a dam.  I contacted the FHHI registry to find out when the registration papers would arrive. I sent them in on June 6th and have 2 colts scheduled to leave soon. I was disappointed to get this answer: Hi Judy, We are SUPER busy right now and have been for a while, so applications are taking much longer than usual. We are processing everything in the order received and are doing our best to catch up!
If the owners come before the papers the registration papers will need to be mailed to them. Not the best scenario.  

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