Saturday, March 5, 2022

Always Dream

 We had a beautiful warm day with thunderstorms moving in this evening.  This morning I drove to Sam's Club and Aldi to pick up a few things for mom's house and groceries for us. Mark was out working with Mackenson but quit and was back by the time I finished the grocery shopping. One of the repairs needed was our address marker had been knocked down by a snow plow so Mark and I put that up this afternoon.

Mike came over to work with Dancer. He has her long lining pretty well.
Spark and Rhonda picked up Nancy this afternoon and took her to a game then out to eat.  They met up with Kari and Brett and Rhonda just had to take a picture. Check out what all 3 were wearing.
She reported all three are sporting their jail stripes!
Lots of people are sharing memories today of being at the Horse Fair and tagging us in their videos and pictures. 
The picture below was from the 2016 IL Horse Fair, the year the Horsemeister Pirates made their first appearance.
That year was pretty hilarious. Those pirates roamed the fairgrounds offering to exchange their pirate gold (plastic gold coins) for just about everything. If you would like to see the pictures from that day click HERE. We really did have a lot of fun and I'm glad we have pictures to remember those fun times. We had never done the same theme twice but we were actually asked if the pirates would return to the fair the next year and we did. Thankfully there are more than just one Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Many of our pirates are now married with children. How time flies. Maybe we will start back up when their children become second generation Horsemeister riders. One can always dream.

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