Sunday, August 21, 2022

Another Wonderful Sunday

 We were really pleased to see Rick and Michelle's family in the church parking lot this morning. Always such a blessing to listen to Rick and I was pleased when he had the morning message, speaking first on Psalm 45, the royal wedding and then Philippians 2. If you get the opportunity to hear this message jump at it. You don't WANT to be late to the wedding. At noon I happened to notice Ray's tie and had to get a picture of that. We have both Cub fans and Card fans in our household.

This afternoon Craig spoke and that too is one I highly recommend.  We are so very blessed in Peoria.  Ruth took my car home from church at noon. She still isn't feeling well. Mark and I took mom's car with mom home.  Karin met us at the door and took over so I could start dinner.  We had a full house tonight. Lee wasn't there but Ron, Taunya's dad came so we still had 26 for dinner. Sarah's girls were the first to arrive and they helped me pick some cherry tomatoes for the salad tonight.  Kensley came a bit later and helped with that. 
The next job was to separate the onion rings. All 3 girls had to help to see if those onions really do make a person cry.
After supper we all went to the playground.

Sarah sacrificed playing volleyball to watch the ones that wanted to play in the lake.
Rhoda got to play tonight because Zeke took a nice nap in her car. She kept her Prius running the entire time. 
He woke up happy but very messed. It took 3 of us to clean him up. Rhoda didn't bring another set of clothes for him but it was plenty warm outside so that didn't matter.
The video below is of some of the activities at the playground and the lake.
It seems strange to not rush home to make up the milk replacer. 

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