Friday, January 28, 2022

Sweet Updates

 Mark is thrilled with the hedge logs he picked up from Gary yesterday. They are 2 years old and burn very hot.  He just puts one or two in the woodburner then puts that wood from this year that isn't quite dry and it all burns great.  I headed over to mom's at 7:15 am. Mom had the 3rd bad night in a row.  She even asked for morphine for pain as the muscle relaxer and the Aleve wasn't working but Joan was able to reposition her and she finally fell asleep around midnight and was up at 5:00 am. She fell back asleep and at 9:00 am she finally awoke and wanted breakfast in bed. Once she was dressed was in a lot of pain so was given the muscle relaxer which put her sound asleep until 1:00 pm.  Meanwhile Sarah brought the girls over.

They were put to work coloring their night lights and made some beautiful pictures.  Danny arrived a bit later and then Jessica came bringing some delicious banana muffins. She also came to work with mom's arm.
We determined the pain from her arm was not coming from her arm but her rib.
We knew we needed to try something different so Joan called the Palliative care nurse who told her she had to call the doctor to change her muscle relaxer to one that lasts longer. The prescription was sent in to Kroger but they only had 15 pills of the 90 prescribed so we will need to go back for more in 3 or 4 days to get the rest. Mark picked that up and brought it here with some fried chicken for our dinner around 5:00 pm. By this time mom's leg was contracting causing pain again so we gave her one of the new pills during dinner. By 6:30 pm she was feeling very relaxed and sleepy. Unfortunately that was exactly when Aunt Jinnie called. By 7:30 pm we just could not keep her awake. Some gorgeous pictures were posted today but first check out the one below. 
Zalena is his dam and Evan is his sire. His owner also posted the picture below.
She named him Floyd and he is quite a character.  The lady that bought Ella Skye also sent a picture. She calls her Reign and she is now 5 years old. She will be bringing her back in April to be bred to Evan.
The last picture sent today was of Apollo, a Lily x Valiant colt/now a gelding.
It really is wonderful when owners send updates, and the pictures make those updates even more special. 

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