Wednesday, March 30, 2022

90 Years Old

 After the walk of course I had to take a few more pictures of Irish's new colt and get them posted on the website.

Check out those back legs of his. They are already showing thick feather.
He was bored with the camera clicking away.

He is a right handsome fellow.
We had a surprise birthday late lunch for mom today. It isn't everyday someone turns 90 years old and this one was special. A lady named Kres, the lady that bought Zalena a few years ago heard that mom had a stroke and asked if she could paint her picture.  WELL we were all blown away by the picture that arrived. 
Kres made this picture VERY special writing: 

On her sash, besides the Mrs. America title, on the back are the numbers representing her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. There is a “…” after the great grandchildren because there will probably be more!

There are 11 white stars in the leaves for her children.

There is one, red, star button for her husband on her jacket.

There is a heart pin for all her love, and a tear on it for all her sorrows.

Her crown has a cross for her strong faith in Her Lord Jesus.

Rachel took the video below of Spark helping mom open her gift from Kres. 
We had so much fun at this party. Rachel bought a Mrs. America crown and made a sash.
It fit her perfectly.
We even had her do the wave.
The dinner was delicious, we had Casey's pizza and a fantastic salad Beth made.
Below Aunt Jinnie and mom are reading her birthday cards.
John and Beth arrived a little late.
The video below is sometimes out of focus but we were laughing about as hard as mom was laughing while it was being taken.
As much as we enjoyed today I couldn't help but think of Dee Metzger. Her funeral was today at the Peoria church. Dee was one of our very faithful Berean volunteers for years. She was truly a silent servant in many ways.  Not only did she grade studies but she baked cookies, hundreds of them every Christmas for many years. The cookie went to the inmates. She also did a newsletter for the Peoria county jail for many years.  
This evening instead of church Peoria had the testimony and baptism of Jeff G. We had many visitors from Bradford as that is where Jeff attended for years. It was a blessed evening. I still need to run out to the barn to fill water buckets and bring in another square bale. What a wonderful day!

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