Sunday, March 6, 2022

Almost All Day

 Our nice warm weather left and this morning winter was back with the thermometer reading just above freezing. We had so much wind and lightning during the night I couple times I woke up thinking someone was knocking. That turned out to be the sled on the patio being blown into the door.  Mark went walking to see if any trees or limbs down. The drives were all clear but there were a bunch of branches down on the perimeter of the fields.  He did not try to clean them up today, that is a job for another time. We had one big close lightning strike with the huge booming thunder so in the morning the horses were checked on just to make sure none of them were hit.  All were well. We left for church a little early. Joan drove mom and her kids in the wheelchair van and beat us there.  Tim Roecker had the morning message and Mike Kaisner had the afternoon.  Pat and Lee along with Judy served lunch and Dennis and Gerty came to help so we got to be with them twice in one week. We stayed and visited for a while as we were not having the kids come over tonight. We only had 2 hours at home before we needed to leave for hymn sing at the fellowship hall.  After a few congregational songs the Sunday school kids sang 3 songs. I'm not sure which classes sang but I think I heard it was the 3rd and 4th grades. 

Once they sat down Dusty sat at the piano and sang 3 songs. Below is part of the first.
We had a good turnout for this hymn sing and after it was over there was much visiting with each other. By the time we got out of the building there were only 3 cars left and ours was one of those.  Maybe we talk to much. We spent almost all day with our church family.  I missed our family getting all together here so hope all come next week. 

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