Monday, August 22, 2022

Puppy Available

 We both over slept. I didn't walk up until my phone alarm went off at 6:20 am. We must have needed the sleep. Ruth sent a text at 7:15 am asking if anyone was walking but since I'm the only one here to walk and was not done with the morning chores we decided to skip.  I got everything done by 7:30 am and went straight over to mom's to start cooking breakfast there.  Today we sat out on the deck watching birds. The humming birds were buzzing, the wood peckers knocking, the redwing black birds trilling and the geese honking. We watched a big flock of geese come gliding in and landing in the lake. Below mom is counting the geese on the big rubber raft near Joan's house. 

It was so pleasant we had lunch out there.  Rhonda came over for a bit visiting and when Barbara called visited with her until mom was back in the recliner. Barbara is in California visiting her grandchildren. When Karin got home I left to fill the fresh water tank on the 5th wheel and empty the gray and black water tanks.  Thankful for the portable tank Mark bought, that makes it easy. Anna was at the apartment getting it ready for the next guests and reported that the air conditioner wasn't working right and that we needed more water softening salt. I headed down to Kroger and picked up 4 bags of that plus a coffee cake to serve at Berean tomorrow then drove down to the Peoria post office to pick up the mail. The mail and coffee cake were taken straight to the Berean office as tomorrow I'm bringing mom there and by the time we would get to the office there will already be volunteers waiting. Mark had already made it home by the time I pulled in at 4:15 pm. He took 2 bags of salt right up to the apartment then went to work on the airconditioner. The filter was dirty so that was removed and the outside unit was also dirty so he  hosed that off. By the time he finished it was 71 degrees inside and seemed to be working fine. He is going to bring home a filter home tomorrow. Spark and Rhonda came over at sunset with their machine and took Mark and I out for a sunset ride over the hayfields. By the time we got past the barns though the sun was already behind the trees and the colors weren't as brilliant.
My last airbnb guest left a nice review: 
Wonderful place, great location. Very peaceful. Super kind host. We all loved it and will definitely be returning!   He included a private note: “Once again, thanks so much! The kids are still talking about the horses. Pretty much life-changing for them. Lol!”
My niece Rebekah has an adorable female Bernadoodle available to the right home. Meet Charlie:

Rebekah writes: 
Miss Charlie is looking for a home and her price has been reduced.
The best way to describe her is "happy". She is always wagging her tail and looks like she is smiling. She will definitely bring joy to a family looking for a wonderful family pet. IF you would like to know more about this puppy please click on the link below.
Rebekah raises family friendly, well socialized, adorable Bernadoodles. Below is a video of Rebekah working with Charlie.

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