Thursday, August 18, 2022

Free Hours

 Ruth sent a message last night that she had been sick so didn't think she could stay with mom today. Since everyone else is gone I planned on being there and went over about 7:45 am after chores were done here only to see Ruth's van here.  She was better and tried to call except my phone was still on silent from church yesterday. I missed 3 phone calls all from family trying to get hold of me this morning. I had the morning and afternoon free so headed home to help Mark. He was replacing the hatch back lift struts on his car and just needed someone to hold the hatch back up while he took the old broken ones off and put on the new.  From there I drove up to the barn to fill the fresh water tank on the 5th wheel and empty the black and gray water tanks.  That 5th wheel is rented solid for the next two months. It must be listed too cheap. No mares were teased today. A pretty good sign that none are in is that none of them were up near the stallion. The coggins for Soul's orphan colt was posted on line, now I'm just waiting for the health certificate to get posted and he is good to go. His owner is picking him  up on Saturday. Since I had extra hours at home the dishes were done, the kitchen cleaned up and the laundry done before heading into town. Today for our dinner at mom's I ordered and paid for on line a pizza plus some hot sandwiches from Avanti's then drove into town to pick them up. I was home by 4:20 pm, picked up Mark and we headed over to mom's early. Mom had been asking for supper at 4:15 pm tonight so it was good we got it early. Phil and Anna and the girls were here working on the barn so our left overs went there. Mom was ready to relax in bed by 7:30 pm and once she was in bed I headed home to help Mark hook the manure spreader up to the tractor. The foal was given his bucket of milk while we were hooking it up. 

That manure spreader was an anniversary gift a few years ago and has been a blessing.
Our hay fields are supposed to get mowed on Monday (Saturday and Sunday have a good chance of rain) and once the hay is up we will finish spreading the manure on the fields.  When I walked back to get the bucket he wiped his milky nose on my shirt as I was reaching in. He loves his milk.
It was a very relaxed day and I was grateful for the extra free hours.

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