Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Praying For Bill

 It was 3 degrees this morning with a brisk breeze and I really don't want to hear the weather report for tomorrow morning and how it will be BELOW zero.  Why do we live in a place where the weather hurts our faces. This is the real reason the family seems to be migrating to Gulf Shores each winter. I am not really ready to get out of horses, though so will just tough out this weather and pray for an early spring.  Joan reported mom did very well last night sleeping most of the night.  I left for the Peoria Post office at 7:45 am to pick up the Berean mail and from there went straight to the Berean office. The first job there is to get a pot of coffee going. That was done just as the volunteers started to arrive.  If you would like to read about the bad news on the coffee maker click HERE. We had a good group working there today. Check out the video below:

Bill Schick also came in today and he really needs prayers both for him and his family. He is the director at Berean Prison Ministry and his cancer is back. This time it is a very rare form  and so far no one seems to know how to treat it.  He asked for prayers for his children and wife. Please take some time to ask for God's will to be done in Bill's life.  We are praying for healing but if the ultimate healing happens we will still thank our Creator, our Lord and Savior AND thank Him for His perfect plan of salvation. 
This afternoon Mark and I worked on bringing enough wood inside for the rest of today and tomorrow. I'm very thankful for all the work splitting wood and filling the woodshed done this summer. We have a warm house thanks to that work. Both of the woodburners will be kept burning tonight. We got a real treat tonight. The lady that bought Zalena is painting a picture of Ylse. She sent us an update tonight. 
Ylse was one of our gifts from God. We didn't deserve her but were so thrilled when she became ours. 

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