Thursday, August 25, 2022

Sheena In

 I dropped off a dozen eggs at mom's before the walk at 7:15 am and all was dark so the eggs were just put on the table. Ruth, Diane and I walked in the rain with our umbrellas. Diane made it home from Gulf Shores so we wanted to catch up on all the news from down there. After the walk we went in and found out that Karin wasn't feeling well. She didn't even want any coffee. I was glad to cook breakfast for Diane and mom while they caught up. We stayed until Rachel arrived. Diane went to work but I came home to do a little work here then go to Aldi. Mom needed more bread at her house and I bought the ingredients to make crock pot lasagna for Sunday dinner. I'm buying a lot less food for a lot more money these days. I thought inflation was supposed to be down to 0 percent but eggs and sausage both went up again and a loaf of bread at Aldi, the same loaf I was buying for $1.39 is now $2.09 and the loaf for mom's house was $4.49. Milk was $3.21 a gallon. Time to buy a cow and start baking again. This crazy government administration just keeps spending and spending. Biden just announced he was going to be forgiving student loans.

Just to be clear he isn't printing money to do this, he is going to tax the rest of us to pay the debt.
How does that work and just how does it make those that paid their debt feel? I'm pretty sure that 0 number isn't correct. 
I relieved Rachel at 1:00 pm. Mark brought dinner tonight. He stopped at a Lebanese restaurant and brought us some gyros and a gyro salad but it wasn't very good. The pita bread was tough, the meat dry. I was thankful not to have to cook. Phil and Anna's girls stopped in so we had them try some of the meat.  After dinner they went out to play in the lake while Phil and Anna worked on the barn.

Mom was tired tonight so at 7:30 pm we started getting ready for bed and just before 8:00 pm she was settled. I ran up to the barn to start teasing horses. Oksana said no, Indy said no but Sheena is in and was covered by Valiant.  It was dark by the time I finished, ran down to get cat food (forgot to feed the cat this morning) then finally in for the night.
I need to move the tables and chairs out of the barn for the trucks coming in tomorrow. 

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