Monday, August 29, 2022

Dragging Monday

 We had a beautiful morning for our walk, the heat and humidity didn't start to grow until later. After the walk I went straight up to the barn to fill the fresh water tank on the 5th wheel. I ran down to the Peoria post office to pick up the Berean mail, then to Sam's club. I needed a full size set of sheets for the hide-a-bed in the 5th wheel and Sam's had sets for $17.00 so I bought 2.  I needed water proof mattress pads for both the queen bed and the hide a bed but Sam's had none. Joan, Diane, mom and I all needed eggs and Sam's had them for $2.67 a dozen so bought 6 dozen. The farmer is only getting 6 eggs a day so they didn't have any but these at least seem fresh.  The other thing I picked up at Sam's was 25 pounds of ground beef. This was actually ground round so not much fat content and each package was marked down from $3.89 a pound to $3.49 a pound. That was taken right home and put in the deep freeze. I'll need that for the family night meal. From Sam's to the Berean office to drop off the mail and the dessert and finally home to unload. Mark got home before 2:00 pm so I took mom's wheel chair van with Mark following in his car to East Peoria Tire. We will be taking that van down to Gulf Shores in October and wanted to have all 4 tires replaced (the others were 14 years old) and the shocks checked out. We can put mom's recliner in the wheel chair spot but want to make sure she doesn't get bounced around. When we got home Mackenson and Faith were here mowing.

Faith is really experienced with the grass hopper mower.
Storms were beginning to move in as they were mowing. I could hear the rumble of thunder and I still needed to tease mares.  Sheena was still in and covered by Valiant before the rain hit.  Faith hadn't quite finished mowing but mowed in the rain for a bit before taking the mower back over to mom's. This evening I did a bit more shopping but this time online and ordered the water proof mattress pads for the 5th wheel. I'm going to have an early night and as soon as this is posted will make the coffee and head to bed, I've been dragging all day today. 

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