Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Aug 14th, 2022

 We both got up early today. There was much to do before church and thankfully we got everything done and even got to church early.  Mike Reiker had the morning message and Mike Kaisner had the afternoon. Both were really good. Kathy Huthmann brought Nancy to church so Joan took Nancy this morning while Ruth and I sat with mom then for the afternoon message Nancy sat with Mark and I while Joan sat with mom. We left pretty quickly after church. I had someone moving in the 5th wheel and I needed to be home before 2:00 pm to get the sheets washed and fresh towels put on. I will need to buy another set of sheets for that in the future. While the sheets were washing Mark was put to work cutting up the chicken breasts while I started the cake then cut up the vegetables. Both the chicken and the veggies were covered with olive oil, sprinkled with parsley onion salt, a little regular salt and pepper then covered in parmesan cheese. Rhoda and Lee showed up right about then so Lee took the kids to the playground while Rhoda came with me to finish the 5th wheel just before the check in time of 3:00 pm. The guest was sent the message it was ready. I took Rhoda over to the lake where a lot of the kids were building canals for tadpoles on the beach.

Some geese came flying in about then.
I headed home to get the cake iced and the salad mixed. Everyone came for dinner tonight, all 26 of us crowded into this little house and for a few minutes it was chaos as we were trying to fill kids plates and find them somewhere to sit to eat.

The older the grandkids get the harder it is to find places for everyone. I'll be glad when we start eating Sunday dinners in the barn. After dinner the kids went to the lake to swim, the volley ball players had some great games today while some of the adults walked. Ruth and Fedi's grand children were there, Spark and Rhonda had most of their grand children over too so the place was packed.  We are so very grateful for this wonderful playground and lake and even more grateful for Sundays and extended family. The video below shows the kids working together playing with a canoe, building lazy rivers for tadpoles, a little bit of volley ball and Spark taking some of his grandchildren for a ride.
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE. Everyone really enjoyed the beautiful afternoon and evening. I'm very thankful for Sundays.

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