Thursday, March 3, 2022

The Last Time

 Mark got the front of the car zip tied up this morning. Tuesday part of the underneath of the front end had come apart and was hitting the tire. I didn't drive anywhere on Wednesday but today needed to go to the bank to deposit the end of the month checks. His zip ties held.  The car is a 2007 Prius and I like it so want to keep it drivable.  Once back I spent about 4 hours organizing and cleaning the house. The back hall desperately needed organizing. Some of the foaling towels were taken to the barn and the crafts were put on the top shelf where the towels had been.  The airbnb guest coming in tomorrow wanted some camp chairs so they could sit outside if the weather is nice on Saturday so those were taken out of the horse trailer and put by the back door of the apartment. Today was much cooler than yesterday even though the sun was out. The straight line of blue sky above and dark clouds below was a front that rolled through bringing clouds and cold weather. 

Stephanie posted a picture taken at the 2019 horse fair of kids in the Wizard of OZ. 
Two years ago on this date was our last time showing and everyone had so much fun. We cannot post this on Facebook or Youtube because of copyright protection but it WAS a classic.
Mark brought home 50 pounds of clover seed and spread it on the fields after work.
Dennis and Gerty came over tonight. We had such a nice visit.

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